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  1. as there are no forums that list about people general chat I'm going to put it here. Ok lets start of his armoury http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/twisting-nether/Pisvlekje/ as you can see hes un-gemmed un-enchanted and using dps gear to tank with an amazing 650k HP. i was just in a flex with him and his ego was so big it matched how much of a knob tank he was he took SO much damage, it took me and another healer just to keep him from droping. And his attitude was horrid. after everyone saying he was a knob tank took to much damage he then started to insult the other tank which I didn't even needed to heal saying that he needed to do more dps. Then he kept on saying he was here carrying everyone never meet such a arrogant twat in my life warning he has Paid irl cash for a HC boost