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  1. Zolkor was in a middle of training with the other men when all of the sudden they started heading out. He holds up his hand to stop the sparring when Mason told him to follow him along with another. "Whats going on ? " He whispered to the soldier."Orcs have invaded the blastedlands from the Dark Portal. They are attacking Surwhich. Zolkor nods as they walk through one of mason's portals, It seems he would meet the Redblades again once more.
  2. Zolkor watches as the coffin was lowered by Shadow Magic, he only half listened to the speech , for he was trying to make sense on why a Death Knight would give a funeral to one that wasn't known to him. Especially one that sold her body to the night. Perhaps, its not that he felt it was abnormal as a Death Knight to give such a person a Funeral, but that he had not attended the funerals of his victims or his family whilst he was living. The very idea of a funeral seemed foreign to himself, perhaps he felt the dead felt no comfort in the idea. Although, the teachings of the light told him otherwise, he felt like they would feel more rested after there death was avenged. The Skeletal Soldiers seemed oblivious to the ceremony , they paid no mind to the person and a good handful probably thought about snacking on the corpse afterwards. Zolkor himself was still trying to wrap his head around it . He walked up to Mason and spoke in a soft low voice, " Shall we bury the corpse now?"
  3. Zolkor steps onto the docks near the Exodar , disguising himself with the Black Guard Gem. The soul is really quite useful, It protects him from major damage and keeps his limbs intact. Like his Saronite weapons he could mold the armor with ease to whatever he pleases. He was in a hooded cloak covering his body making himself seem like he is floating as he walks. Many of the Draenei stare at him but don't act. They are waiting for the hooded figure to act, they fear his dark presence means the end of them all. He doesn't make note or gaze upon them. He only goes up to the leader and asked for the name of a particular Draenei. “Can you point me in the direction of Lucord Ad'unn “
  4. Zolkor


    Full Name: Zolkor ??? Nicknames: Twelve, Minion, Zol Date of Birth:?? Age:286 Race: Draenei Gender:Male Hair: Grimy Black Skin: Dark Blue Eyes: Icy Blue Height:8’ 6 Weight:400 lbs. Place of Residence: Ice Crown Place of Birth: Draenor Known Relatives:?? Religion/Philosophy: Before his Death he was a Paladin Of the Light. But his Philosophy differs from what it has in mind. He believes power in all forms should be used , and anyone guilty of breaking any rule should be severely punished. Occupation: In his past, he was a Justicar of Light, enforcing the rules and punishing anyone who Disobeyed them. Now in Death, he acts as a servant to his new master. In hopes that he will lead him to power beyond his Group/Guild Affiliation: His master. Enemies: All who oppose his master or him. Likes: Power, Powerful Weapons, Powerful Allies, Powerful enemies, Punishing Rule breakers, Killing, Pleasing his master, Annoying and teasing those who he deems less powerful than him( Once you proven a challenge this will stop). Favorite Foods: Food Doesn't sate him anymore. Favorite Drinks:Unless it gives him more power, he is not interested. Beverages don't matter anymore. Favorite Colors: Red, Blue, Black, Green, Silver, Purple. Weapons of Choice: Demise (Rune Mace), Corruption(Rune TwoHand Sword) ,Lament (Two hand Rune Axe),Chaos and Disorder (Dual Wield Rune Swords),Anguish (Rune Polearm) Dislikes:Weakness, Improper use of Power(In his terms), People who get in his way, People who get in his way of power, People who think he is weak (When he thinks hes more powerful), Hobbies:Collecting power, Weapon Training, Fighting, Killing, Mortal Combat. Physical Features:A tall Dark Draenei with forehead plate with long black grimy hair. He also has a Spanish Style Mustache and goatee with tendrils underneath . Special Abilities: Unique ability to fight with any weapon (Zolkor is a weapon master, After many years of training he discovered he could use any weapon of choice with ease.) <other abilities to be determined> Positive Personality Traits: Loyal: He is very loyal to anyone he has come to respect , typically those who have power or those who happen to gain his trust. Teacher: His hatred towards weakness has made him unable to refuse anyone who ask to teach them how to be strong. However, even though the training makes them stronger, it is very brutal and not many are determined enough to go through it to the end. Respect For Authority: His respect for power gives him the respect for Authority figures naturally, though not all authority figures he respect. Those he deems weak in his test often lose his respect and never listens to them once they lost it. Determined: His hatred towards weakness makes him more determined than most to do what must be done to become stronger. His quest for more power has started ever since he was a young boy, and has been going since then. Negative Personality Traits: Hatred: He is very hateful of any person who is weak , whiny, or a crybaby. More than often he tends to beat them to the brink of death...Or to death itself... Power Lust: His quest to be stronger and have more power will probably corrupt him to the point of no return. All allies may find themselves hurt or dead if they do not convince him otherwise. Merciless : He shows no mercy to the weak. Simple as that Theme Song(s): Deadmans Party- Oingo Boingo, Through The Fire and Flames -DragonForce, Enter Sandman -Metalica, Welcome Home -Coheed and Cambria , Mr.Crowely -Ozzy Ozzbourne, History: From his homeworld of Draenor to the Crashing of the Exodar, Zolkor has always been a seeker of power and justice. After his death, he came under the command of his Master Altherion who has raised him into Undeath. Even if he wasn't under his control, Zolkor would follow his master anywhere even to his next death. His respect for power and his desire for it follows the commands of Altherion's every word. Now he begins his quest anew , to find more power and become stronger. Little else is known about this new Death Knight, no records of his existence shows up anywhere. Perhaps only time will tell more about this mysterious Draenei.
  5. Zolkor sighs as his master and the ship was dragged down by a giant Arcane elemental. 'Now that is just bad luck...' He sighs to himself, but he wasn't worried. His master should be fine, he sensed a larger power in him then some silly Arcane Familiar . Still, he was going to have to occupy his time his time somehow now that he was missing. He looked towards the last standing ship, considering his options of killing everyone on board. He was about to head towards the ship when a familiar skull taps his hoof. The skull gazes at his master , "Hello master, I've done all I can...I am sorry." The Death Knight picks up the skull and sighs, "You are weak...I cannot tolerate weakness." He considered his options of wether or not he should toss the skull away. Without his master around, he was going to need all the allies he could get until he shows up again, and he did not know where the other 10 minions could be. "But weakness can be redeemed. Are you willing to go through my training?" The skull attempts to nod, only realizing he has no neck to do so. "Yes master, you are most merciful." He chuckles at the skull calling him master and merciful. He waves a hand to open a Death Gate and walks on through , "Now lets find you a body..."
  6. Zolkor gazes upon the soulstone, the energy emitting from it seduced him with its dance . He walked slowly towards it and picked it up, and observed it carefully . Without thinking , the Death Knight took out his Runeblade and looking at both the weapon and the stone. He crushed the stone and a blast of dark energy poured outward as the runeblade absorbed its power till its last bit of power. The blade glowed purple momentarily and Zolkor's eyes flashed briefly. He shakes his head to snap out of his daze, remembering what he was set out to do and continued to walk again.
  7. In the off chance that this Server does not get any help that is needed. It is nice to have a handy dandy Petition lying around , don't you agree?
  8. Official Forums? Im not sure what you are talking about but I did manage to post this on the General Discussions page. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/12506212164?page=1#0 Apparently Petitions are no no with blizz though...I had to make an entire new website that didn't have the petition so they can't remove it for that reason.
  9. First step, posted the server merge petition onto the WoW Page in hopes everyone will sign it.
  10. Q. My realm needs connecting, why isn’t it listed? A. The connections listed are the phases we’ve currently finalized and have planned connection dates or estimates available for. Additional connections are possible, but they just haven’t reached that stage yet. We’ll be updating the realm connection list as phases complete and new phases are planned. Twisting nether isn't listed anywhere there.
  11. I heard rumors that the server merge was not going to happen. So Just be prepared.
  12. Caelunn spots a flaming piece of Debris made from the cannon fire. As the bear launched at him, only one thought occured in his mind.'Obey Master's Order, to the death.' He grabbed the fire and tossed the flame at the barrels. Igniting the powder and engulfing the Skeleton in flames followed by an explosion.
  13. Caelunn attempts to sidestep from the beast only to have his peg leg hit a crack launching himself away from the beast crashing into a few barrels of gun powder. He sits himself up as he sees the beast take a huge chunk out of the wood. Had he gotten a hold of his arm the battle would have ended. He tries to scramble to get up , but the barrels and his lack of a real leg has him fumbling getting Gunpowder all over the Skeleton. The Druid shattered the remaining wood pieces in his mouth and made way towards the the Undead Warrior. He scoped his surroundings for anything he could use .
  14. As the bear yanked his claw Caelunn's leg bone snapped off caushing him to kneel down hissing at the druid. He pulls himself up from the railings leaning on his sword. He raises his sword and smashes the railing shattering many pieces of wood allowing them to scatter on the deck. After he picks up a piece of it he attaches it to the now splintered bone . Making some adjustments the Skeleton stands up-right with the blade over his shoulder. He points at the Druid turning his hand over to wiggle his finger to signal him to come forward.
  15. Show your friends! Have them show your friends friends! Show your family! LETS DO THIS! http://www.thepetitionsite.com/571/258/621/demand-a-server-merge-for-twisting-nether/