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  1. Longs' ears perked up at the sound of foot steps approaching from behind him. His eyes opened and he turned his head to see the arrival. "Vladamere, I'm glad you made it. I take it you received my letter and accepted my offer." Long said as he stood up and dusted his robes. Vladamere laughed gruffly "So that was a real offer you were making? Why would I wish to fight you, though?". Long walked up to the man and clapped the man on the shoulder "Think of it as a friendly test of strength. All of those stories you have told me over our drinks, I wish to see if they are true ...". Vladamere looked at Long with astonishment "First, you asked me to tell you those stories and second, what would the rules be of this fight if I were to accept it?". Long smirked as he looked off casually "No dirty tricks and I know you know what it is I speak of, and first to yield loses.". Vladamere tugged at his scruffy, red-haired beard for a moment as he thought to himself in silence. He slowed turned his head and looked at Long as a grin began to crawl across his cheeks. Long began to smile in return "So you accept?" he asked happily. "Alright, but just one fight." Vladamere replied in a sarcastic tone. Long clapped his hands with excitement "Meet me over in the field in a moment, I must prepare ...." Vladamere nodded silently his face becoming stern and serious. Vladamere was stretching his arms and legs as Long came walking into the open field. Long now stood in red chain-mail robes, magical lightning arched from his shoulders periodically, and a red chain-mail helmet that covered his entire head, leaving only his eyes exposed. Two red crystal maces hung from his hips, glowing and flickering like flames. "And I thought I liked attention. Looking at you I feel under-dressed." Vladamere said laughing. "Laugh it up while you can, Vlad." Longs' voice muffled slightly by the helmet, "We shall see how much you laugh, while you lie on your back.". Vladamere gave a sudden savage grin "I hope you're ready for this, Long". Vladamere slowly unbuckles the leather strap across his chest and lets the full weight of the hammer fall to the ground. A loud thud rolls out and a small cloud of dust is kicked up around his ankles. He grunts as his hefts the mace on to his shoulder and grins "Alright, you want to attack first or should I start this thing?" Long lowered his head and took off running full speed at Vladamere, weapons drawn and their power alive. Vladamere braised himself and swung his weapon to meet Longs'. Vladamere held back the first swing, so Long continued his attack. Long swung his maces over and over, and each time Vladamere was there to block. Long swung again and Vladamere deflected his attack and spun around him while swinging his mace, connecting squarely in Long's lower back. Long roared with pain as his was launched onto his belly, and grunted loudly as he landed. Long rose to his feet growling and Vladamere smirked as Long retrieved his weapons from the ground. "Do you yield yet?" Vladamere asked with confidence. Long looked at Vladamere from behind his helmet "It saddens me to think that you think me so weak ...". Long raised his weapons to the skies above and a bolt of lightning strikes each of his upheld weapons. Lightning dances and arches across the the crystals and readies to continue their fight. Vladamere's smirk grows to a grin "You're trying to power up, huh? Two can play at that game.". His eyes change to that of a wolf and his jaw begins to lengthen. After a few moments Vladamere changed from his usual muscular human form to a muscular worgen, dark grey fur covered his scar-covered skin and his steel grey eye now glowed a fierce yellow. Vladamere grinned viciously and he then drops his mace to the ground and looks at Long with savage excitement while Long stared back with a look of pure intensity. Vladamere slowly began a slouched approach toward Long and soon was sprinting on all-fours. Vladamere reach his full speed in moments and within seconds was on top of Long and raining blows on him. Long showed his martial prowess as his skillfully blocked the majority of his strikes, with a few connecting with his chest and sides. As Vladameres assault began to slow, Long deflected a blow with one mace and struck the opening with the other, hitting Vladamere square on the blind side of his face. Vladamere cried out a pitiful cry of agony as a bolt of lightning launched from his back and burning a large hole in his tabard. Vladamere fell to the ground groaning and grunting in pain as his body twitched violently. Long approached the man weapons at the ready and as he came into Vladameres view, Vlads hands shot up, "I yield .... ahhh, I yield, plea ... Ahhh, please make it stop, Long!" he cried out in pain. Long knelt beside Vlad and placed a hand gently on his chest, "Your muscles tremble from the power of my storm, the effects with pass momentarily I assure you". Long said calmly and even as he spoke Vladameres muscle trembling lessened. After a few minutes of moaning and grunting Vladamere was slowly able to lift himself to a sitting position, his muscles still trembling from time to time. He slowly and painfully reverted back to his human form and touched his face and nose tenderly "I think you broke my nose with that hit.". "I am surprised I did not kill you, to tell you the truth." Long replied from behind his helmet. "Well, I hope you're satisfied now .... you beat me." Vladamere said as he tried to stand but his muscles wouldn't let him and he simply sat back down in the dirt. Long removed his helmet to reveal a large smile on his face, "Indeed, I am more than satisfied. Your strength seems to challenge that of a giant and I am beginning to think you are made of some kind of stone. With or without a weapon you are a devastating force to have to deal with. If I had not made that opening I do not believe I would have won.". Long rubbed his chest as Vladamere smiled lightly "I shall have to make a reminder to never make you angry." Long laughed loudly and helped Vladamere to his feet "Come, we shall bandage you up, drink a couple jugs of Bourbon, and you can tell me another one of your stories.". Vladamere smiled wide and the two slowly made their way off the battlefield.
  2. The sound of the wind in his ears and the smell of the grasslands of Nagrand filled his nose, while he saw nothing with his eyes closed as per-usual a meditating Pandaren. He sat high atop the cliffs of Skysong Lake for what seemed like hours, possibly even days meditating and preparing for what he believed would allow him to better serve the Elements and his time was fast approaching. His eyes snapped open and darted to the sky to the sound of thunder, only to see large, fluffy white clouds rolling across it. He then glanced casually over his shoulder to see a primal Wind Elemental floating behind him. Long rose slowly to his feet and brushed the dust and dirt from his blue ritualistic robes. The Elemental waited patiently for the Pandaren to finish before speaking with a voice that seemed to whisper past his ears "Kalandrios is beginning to become impatient, Shaman. The conditions are right, it is time to preform the ritual or step away from his side and remain with the sea.". With a heavy sigh, Long shrugged and said "Then let us begin, shall we." Long turned from the Elemental and walked toward the edge of the cliff, where he stood looking down upon the Throne of the Elements for a moment before turning his gaze to the clouds above. He closed his eyes, raised his arms to his waist, and opened his hands palms up and fingers lightly spread open. He stood there motionless for a moment before his eyes opened, glowing white. Long raised his right hand to the sky with his palm up, curling his fingers in, while slowly rotating his wrist and the clouds began to move and collect on top of each other. He did this for a moment until a massive cloud loomed over his head and lowered his hand back to its former position. His eyes began to slowly change from glowing white to glowing a deep blue as his hand began to drip water profusely and began to chant in Kalimag the Language of the Elements "For the Sea, the Sky. For the Waves, the Wind.". The Pandarens eyes began to glow brighter and the water coming from his hand began to rise towards the sky. Slowly as first, then began to flow faster and faster and before long two solid streams of water were rising straight up into the clouds. The white clouds began to change as Long channeled his water magic into them, turning a light grey and as the Shaman emptied the last of his water magic into them, they were almost as black as a starless night. The magic faded from Longs eyes as he watched the streams disappear into the clouds and he slowly stopped his chanting. He watched with awe as the clouds glowed a dim grey with lightning dancing within and waited as the wind swirled around them. After what seemed like too much time "Did it not work ... " Long said as he glances over his shoulder to realize the Elemental was gone. He quickly looked back to the clouds and muttered to himself "It must have worked, just a little longer ...". Anxiety, doubt, and fear grew with each passing second as he waited for something, anything to happen. Anger quickly washed over him "I have done my part, I have given you the Sea." he growled through clenched teeth and then shouted "Now give me the storm!". As the word storm passed his lips, a deafening clap of thunder rolled from above and a bright blue bolt of lightning tore through the clouds and struck Long in the chest. He dropped to his knees and held his chest as he watched the clouds lighten to dark grey, while Long himself gasped for air. Another ear shattering clap of thunder rolled from the storm and a massive bolt of blindingly white lightning raced from above and struck the Pandaren square between the eyes. Longs head rolled back to be facing straight up at the storm. The clouds changed to a light grey and the wind began to pick up as he collapsed onto his back. His eyes flicked open to the feeling of a light rain upon his face and after a moment, slowly rose to a sitting position with a grunt. After he got his bearings. he quickly glanced down at his chest to see nothing, not a single thread of his robes were burnt and his chest unharmed. He then removed his wolfs head helmet to see none of the fur was burnt either. He returned the helmet to his head and rose to his feet and walked to the edge of the cliff once more. He stood there for a moment with his eyes closed, feeling the wind and rain falling upon him as he stretched neck and shoulders. He could feel the storm within him, bouncing around, begging to be called upon. He opened his eyes again, now glowing white with his new power and white hot lightning crackled from his hands and fingertips. A smile crossed his face as he eyed the storm above and then threw a powerful bolt of lightning through it causing it to dissipate as if a bomb was set off inside of it. He then lowered himself to a sitting position again, crossed his legs, placed his hands upright on his knees, closed his eyes once more, and began to meditate as the sun dried his robes.
  3. In his best armor and his rifle strapped to an elevated holster upon his back, Grandon set out for Sentinel Hill atop his Skyreaver with the sun high in the sky. It had taken him almost a full day to think of a solution to Long's problem and another two to prepare himself. As Westfall came into view, the Worgen began to breathe slower trying to calm his nerves and mind. He pushed his Skyreaver to the east side of Moonbrook and landed it behind one of the larger building, hoping to conceal the beast as much as possible. Grandon slid from it's back and strolled to the front of it, "Be quiet!" He snapped at it. The beast lowered its heads and glared at the Worgen, but remained quite, aside from its breathing and lightly clanking armor. He walked from the behind the building and glanced around the corner. To his luck there weren't many Homeless out in the square and he headed straight for Sentinel Hill. As he approached the encampment, a guard stepped in front of Grandon blocking his path. "Where do you think your going?" the man asked in an aggressive tone. The Worgen gave the guard an I don't have time of this look and said "I have important matters to discuss with the Captain .... only.", as he held up a parchment with the Stormwind Crest on it. The guard took a step back and replied quickly "M...m...my apologies, go ahead.". Grandon pushed pass the guard and smirked slightly. If the guard had actually looked at the parchment, he would have realized it was simply an old court paper. As he made his way towards the Captains tent he sniffed the air lightly, the smell of fear and anxiety was pungent. He held up the paper again as he entered the large tent and the guards again let him in without a confrontation. The Captain sat behind a makeshift desk with wooden stool that served as his seat. A small blazer burning beside the right side of the desk served as the only light inside the tent and a large weapon rack to the left with a Polearm and Great Sword in two of the holsters. The man looked up from his paperwork and stared at Grandon for a moment before asking rather roughly "Can I help you, Worgen?". Grandon glared at the man for a moment and said "I have come to speak to you about a small matter regarding this ..." setting the bounty poster of Long Dang on the desk before him. Captain Alpert tapped the poster "What does this have to do with me?" he asked as he folded his arms across his chest. Grandon point to the initials at the bottom of the poster with his claw "Those are your initials, correct?" the Worgen asked with a snarl. Captain Alpert glanced down to where the Worgen was pointing. As the man looked at the initials his eye widened ever-so-slightly, but it was enough for Grandon's trained eyes to catch. The Captain looked up, his expression returned to normal and shook his head as he said "No, I'm sorry.". "Do not lie to me Captain, I don't take being lied to kindly." Grandon said with a deep growling undertone. Alpert stood from his chair slowly and glared at the Worgen, but remained silent. "I shall explain exactly why I'm here then." Grandon exclaimed as his deep red eyes stared down the Captains striking green eyes. "I know you are the one that issued this bounty ..." Grandon started saying. Captain Alpert began raising his hand and opening his mouth in protest, but Grandon quickly lifted his hand to quite the man "I do not have time for your games, Captain. We both know this to be the truth.". Alpert closed his mouth and lowered his hand slowly to his side. Grandon continued "I simply ask that you withdraw the bounty upon the Pandaren and you shall never have to see me again." The man continued to glare at the Worgen and asked "And what if I refuse?" in a threatening tone. Grandon gave the man a wicked grin "There is a saying I have involving violent criminals, Kill the Killers." he said in an almost sadistic tone. The man stood almost nose to snout with the Worgen and said viciously " I do not take idle threats lightly, Worgen.". "And I do not make idle threats, Captain. You have five days, if the bounty isn't withdrawn by then, I suggest you don't go to sleep ..... I'll be waiting for it." Grandon snapped. Grandon reached beneath his armor and the Captain flinched slightly. The Worgen smirked as he pulled out a small bag of coins and dropped it at the Captains feet. "That should more than enough to cover the withdrawal fee and don't forget the clocks ticking, Captain." Grandon said with a savage growl. Grandon turned slowly and walked towards the exit. As he made it to the opening, he stopped and glanced over his shoulder at the Captain "If I must come for you Alpert know this .... You are not safe, even among your own guards." the Worgen said as his form suddenly vanished from the Captains sight. The Captain glanced around the room trying to see the menacing Worgen, as Grandon silently padded his way out of the encampment, his Camouflage wearing off as he reached his Skyreaver. He withdrew his rifle, turned to face Sentinel Hill and stared through the scope. A few moments passed and Captain Alpert walked out of his tent and began shouting orders. A robed women walked over and stood before the man and after another command from Alpert conjured a portal. Grandon believed he saw the image of Dalaran Square in the portal and as it vanished so had the Captain. Grandon smirked and said to himself "Good choice, Captain.".
  4. "Here we are, Brother! Home sweet home .... again." Grandon said as he walked through the door. He glanced around at the bookshelves that lined the walls, every shelf packed with tomes and scrolls filled with the pandarens personal shamanistic texts. The large bed, desk, and chair that served as sleeping and writing quarters as well as a barrel usually filled with an assortment of aquatic creatures. As he made his way to the chair to rest his feet, Long entered through the door and sighed heavily "I do not enjoy this either, my friend.". "How long do you think the bounty shall exist?" the Pandaren asked as he walked over to the barrel. The worgen sat down with a plop in the chair and spun it to face the Shaman "There isn't really a time limit. Eventually people just stop looking or caring." Long leaned against the barrel, rubbing his face wearily. He glanced up at Grandon, eyes filled with exhaustion "Is there any way to make it go away, of course excluding the obvious ...." drawing a finger slowly across his own throat. "Well excluding your head the person who issued the bounty can withdraw it for a little sum or that same person could succumb to an .... unfortunate accident." the Worgen said with a menacing snarl. The pandaren began to rub his eyes as he spoke "We do not even know who issued this bounty. All we have to go on are four initials, which is completely ridiculous because I do not see how someone could have that many names.". Grandon laughed slightly "Perhaps it is a title or rank, maybe even a position, but it must have been issued by someone in Westfall. That is were your incident occurred, so it must be someone from ....". The Worgen's eyes began to widen slowly as his mind raced. " No ...." he muttered to himself. "Ugh, what was his name?!" Grandon shouted at the floor boards. Long eyed the Worgen curiously "What are you going on about, Brother?". Grandon looked up with a look of utter disbelief slapped across his face, his eyes slightly glazed as his mind continued to race. He simply stared at Long as his mind put the pieces together. Long began to wave his hand in the Worgens face "Hello? Grandon, did you just fall asleep with your eyes open?" Long asked with a tone filled with confusion. Grandon suddenly began to smile. "The initials were S.H.C.A, correct?". "This is correct ..." the Pandaren said with a nod. "I believe the first two letters are a place, Sentinel Hill to be exact." Grandon said with that wicked smile still stuck on his muzzle. "That is a post of the Alliance. Why would they put a bounty out on me? Would they not simply send a group of soldiers to collect me?" Long said, still unclear of the Worgen's mind set. "The same reason they basically refused to assist the Order in our own investigation of your incident, they clearly don't want people to know what really happened." Grandon replied with a low growl. He continued with his face taking a more serious look "The investigation led no where, but I do believe the Order and myself came face to face with the man that seeks your head, Brother.". The Pandaren eyed Grandon questioningly "If you knew who this man is, why have you said nothing sooner?". Grandon stood from the chair and walked to stand in front of the large Pandaren and with a slight smirk said "It only just hit me, but if my assumption is correct, Sentinel Hill Captain Alpert is behind this whole ordeal." Other than the look of Sleep Deprivation, Long's face was completely emotionless. Grandon snorted slightly at his error "I forgot you weren't there for our investigation, if you can even call it that. We attempted to question him about what happened and instead of answering, he called in a squad of mounted soldiers to remove us from Moonbrook." Long stroked his long, black facial fur in thought as he walked over and sat down on the bed. A few moments of silence and Long spoke up and asked "So what do we do now, Brother?". Grandon hopped up and sat on top of the barrel "For now .... there is nothing we can do. You must rest and I must stay here to watch over you, but tomorrow when you wake, I shall have another take my place.". "Where are you going?" Long asked quickly as another wave of confusion washed over him. The Worgen held out his hand in a halt gesture, his claws gleaming in the red glow of the setting sun "This is not for you to worry about, my friend. Just let the Order and myself take care of this, for now you must sleep.". Sighing heavily, either by exhaustion or just how much he trusted this Worgen, Long simply yawned, laid face down in his pillow, and went to sleep within moments. Grandon sat atop the barrel and watched the Pandaren sleep for few minutes before sliding off and walking outside. A mere three paces away was the waters edge, but Long had built a dock that stretched out into the open water. As Grandon stepped onto the dock he began thinking. He wasn't exactly sure just how he would go about helping his friend regain his freedom again, but he was determined to do it. The Captain would clearly do whatever it takes to keep his secret just that, so this is where the clever hunter would strike. Grandon stared out across the water, now a bright red in the last few moments of fading sunlight and began to mentally prepare himself, for tomorrow he had a lot of work to do.
  5. As the last corpse fell, Long sighed heavily with relief. "It is over ..." He muttered quietly to no one. As his Earth Elemental rumbled back to his side, Long began to chant again and soon two more Earth Elementals stood around him, waiting for his orders. Long looked at the two newest Elementals "You two, go dig a large hole for these ....." Long hesitated momentarily not knowing what to call these once friends unwillingly turned enemy. "Just go dig a large hole, then come back and help him ..." Gesturing at the larger of the three Elementals "clear this tragedy into said hole." Long watched as his Elementals went about their duties. The two smaller Elementals making quick work of their task and were soon helping to pile the corpses into the hole. After about an hour the town was picked clean of every piece of undead and went from being a battlefield to a work-sight. Long now stood before a large hole almost completely filled with undead. Long clenched his jaws and slowly closed his eyes, and said his peace as his Elementals bowed their stone heads "May your spirits forever be happy, may you not want or need, may you find peace in your new world ..." . The Elementals raised their heads, but Long kept his eyes close. He began to chant softly, then his eyes snapped open and were glowing a fiery red. "I will make this quick .... " Long said as his hands ignite in white hot flames. He extended his hands toward the hole and two jets of white flame shot out and crashed into the corpses, quickly reducing it all to ashes in moments. The blaze went as quickly as it came and the stench of burning flesh permeated the area. As Long's hands flickered out and the glow in his eyes faded, he could no longer contain himself and tears began to fill his eyes. He covered his face with his hands in an attempt to gain control, but it wasn't working. As tears began to roll down his face, Long felt the waters within him begin to churn violently. The surge was so fast and aggressive Long didn't even have a chance to stop it. Suddenly water exploded from Long and were he once stood, his Avatar had taken his place. It turned and faced the Earth Elementals, which seemed unfazed by the Avatar and with a voice like a typhoon yelled "THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN!!" and began to channel primal energy directly into the Elementals. Soon the Elementals reverted to their Primal forms, massive moving stone structures with towering power mantles on their backs. The Avatar stared at the Primal Elementals and said "You will defend this town for all eternity .... or die trying is that clear?!" The Elementals slammed their fist into their palm and bowed their heads in traditional Pandaren salutes. Another explosion of water and Long had returned to his normal Pandaren form. He walked over and stood before the Primal Elementals "You will stand guard between the docks and the flight master, you will stand between the Inn and the Gravesteins home, and you will guard the bridge. Now go!". The Elementals rumbled off to their posts and Long sat down on the ground and began to meditate, slowly regaining balance within again.
  6. As the sudden winds rustled Longs robes, he couldn't help but smile. As he looked over Kerli, he watched as color returned to her tattooed face and life began dancing behind her eyes. Incineratus had released his malicious assault on Kerli's mind, but he worried that the Fire Elementals damage had already been done. At Kerli's last comment Long seemed to get rather serious, nodding and stroking his facial fur "Indeed, but that will come once you have achieved elemental balance within yourself. Do this and your power will wait for you to call upon it.". Long looked passed Kerli for a moment and realized Incineratus had begun to pace the Throne once more. The Pandaren returned his attention to his fellow shaman "What you saw back there is known as an Elemental Avatar. Every shaman is bestowed an Avatar attuned to the strongest element within that shaman. As you could probably guess, yours is the Avatar of Fire." At that comment Long walked over and took the Draenei's hand "You should not fear this being, as it does not seek to harm you in anyway. Quite opposite, it seeks to make you stronger. It will want to push you and try to make use your connection with the Element of Fire in ways you could not imagine and in dire situations .... even try to take a physical form, but once you have fully mastered your elemental balance, only you will allow it." He stared deep into her eyes in hopes to help her believe him "Do not fear your fire, for it moves and bends to your will, but do not forget about the other elements as well. You must have knowledge of all the elements, but your wisdom of Fire will easily surpass the others." Long dropped the young shamans hand and stepped back slightly "You obtaining elemental balance will be easy, it the next course of action that will be most difficult." with a deadly serious voice.
  7. Longs bolt faded as he began scanning for another fallen citizen when he noticed a rather small undead hobbling toward him. He began to charge another bolt when he realized the small corpse was a child. His magic began to fade as he hesitated momentarily, but he thought to himself "It suffers more like this." and let his lightning bolt fly. As the bolt struck the undead child, Long thought he heard a "Thank you." whispered along the wind. Long began to tear up as Fire erupted beside him. It caught him so off guard, Long nearly fell right over. The reality of the situation hit the Pandaren like a ton of brick. Kerli had let her emotions flood her senses and the Fire within her was feeding off her raw emotion. Long glanced momentarily as Lightning and Fire flew from the young Shaman and began tearing through a few of the undead. The Pandaren took a deep breathe and with the loudest, most forceful voice he could muster yelled "SISTER KERLI, CONTROL YOURSELF!!".
  8. Long walked over to Kerli and knelt beside her in the damp earth. He looked at her damp, tattooed face and in a calm voice simply replied "Of course I will help you, Sister.". He rose from the ground and began walking towards Incineratus with a determined look in his eyes. As he drew closer to the Flame Elemental, Long shouted in Kalimag ((The Language of the Elements)) "Scorchling!". Long knew the name was very demeaning to such a powerful Elemental. Incineratus turned and glared at the Pandaren and made a loud, sinister hissing noise before replying in Kalimag "Do you wish to die, shaman?". Long's voice and look remained calm and determined as he said "I simply wish to talk to you for a moment ...". A sinister, diabolical cackle escaped what seemed to be Incineratus' throat before he returned his gaze to the Pandaren. "And what makes you think you are worthy to speak to me, shaman?" the Flame Elemental asked with a rather conceded tone. Suddenly a noise like a rolling wave crashing on the beach erupted from Long and where a Large Pandaren Shaman once stood, now stood a dark, leathery skinned Water Avatar. Water dripped from its skin as if it just walked out of The Great Sea and pool of glowing water was beginning to form at Its feet. Long took a step towards Incineratus and the Flame Elemental seemed to shift backwards as well. He ignored the Elemental's previous question by asking one of his own ((still in Kalimag)) "Why do you torment this Shaman?" in a mighty, watery voice. The powerful Elemental seemed uneasy as he hesitated before responding with "This one shows potential ...". Long cocked his head as he asked "Potential .... potential for what?" in obvious confusion. The Elemental seemed to grow larger as it spoke "This one harbors much envy, resentment, mistrust, revenge, and hatred in its heart. It will be a powerful conduit and soon will dance in Flame." Longs voice rose in magnitude as he continued questioning Incineratus "What if she does not wish to be a conduit? Maybe she does not wish to forfeit the essence of her being to you and yours. Maybe she is nothing like you ...". Another loud cackle echoed across the Throne before the Elemental replied "It is more like myself then you will ever know. I have seen its dreams and it dreams of Fire ..... everything on Fire.". The Avatar suddenly yelled, its voice sounding like a Tidal Wave crashing against the rocks as it echoed across of the Mountains "THOSE ARE NOT DREAMS!". Long waited for the echo to fade away "I know she does not want her friends in flame, she does not want her family in flame, but you push her towards those results nonetheless! She may be attuned to the Element of Fire but she does not require this type of motivation. I thought you were summoned to this place to help shaman, not break their will and sanity.". Incineratus seemed to shrink in size as Long finished yelling. With another loud crash The Avatar was gone and a Large Pandaren now stood in its place. Long still had a determined look and a calm voice. "A day will come when she requires knowledge and wisdom from you, Incineratus ....." Long said as he began to turn slowly towards Kerli, "and when that day comes I pray to the old gods that you will do the right thing, and lead her to the path of enlightenment ..... my friend." Long turned completely and walked away, leaving the Powerful Elemental to his thoughts. Long walked up and stood before Kerli. He stared at the Draenei woman momentarily before asking "I take it you could not help but hear that?".
  9. Long glanced around the Throne taking in all of Kerli's emotional outburst. A large Kidney shaped burn mark in the grass with many smaller marks around it made up the majority of the damage. Long's spell had worked in stopping the blaze, but it had even dampened the soil making the ground suck at their boots in some places. Long's eyes widened when Kerli responded with Revenge. "My dear, you are a shaman." He exclaimed in a matter of fact tone. "We do not seek Revenge, merely Justice. An equal reaction must be made for every action. Be it emotional, physical, or Elemental. You must strive for balance in all things, young shaman." He preached with sincerity. Long studied the young Draenei's face for a moment before continuing. "Your father can no longer pass judgement upon you. If you looked around you would see you are with people that accept you for everything that you are." He said almost tenderly. Long took another step closer to Kerli "Do not let any Element of your life control you because you are a shaman, and shamans control the Elements.". A slight look of concern passed across the Pandaren's face as he let his words sink in.
  10. Long thought he could almost hear his heart break as the small fires ignited around Kerli. He kicked his Cloud Serpent forward and was quickly upon the young shaman in moments. He leaped from his Serpent to the ground below and then quickly adjusted his armor and staff. As he looked up the small fires had begun to grow together. Long quickly pulled out a medium-sized aqua blue totem, placed it firmly in the ground in front of him, and began to chant quietly with his eyes closed. As Long stopped chanting, his eyes snapped open glowing a bright aqua blue, and his totem began to pulse violently. The air around the Throne rapidly began to moisten as the humidity in the area rose, and as it rose Kerli's fire would slowly sizzle to nothing. The last of the fire went out and the totem stopped pulsing though the humidity would remain for a few minutes after. Everything within the Throne was moist and the Fire Elemental Incineratus was no where to be seen, though Long knew very well where he was. Long began to look around and once locating Kerli, slowly began approaching the young Draenei. Long spoke out "Kerli ..... Can you hear me? What .... ". Long sighed heavily as too many of his own questions rendered him speechless. With a final sigh he simply asked "What happened, my dear?"
  11. High above the Throne, Long sat atop his Cloud Serpent, carefully observing his fellow shaman and Redblade. Long knew first hand you can not teach a shaman, merely give them the tools to learn. After their last encounter Long knew his warning to the young shaman struck home, but he worried she may do something out of fear of losing control. So atop his Cloud Serpent he sat, waiting to douse the inferno he feared would consume his fellow Redblade and close friend.
  12. Long watched as the corpse smoked and fell to the ground, with all life gone. Long began to smile as Kerli took her place beside him. He leaned close to the young shaman and quietly exclaimed "Remember that these people were once dear friends to the Redblades. End it quickly and give them the peace they deserve." Long then turned his attention back to the once citizens and with a heavy heart started charging another bolt.
  13. Longdang smiled slightly as Tuuroto finished his speech, then sighed as he walked towards a rather large pile of stones. Long knelt before the pile and tapped lightly on the top rock. Two large glowing amber spheres ignited as the stones began to move and take shape. Suddenly a large Earth Elemental stood before Long and behind it a small pulsing green Earth Totem. Long began to growl as he heard the garbled cry and the Elemental slammed its fists together. Long launched as powerful bolt of Lightning as the Elemental rumbled forward as it charged at the Undead.
  14. Full Name: Long Dang Nicknames: Long Date of Birth: Forgotten Age: 32 Race: Pandaren Gender: Male Hair: Black and White Skin: Furry Eyes: Electric Blue Height: 7', 9" Weight: 380 lbs Place of residence: soon to be Surwich, Blasted Lands Place of Birth: Zouchan Strand, Kun-Lai Known Relatives: Deceased Religion/Philosophy: Elemental Lords Occupation: Combat Healer Group/Guild affiliation: Order of the Redblade Guild Rank: Lieutenant Enemies: Unknown to exist Likes: Meditating, Fishing, Drinking, and Relaxing with his fellow Redblades Favorite Foods: Fish Favorite Drinks: Jug of Badlands Bourbon Favorite Colors: Ocean Blue Weapons of Choice: Staff Dislikes: Horde (especially Forsaken) Hobbies: Fishing Physical Features: Tall, wearing Light Blue armor with a rather Large Belly Special Abilities: Group Healing Positive Personality Traits: Very friendly and welcoming Negative Personality Traits: Extreme hostility towards Horde Misc. Quirks: Unknown Played by What Famous Person: N/A Theme Songs: N/A History: Long Dang comes from a small fishing village that once stood on the Zouchan Strand, northeast of the Kun-Lai Mountain. When he was little he was taught fishing by his father and hunting by his mother, while his grandfather did the cooking. Everything was good until one day while out hunting with his sister. They were suddenly ambushed by a group of four Forsaken scouts. Though Long was lucky enough to escape, his sister wasn't as such. Long ran back to the village and warned the villagers of a possible attack. They waited all day and night, but the group of Forsaken never showed up again. almost a week later an Alliance ship asked for permission to beach for supplies. Long spoke to the crew and found out the identity of his attackers and sisters killers, as well as learning of the Alliance and their cause against these savage monsters. Long purchased passage back to the city known as Stormwind, where he met his mentor Dalga Hammerbeak. She showed him the path towards becoming a shaman and this is where Long learned of his prowess in water magic. During his journey of Elemental Enlightenment, Long came across a certain Draenei who proposed an offer he just simply couldn't resist and he joined the Redblade ranks. Long has now pushed his Elemental Arts to his limits for his Fellow Redblades, and only seeks to push them further.
  15. Long simply shifted his staff into a better position and quickly followed Mason through the portal. The last thing Long wanted to do was miss a chance to protect and defend his fellow Redblades. Long thought for a moment about the beasts Mason mentioned and cared little. He had run into worse, however it was the Horde known to be in the area that he actually hoped tried to interfere. Long was known for his pure hatred for all things Horde, and relished the thought of striking a few down. As Long entered the portal and looked around, he was quite startled and quickly drew his staff. Twenty undead stood around the portal and he was most certainly not expecting an ambush from a new recruit, at least not this soon. Long began to shout "What the fel did you lead us ... ". He then noticed Mason speaking to the Large Armored Skeleton and he quickly calmed down. " .... So this is the team ....." He exclaimed as he replaced his staff on his back. Long slowly made his way over to Mason and asked "So where is this path you speak of?" as he cautiously eyed the rotting crowd around him.