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  1. Content with his healing for now, Amalil collects his things and moves below decks to sleep. He would spend the rest of the trip home meditating below decks or above decks on the mast in his crow form. While they had won, and he had fought hard and well, the swiftness of his decent into feral thoughts worried him. He had thought he was better, and the events worried him deeply. As soon as he could, he would need to speak with his Shan'do.
  2. After the animal crawled onto the deck, Amalil moved to the back of the ship. He wanted privacy and as soon as he had it he sank down into a sitting position. He was ashamed at how fast he had lost his mind inside the bear, and the fact that he had tried to kill a comrade shook him deeply. He was better than this and he knew it. "First things first" He muttered to himself, holding his hand to dark burn on his arm. His hands glowed green and pulsed around his arm, soothing the burn. Any dark energy radiating off it would soon disappear, but the burn remained and would need to heal naturally. Next he gently touched the gash on his side, it still pulsed with pain and was soaked with blood. Sitting up, he removes his armor and shirt and lays them next to him. Very carefully he places his hand against the wound, attempting to heal it.
  3. Returning to the rope, and with the healing chi giving him a small burst of energy and pain relief, he began pulling again. Dragging Loc closer to the ship, focusing on saving the animal and letting the others deal with Eleven.. Or Rose as it now seemed. Even tho this animal belonged to a race he held a deep distrust for, almost as deep as the Orcs, its master still died in an attempt to prevent bloodshed. She had given her life for them, the lest he could do was help her companion.
  4. As he's pulling Loc towards the ship, he notices the woman reveal herself. Amalil is in shock and he stops pulling on the rope. "Ca-Captain?" He says. Look towards the woman. Just barely making her out.
  5. Hearing the roar, Amalil turned from the group and limped towards the railing. He looked out into the water but his vision was foggy, he was still light headed and the pain was strong. But he just barely managed to notice the animal in the water. Looking around, he found a rope and quickly tied it to the railing. He then took a thick piece of wood that had splintered from the deck and tied to to the end for the animal to bite onto. Using all his strength, he hurled it towards the roar. It landed near Loc and Amalil and roared, imitating the noises the Nightsabers he had grown up around used around friends.
  6. Amalil stood, using his spear as a crutch and glared at Eleven. "You deserve only death, creature." He said, but he waited for one of the others to move first. He did his best to stand tall. With all that had gone wrong, they had still won.
  7. As the spell hit Amalil in the face, the bear roared louder. It sent a shock into his mind and seemed to stun the bear. "Now's my chance!" Amalil thought to himself and put all his effort into one final attempt. He felt his torso shrink and lengthen, as did his front legs which turned into his long muscular arms. Finally the Kald'orei was himself, he collapsed onto his knees in front of the goblin. His green hair hung in his face and hid the shame on his face. His amber eyes finally looked up at the others. "I'm... Sorry." But before anyone could reply, Amalil noticed Eleven. Acting quickly he try'd his best to rise to his feet, but his wounds were great. From his knees he pushed out with his hands towards Eleven, attempting to engulf him in a whirlwind. After, he would collapse again. Blood still seeping slightly from his side.
  8. The loud noises and overwhelming arcane power helped Amalil come to. Slowly but surely he regained consciousness, and before he could even open his eyes the pain hit him like a steam tank. His ribs ached and the gash on his side from the Skeletons sword was still wet with blood, and pulsed with pain. He still sported a dark burn from the Death Knights attack on his leg that felt like it was to close to a fire, and it radiated dark energy. But it was nothing a little healing couldn't fix. The real worry was inside Amalils mind, the feral thoughts of the bear were still dominating him. It was hard to keep his own thoughts afloat, but the pain mixed with a now lack of adrenaline and rage from the bear had been enough to push Amalils thoughts forward. Concentrating hard, the bear stood and Amalil attempted to shift back into his humanoid form. But an instant before he started, something caught his eye. The goblin. Amalil had a deep hate for the Horde and those who chose to ally with them, with the exception of a few Tauren druids. His mind flashed back to the forests of Ashenvale and the miles of forest cut for the Orc war machine, all the Sentinels who gave their lives to defend his home, all the innocent who were slaughtered by the brutish Horde, his parents... The bear on the other hand had one thought on his mind: Food. He was tired and hurt, all his instincts told him to eat and then rest and lick his wounds. This wasn't a Redblade, this wasn't the panda that helped him. No, in his eyes this green skinned person was no more then prey. The bear started to move forward, as Amalil once again started to lose control over his feral side. He had no desire to kill the Goblin, but the bear was fueled by the sudden anger from Amalil and his own desire to eat. The bear growled as it made its way towards the Goblin.
  9. The explosions sends Amalil flying, slamming him hard against the railings of the ship. His ribs send a sharp pain through him, and as he falls his head slams into the ground hard. The bear attempts to stand, shaking as he does before falling again. He had finally taken to much, as his vision started to fade to black. He slumps against the ground with a loud grown as he blacks out, and if he could he would smile as he noticed the defeated skeleton engulfed in flames.
  10. Amalil spits the wood from his mouth, and notices the gunpowder covering the Skeleton. "Now's my chance!" Amalil thinks as he trys to shift back into his humanoid form. He had a spell in mind to ignite the gunpowder and set this abomination aflame. But try as he might, he fails. "No... Not now!" It was Amalils nightmare, the beast was taking over. He frantically thought back to his teachings but he couldn't concentrate, his mind taking a submissive role to the feral side of the bear. The bear thrived on blood lust and adrenaline, it wanted the fight. And now it was in control. Pushing his advantage, and leaving a small trail of blood behind him, the bear roared firecly and rushed forward. It pounced on the Skeleton and attempted to maul at its relentlessly, swiping at its face in a flurry.
  11. Amalil quickly charges forward straight at the skeleton, baring his teeth. He would seem different now, wilder then before. Amalil did his best to maintain control, but it was almost as if his thoughts had taken a back seat to that of the beast. At the last the bear pushes off hard against the deck, trying to catch the clumsy undead off guard, and aims a powerful bite against the skeletons forearm.
  12. Amalil pulled hard, trying to ether yank the bone from the Skeleton or remove his paw but failed. The bear try'd to move as far from the blade as he could, but it wasn't far enough. He took a hit to his side and howled in pain, thankfully the spell hardening his skin protected him from a life threatening hit. Still, he would walk away with a nasty wound. If he walked away that is... The sudden surge of pain just caused more adrenaline to pump through the beasts system, feral thoughts screamed through Amalil's mind. Combined with the pain from the strike he lost concentration, making his skin return to normal. Worse yet, Amalil could feel himself slipping and losing control to the beast. He sturggled to keep the balance inside himself but the bear wanted control, it wanted to ravage the undead infront of him and anything else in its way. As blood slowly seeped down his side, Amalils mind began to slip to the beast. Filled with adrenaline and rage the bear yanked hard at the bone his claw was lodged in with new found strength.
  13. Amalil watched the creature carefully, following its movements and waiting. He could sense that this undead was different, not just in the fact that it towered over the others, but also the aura it gave off. It was more powerful then the smaller ones on the enemy ship. "It dose not matter." Amalil thinks to himself "They will all perish. I'll see to it myself." Finally as it dashed forwards the bear let out a powerful roar, but stood its ground. Waiting until the last possible second before side stepping, bringing his paw around as he did to maul at the skeletons leg.
  14. The sudden cold sent a shock through Amalil's system, and the loss of concentration only seemed to push his thoughts further down and bring the feral thoughts up. The bear struggled with all its might to shake free of the ice. Finally he broke through the ice, just in time to see the skeleton rise up before him. Amalil's eyes filled with rage and frustration. He was sick of the magic and tricks thrown at him. The bear wanted a fight, and by Elune he was going to make DAMN sure he got one from this skeleton. This time, the bear moved back a few steps. Growling and trying to lure the undead towards him.
  15. Almost as if by instinct, Amalil sidesteps the attack. The mace thudding hard into the deck just barely missing the bears head. The bear takes a few steps back, staying outside of weapon distance but close enough to attempt to interrupt another spell. The eyes of the bear carefully study the Death Knight as it snarls. On the inside Amalil is still fighting to remain dominant over the feral thoughts and instincts of the bear, which is screaming to charge and maul and shred into its prey. "No, I'm still in control here." Amalil thinks to himself, as he quickly casts an old trick he learned from his early days of training. The skin underneath the bears thick fur begins to harden, taking on the strength and consistency of thick bark. It's not much, and it wont last for long, but it would certainly be a deciding factor between a broken rib or internal damage. Finally, the bear springs forward again. This time pushing with his powerful hind legs and jumping, putting all his weight into an attempt to take down the Death Knight.