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  1. I'm so disappointed that the Twisting Nether realm seems to be down at this time. I can't log on, so I can't attend the event. I'll see you in-game when and if this tavern night event happens, or at the next one, if it's cancelled by the technical issues.
  2. Hi. I was wondering if there would be any interest in a moderated philosophical debate set up in the game. The topic might be something like, "is what we see and sense really what is real?" or "does the light exist because we believe in it, or do we believe in it because it exists?" I don't know, perhaps it's silly. But the idea would be to have it set up like a real debate, with a timer and a moderator and rebuttals and question-and-answers, that sort of thing. Just sort of putting out feelers to see if there is any interest, and whether or not it would be a good idea for an RP event.
  3. I'm trying to decide which RP addons, if any, I should install. So, I'd like to find out which are the most popular and widely-used. There's a poll; please reply with a list of addons that you use and whether or not any of the poll options apply. I may have missed or forgotten or overlooked some options. Thanks in advance for any advice!