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  1. "Oy wonder which lucky sucker gets t' keep me company fiiirst," Eleven sang as crew members moved to capture it. "But let's not be too hasty. I'll be speaking with the Admiral, remember? I don't answer t' you." It cackled and taunted the draenei as he walked away.
  2. Eleven twisted its head, wide eyes fixing on Rhysta. It briefly jumped back into reality, its expression relaxed. It pushed its jaw forward, sounding out words in a surprisingly calm but condescending manner. "Rose is dead. I am Eleven now." It rolled its head once before eyeing Cyllos and raising its nose at him. "I said parlay."
  3. The girl flailed at Cyllos in an attempt to escape, sputtering the same nonsense and calling for her master. Its neck was lined with very small holes, likely from constant prodding of needles, and there was a rune crudely etched into the back of its neck. If this were the Captain, it wasn't acting like her.
  4. Eleven flipped up its head and hissed at Cyllos. The dark circles under its eyes described a person that hadn't slept in two weeks. The smell of undeath surrounded the minion, but the lack of magic in its eyes and the way they stared right into Cyllos' showed the life in them. The dark and grime, fierce expression, and baring teeth made this person nearly unrecognizable for a second, but with a hard look Cyllos would know this person... ...the young Gilnean woman with the love of dogs.
  5. Eleven tried to slap away Cyllos, snarling out some gibberish before he was able to take hold of its saronite helm and remove it. Long, dark, maroon-tinted, matted hair fell in front of its dirty face. Despite the armor and looks, one could tell this person was alive. It hid its face and looked away, shaking violently. "Fff-friends no fff-hope no kshhh-kill! Master!"
  6. Eleven, trapped in the whirlwind, dropped its weapon and spun a few times, trying to gather its footing. As the winds blew out, it shook outs its dizzy head and raised its arms. "Parlay."
  7. Eleven only needed one look at Longdang's elemental before it decided to find cover in the chaos. As it stepped back, clutching its chest, ready to throw another smoke bomb, it felt the energy drawing away. Its lesser undead comrades began to fall one-by-one around it. It turned to see its master drawing in the power. The next few events happened in a slow-motion to Eleven, one which it could not control, until that moment of calm where the elemental held the dreadship in its grip. Without regard for the shaman or his elemental, Eleven dropped its long blade and moved to the edge of the ship to dart back across the harpoon chains, but the connection snapped as the harpoon was stripped from the Redblade hull. The portal closed. It could not save its master. It gripped the rail; its main hand had been scorched raw from Longdang grabbing it, a hole in the glove showing bits of the red and white burned flesh. A thought prodded the back of its mind which turned into a realization. Eleven was the only one left, surrounded by Redblades and allies. The sound of a scraping blade now echoed in the quiet as Eleven prepared to defend itself. "Alone."
  8. Eleven rolled across the deck from the force of the knock-back, finally stopping and groaning a few yards away. It turned its head and stared at Longdang through the smoke as it cleared. The poison was working. While not enough to kill the meaty pandaren, it seemed to be enough to keep him down for a final blow. Eleven was determined, slowly pushing itself to its knees then up to its feet. It hunched over and staggered forward, still clutching its chest. Its free hand felt around its legs before reaching over pulling the larger blade from its back. It didn't reply, only basked.
  9. Eleven circled around. It knew that the shaman could too easily recover from any minor wound it dealt. The situation called for a different approach. The dagger that gleamed through the smoke was coated in a poison - one that would enter his system even if Longdang could close his wounds. Eleven leapt towards him and thrust its dagger in hopes it would sink into his flesh. It took a risk; the poison wouldn't set in before he could counter.
  10. Eleven raised its arms to block its face from Longdang's lightning, but it didn't help against the shock. The armor on its arms was scorched on impact, then the creature froze in place. Ripples of electricity coursed through its body, the effect multiplied by the metal in Eleven's mail armor. It tensed up to the point of losing the ability to move for the second. The lightning left as quickly as it came. Once free to move again, Eleven was sluggish. It held a hand to its chest and growled at Longdang. Its other hand threw down a smoke bomb as it attempted to Shadowstep behind the shaman, but the aftereffects of the lightning kept it from fully entering the shadows. The bomb hissed and filled the area with a thick smoke that would be difficult to see or breathe in. Even despite this, Eleven moved closer to Longdang with a dagger drawn between them, trying to stay out of sight as it knew it may not last another direct hit.
  11. Eleven rose from behind one of the massive harpoons on the upper deck as lightning shattered undead around it. It leaned over the contraption then threw its weight back, yanking the lever. The large chained hunk of saronite launched through the air and pierced another hole into the hull of the ship across the way. A whistle later, groups of undead were cranking the chains back. Eleven climbed atop the harpoon until they were taught, eyeing the cause of the lighting. The Redblades would feel the ship aching and moving again. The gap between the two was closing - close enough to soon board. If the Redblades looked over the side to see the cause of this, they would find Eleven sprinting across the twisting chains. The agile creature flipped up onto the deck of the Redblade ship and swung a fan of throwing knives in Longdang's general direction.
  12. Eleven stood, arms crossed, near the harpoon that dragged in the enemy ship. Upon seeing the red sails punch through the thick fog, it knelt behind the rail at the edge of the dreadship among the others. It examined the ship from between the bars it grasped. There was no surprise the Redblades decided to come even despite its warning. Eleven contemplated each person on the other ship. They have all turned against you. It clawed the bars when its eye caught the former captain. She was here, but the Admiral? Then, there was the elf in the lifeboat. Eleven leaned closer and squinted. None of the others made motion to join her. Suicide. Eleven kept its weapons sheathed and hidden; this was no threat. She would easily be shot down there in the water. It turned sharply, pushing away the lessers as it crawled, ducking around the web-like rigging. It took to the shadows. You will be alone in the end.
  13. The mail armored minion was hovering over one of the other workers near the cannons. It raised its head as it heard the command and turned around to glare through its helm at the man swinging from the mast. With little hesitation in a show of agility, Eleven took hold of a nearby ratline and climbed its way up. Its feet hooked onto the intertwining ropes as it crawled along the net with ease. It grew excited - a spider that had captured something in its web. When it was finally in reach of the captive, it playfully pushed him with its gloved hand, causing the man to swing and spin. The chains cut even deeper from this motion. The world spun around him. There were the icy waters, hanging bodies, a snowy cliff, dark skies, a face. Each time he made a full circle, Eleven leaned closer. He began to spin the other direction from the tension in his binds, but was stopped suddenly. His nose was touching Eleven's helm, and cold iron sunk into his chest. He could hear it whispering something, but everything faded. Eleven wiped its dagger on the dangling corpse and inspected the others like it. With a nod, it climbed most the way down the mast's rope then jumped the last few feet to the deck. It would wait a few moments for any acknowledgement or command before getting back to its previous tasks.
  14. Redblade Admiral Tuuroto, In a recent affront against my lord, two of your captains have attempted an invasion of his privacy. As such, they have been punished. My master is not one to hide, so if you still wish to instigate, his ship will be waiting off the northern coast of Icecrown. Eleven
  15. A pop and hiss was heard coming from the top of the stairs inside. Guards waved and coughed as they tried to see through the smoke bomb. Eleven was attempting to stall them long enough for Altherion to summon his gate. It did its best to not be seen and payed little mind to the worgen so close to its master. It knew by the red staining his fur that he shouldn't and wouldn't give reason to stick around either.