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  1. The people with a name after them have already been claimed. I'm going to be Gwen. =)
  2. Full Name: Airenne Ni'Mhaille Nicknames:Aire, Little Pirate, Floorlock! Date of Birth:October 27 Age:29 Race:Human Gender:Female Hair:Red Skin:Pale Eyes:A blueish green Height:5'5 Weight:137lbs Place of residence:None currently, wandering until something clicks Place of Birth:Moonbrook, Westfall Known Relatives:None Religion/Philosophy:Lawful Neutral Occupation:Jemcrafter, Member of Redblades Group/Guild affiliation:Redblade Guild Rank:Specialist Enemies:None in particular, but many, surely Likes:Her 'darlings' Favorite Foods:Sweets and sours Favorite Drinks:Anything pleasing to the taste Favorite Colors:Dark colors Weapons of Choice:Her darlings and whatever spell she unleashes at the time Dislikes: Hobbies:Talking to her Darlings Physical Features:Left eyebrow and nasal piercing, interesting blue green eyes Special Abilities:Can summon various demons Positive Personality Traits:Hopelessly optimistic all the while being negative about everything. Negative Personality Traits: Mildly crazy due to the time spent with her Darlings, constantly hears voices and can only ignore them for so long. Misc. Quirks: If given a choice between the comfiest seat in the world, and a wooden floor, Airenne would stay on the floor over all. History:Airenne was conceived out of a coincidence and a blinding rage, her father was a local man to Moonbrook, a man who kept to himself and didn't much want anything to do with the people of the town, no matter how beautiful the town may have been before disaster struck it. Her mother was a brave woman, a wild woman, as wild as the sea that ran through her veins really. The two could not have been more different. Grania was born at sea, and was never fond of land, and the way that it was so predictable. The ground never moved unless forcibly done so, the ocean was freedom, the ocean was home to Grania. She was only on land long enough to fall in love with Airenne's father long enough to fall into his bed, and returned to him upon the time of Airenne's birth. A task that would prove to be too much for the pirate's petite form. She was brought up knowing fully about her mother, well the small bit that her father knew, and the ship that sailed to them once a year on Airenne's birthday to bring gold and gems to ensure that Airenne was well taken care of. For that reason, she decided to honor her mother, and take her mother's name while remaining loyal to her father. Airenne Ni'Mhaille, only the age of seven when her father was killed by rival pirates, not even a full day after her seventh birthday, one ship left, and the second came, with horrible evil men that tortured her father before killing him in front of her. Poor little Airenne lost her mother to being born, and her father to a rival of her mothers old crew. She never returned to the small island off the shore of Westfall. Instead, she was raised along the shore, in the tiny town of Moonbrook. An older lady felt bad for her, and took her in, knowing of the woe to befall the young girl. The woe and sadness that slowly turned into a bubbling rage... But a silly little girl's rage attracts unnatural things, dark things... Airenne was possessed around the age of 18 by a demon that promised her revenge, promised her power beyond her wildest imagination. With the idea of revenge seeming so sweet, so tangible the young Airenne she accepted the deal, accepting the non-corporeal demon into herself, and all the power, strength and darkness that came with it. Airenne drowned in darkness, consumed by the power and the strength that came with it. She was no longer only the daughter of a grumpy lonely man and an absent pirate, she was the strong, powerful women, driven by revenge and darkness. She was determined to find the ship that had come and killed her father. Hell bent on revenge, the only thing to quell her inner darkness was the old woman who had saved her from a life in the orphanages... The woman went deep into Stormwind, finding a sorcerer and begging, pleading and bargining with them to save the young girl, to help her. The sorcerer took pitty upon the woman and presented her with a charm that Airenne needed to wear at all times to be in full control of herself, and not let the demons take over the girl. Airenne refused at first to wear the gem, only seeing darkness as her only path, refusing to sleep Airenne would stay up for days, speaking in some form of gibberish to the voices that she claimed to hear in her head. Talking to 'her darlings' as they were the only ones who understood her, they told her that things would be okay, that the ship was still on the water, that she would have her revenge. They told her of the past, and of the future, they told her of the thoughts of others, and the deep dark thoughts that she herself was unaware of within herself. One dark, horribly stormy night, the woman found Airenne sound asleep on the floor, stretched out with one arm high above herself, the other curled tight to her chest; one leg stretched out, toes pointed, the other bent at the knee, pulling the dress above her ankle of the outstretched leg. Quietly the woman took the amulet and tied it around Airenne's ankle, knowing that the contact was all that was needed to hush the child, and calm her soul once more. When she awoke, Airenne was lost, confused and riddled with guilt, still stuck with the voices in her head. But now, she only heard them when she wanted to, she was in charge, and she was in desperate need to learn how to help herself. About a year after dealing with the voices, dealing with her darlings now in a controlled physical form Airenne could do no more to help herself, she had done everything to control what she now lived with, but it was a lose lose situation. She heard a tale about an Order that traveled through various towns before only recently settling in Stormwind and she sought them out, hoping to let the help flow both ways, she'd help them with whatever she could, if they would help her not feel so crazy...