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  1. The wraith entered the tombs through the portal room, not so much walking, as floating. It carried with it a sense of urgency as it came to Mason, whom was in the middle of studying an older looking tome and comparing notes with Edward, the tombs doctor. "Lord Mason" it said, in its gravely whisper of a voice, he turned to face the ghostly sentry. "Aye? What have you to report." The wraith kept its attention on Mason, disregarding whatever experiments he was working on with the doctor "Orc's have attacked the Blastedlands, The main footholds have already fallen and Surwich is under attack. They'd begun evacuation when I left to deliver the report." "What?!" Mason replied "The horde's laid siege to the alliances hold in the blasted lands. Those greenskinned bastards.." "No, sir. These Orc's have broken through the dark portal, shortly after it changed to red. They've laid siege to every foothold in the blasted lands. Not simply the alliances. And they're orange." Mason paused, taking in the report. A rare expression growing on his face, a genuine, cruel smile. "Good work, Find Commander Jared. Have him rally the Soldiers in the Shadowrealm. As well as the other Commanders." "Yes, Lord Mason.." the wraith replied "How many soldiers?" "All of them" Mason turned, without further word, seeking out Zolkor to inform him of their duties. The bulk of his force would prepare to join the alliance in whatever counter offensive they had begun devising, he however, would take a small guard along with Zolkor to Surwich, Weather to aid in evacuation, or draw Orc blood. He wasn't quite sure of himself.
  2. ((Writers note, Extremely long post detailing the closing of some loose ends from RP a few days ago, Sorry for the wall of text, don't feel compelled to read it all, I just felt I should write it up, and I've been filled with the desire to write some short stories, so I wrote it up. Also sorry for any typos.)) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ As the men returned to the tombs and resumed normal duties, Mason sighed, eagerly waiting report from the scouts he dispatched earlier, as he walked deeper into the stone ruins he was greeted by Edward, the primary 'Doctor' of his forces, if an undead whom stitched other corpses together could be considered such. "Sir, the headcount is finished, we stand at twelve living and one deceased in the portal bay. Are we to prepare them for transition to undeath?" Edward asked, Mason turned his gaze towards the skeletal figure, old dry flesh clung tightly to bones, small tubes connecting to presumably organs under his ribcage and running to various locations on his body, a foul looking green liquid flowing through them. "No, they're to remain unharmed. I'm surprised you'd be so careless in your count however, Doctor, We've just buried the deceased, you know this." Mason replied, "Erm.. No sir, there is another deceased, we found his body when gathering the others from the Inn. He looks to have passed away recently, an older fellow, suffered a heart attack. The living seemed quite protective of his remains, but we were able to secure them without incident and examine them closely." The doctor explained. "I see... perhaps we can turn this to our advantage, prepare him for reanimation, I wish to speak with this man immediately." And with that command, Edward nodded and marched off back into the depths of the tombs.. Later that day.. Suffering, ecstasy, horror, bliss. I felt all these things and none, as vision returned to my eyes, ache to my creaking bones, thought to my mind. Where was I, I gasped in my mind, unable to muster to strength to move, above me only stones with wooden beams running between them to bear the weight. Was this the after life I'd so greatly hoped for, was this my final reward? Paralysis and a damned rock ceiling!? I felt a jolt of energy run through me, the back of my mind recoiled, it felt.. wrong, but I couldn't escape. And then.. The pain was gone. I felt strength return to my limbs, I was Alive again.. no, it was Better, I was Young again. I sat up, expecting joyous angels, holy spirits to smile upon me. And I was greeted with a rotting horror, its smile crooked, but not cruel... Mason sat down, across from the newly reanimated man as he stared blankly for a moment at Edward, seeming speechless, he waited a moment letting the man gain his bearings and look around before speaking. "Ah, disorienting at first, I am aware.." he gave the man a smile, and introduced himself "I am Mason Graveheart, I lead the small garrison of soldiers here. We work under the alliance, though not directly employed by its king or leaders. We hold its best interest, and that of its people, in our hearts. Which is why you're here today..." he paused again, then asked "I'm afraid we don't know your name, sir?" "Ronald.. my name is Ronald.." I said in a daze, still shocked to find myself surrounded by undead. I'd heard stories of the lot, that they eat their victims, or worse, that in their eyes are etched atrocities, but they didn't seem so bad.. why didn't they seem so bad.. "Ah, Ronald, it is an honor to meet you, When we rounded up the people of the inn, my men found you as well.." the inn.. I remember the inn yes.. I was just there, wasn't I? how did I get here? consumed by my own thoughts the man before me faded from my attention for a moment. "..as an incident, in the town of Moonbrook, it seems one of the respected members of the order I work under, is claimed to have attacked and nearly killed two guards.." Attacked.. I.. I remember, I heard fighting didn't I? someone yelling.. A horrible pain in my chest.. by the light it hurt so much "..Corrupt guardsman had taken-" Mason was cut off, as the empty eyed elder asked a single question "Am I alive?" Mason felt taken aback for a moment by the elder mans question, had reanimation been that disorienting.. then shook his head "Not as you were, Ronald, I'm sorry.. Would you like me to explain the events of what lead us to here again?" Ronald nodded "Y-yes.. I would.." Shortly after.. Ronald shook his head "You.. you killed her, Just because she knew too much? And then you dragged me back?" Mason frowned "I did what I had to, You must have known the guards were corrupt, they endanger the order and all the relief effort it does, Not to mention whoever they actually work for doubtfully has the best interests of the Alliance in mind. I Did what I had to." "But why bring me back? Why cant I be left to rest?!" "Because Ronald, The others from the inn, they will look to you for guidance. I cannot allow them to return to Moonbrook, Not while those guards and whatever schemes they have remain a threat. Which means the others must be relocated, or killed. I'd hoped to gain your aid in this, my scouts as we speak search for a neutral settlement, far from the wars and politics, when they return I plan to escort you and your people there, to begin anew, not suffering and homeless as before, but with clean beds and proper houses. But they will not follow me, this is why I need you." Ronald sighed, shaking his head as a long silence befell the pair, after what felt to be hours, he spoke again. "You.. you remind me of m'lad, Mason. He was a soldier too, always thinking in gains and losses, numbers, said that's how the field of battle made some." he paused to gain his breath, a habit from life not-yet forgotten, "I will do as you propose, if only for my friends waiting in that room." The next day.. The gathering, consisting of twelve living men women and children, rounded the next hill in the snowy peaks escorted by ten armored skeletons bearing swords and bows and two Undead men, numbering a total of twenty four they'd exited from a shadowportal further down the trails, the highest a portal could safely take a gathering of that size. The Undead elder man wore a thick cloak which whipped about in the wind, flakes of snow resting upon his shoulders. Mason glanced behind him at the others, choosing to take position just behind the point man, should anything go wrong he would be prepared to fight and defend the group. They rounded another hill, coming to a long, flat section, and not to far ahead a wall made of thick logs could be seen, primitive but effective it kept the wildlife out of the town "It's just ahead, tell your people we may rest soon. I'll bring up supplies to help you barter your way into a fair start by sundown." he called out to Ronald, Who was slighter further back, at the head of the cluster of living. As they reached the iron gate, it slid open, Mason's scouts having already explained the situation at the spearpoints of the guardsman who watched the edges of the small town. it took a while of convincing, but the scouts were proud to return and report a compliant town looking for more people to help run its shops and guard its wall, even if they came escorted by undead. The Scourgelord looked over the group, his soldiers spreading out a bit leaving a clear path for the living from westfall to enter their new home, Ronald stopped as his people passed through and looked to Mason "M'lad, rest his soul, was a good soldier. But he lost himself to numbers, and made the worst mistakes a soldier can. May the light forgive you for your transgressions, Mason." And with that, he turned and headed into the town, ready to help his people make their new home among its people.
  3. Mason nodded at the Draenei's question "Aye, We've paid what respects we could. Now all that's left is to put her to rest." He motioned as the coffin reached the bottom of the grave and the soldiers began shoveling dirt into it, slowly but surely filling the graving until it was merely an oddly shaped patch of brown dirt on the ground. One Skeletal soldier stood beside the tree at the head of her grave, carving an image of a weeping woman holding a winged skull. A symbol for sorrow, and ascension to the heavens. Or so he was told. With the grave marked by a simple symbol and the ceremony done, Mason and his men went back to their own tomb. But not to rest, never to rest.
  4. Sun had just begun to rise, its burning light shining across the rolling hills and thick forests of the Grizzly hills. Soldiers stood tirelessly at attention, respectful and silent as they surrounded a small hole in the ground, seven feet deep, two and a half feet wide and eight feet long. Directly over the hole a small wooden box held aloft by tendrils of shadow magic. A coffin that held the remains of an innocent woman from Westfall's Moonbrook who simply heard too much. Mason stood at the foot of the grave, looking down at the coffin quietly, admiring the craftsmanship of his men in order to dig a grave and craft a coffin on such short notice, a skill that was perhaps not second nature to the undead. He turned his gaze upwards towards the Skeletal Soldiers who surrounded the grave alongside him, And the towering undead Draenei who, like him, was a Death Knight. "Men, I've brought us here today to honor a woman who's life was taken by the most unfortunate, cruel circumstances one can find themselves in. Being in the wrong place, at the wrong time. I did not know her, I knew only that she heard too much to be trusted. We stand here now, not only to honor her, but to be reminded that not every life we take will be that of a criminal, or a horde, or a damned demon. And that while our path is for the greater good, there are necessary evils scattered about it. But we cannot forget what we fight for. Or the shreds of humanity we bear within us." he pauses, looking the gathering over. "We must, At times, stop to bury our dead."
  5. Mason nodded at the group and did a head count silently, seven men he thought, eight counting himself. Along with his men in Northrend it should be more than enough to secure the camp. Without a word he turned towards the X he'd marked the ground with and raised his left hand, the runes along the blade on his back began to burn with power as their energies were channeled through him, bursts of dark purple magic that resembled lightning flowed from his extended open hand into the ground, slowly raising up into the air and creating a torrent of magical power that formed into a smokey dark portal. He turned back to the gathering "Alright, that portal comes out on the eastern side of the Grizzly hills near the beach. Once we head through my men will guide us through the woods towards the logging camp. When we arrive we will be securing the base and making sure the machinery works then scavenging for any useful supplies. That will include Shredders and Cannons, Probably also smaller weapons if they had an armory that wasn't picked clean. It'll be about three days, those of us that require sleep will do it in shifts otherwise keep an eye open. My soldiers reported Feral Worgen, wild wolves, and scattered Rune Giants, not many of those however. This will be a one way trip until the fury arrives, so if you aren't prepared to stay the full three days, Don't step through." Silence would fill the air for a moment as he stepped through, leaving the group to decide on their commitment to the mission. The portal stood there, flickering occasionally, almost glaring at those gathered around. Those who followed through would find themselves stepping out of an identical looking portal in a mostly open grassy hill. Downhill they would see the waters of the northern ocean, uphill they would see a thick forest with trees that towered taller than most of the buildings in Stormwind. But perhaps the first thing to be noticed would be the three Skeletons, twelve Ghouls, and five Geists that grouped around the portal numbering twenty total. Mason would be seen speaking with one of the skeletons, this one clad in heavier armor, It nodded silently. "Alright, they've scouted out a path for us." he said to those who'd followed, taking a moment to allow everyone to gather their bearings before setting off. ((We can Assume Tuuro stepped through, despite what will probably be a lack of a post before we've moved forwards with the plot. He PM'd me letting me know he would be away today.))
  6. He looked over the desk in front of him covered in paperwork with seals of approval from the Stormwind nobles and the Ebonblade, after a few short days he'd gotten the last of the papers he needed most of them merely registration as he'd been away from Stormwind for quite a while now, and the preparations were done. Mason had finally finished and gotten any approvals he felt needed for the trip to Northrend in order to repair the Redblades ship, he sighed and stood rolling his shoulders yet again and hearing each pop loudly, he wasn't suited for desk work, found it too inactive, too slow. He set out from the borrowed offices of the Stormwind keep and went to the Docks in search of a corner he thought would work well, somewhere off to the side, not in the way so as not to interrupt the daily workings of the common man who kept the docks in order. After he found one satisfactory he pulled a small piece of chalk out a bag on his waist and marked the ground with an X, so as to easily find his chosen location for when he would open a Shadowportal into Northrend. Now all he had to do was wait for the mission to begin.. (Ooc note: this'll be the first Forum/Forum RP I've run, So sorry in advance should I make a stupid mistake haha, I'll pick up the basics pretty fast and any tips are appreciated)