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  1. Cyllos looks to his radio upon his Cybernetic Arm. Chatter on all channels speak of the Iron Horde appearing from the Dark Portal, in mere hours the radio shouts of the Orcs taking over Nethergarde Keep. He stands outside of the Inn waiting for the attacks to migrate to Surwich. As the civilians began to evacuate, the Iron horde march to the village with there cannons and mass army of orange-red Orcs. Many others join him outside to form a flank to protect from the attacks. The battle of surwich would begin soon.
  2. Cyllos looks around at the Destruction that is Surwhich. The destruction caused by Altherion was almost as worse as he imagined. Every destroyed building and every slayed civilian made his heart sank with guilt. More blood , more death. He was starting to wonder if he will ever be free of his guilt. As Tuuroto planted the seed, the words echoed in his mind, "New hope". Yes, hope is what is needed to push forward. He must have hope that he will redeem himself for the destruction that Altherion has caused. He sighs after a while and walks up to the admiral . "what would you have me do admiral? "
  3. Cyllos sighs at the death portal, he has been through one before. It was not pleasant at all. Then Again, this portal doesn't lead to icecrown but it still gives him chills. He sighs and walks on through the portal , he was greeted by Long and Mason and several undead entities before him. Instinct kicked in and he drew his axe. "Are all the Undead really necessary for this exhibition?" He spoke to Mason. "Something about being surrounded by undead seems like a bad idea..."
  4. So guys, I've just watched this Anime called Sword Art Online on Netflix. Yeah Im one of those people, but anyways let me tell you the plot. So the story is about this guy who wants to escape reality by diving into a virtual reality MMO. This mmo is played by connecting to the internet on a Computer Hardware that uses your brain to control the character in the game. Interesting right? Well plot twist, the story continues when players find out that they cannot log out of the game. At first everyone thought it was a bug, but they soon learned that the whole function of the game was to trap you inside and put you in this death game of Sword Art Online. If you die once in the game, you died in reality. Spooky thought you may think, and yes the thought of that ever happening is horrifying. But as I got into the story, it made me think of how players online interact and find solace in other players that they befriend in the game. When faced with death, they all tried to beat the game to save everyone and they all really cared about each other within the game. Now its true these are extreme circumstances, but the thought is still touching and made me reminisce the old days of the twisting nether server. Of how I met many people online that I have come to call as friends even though we may have not met in Real Life. So enough of my blabbering, I just thought I would share this awesome story that can be found on netflix with you guys. It makes you think, and it certainly has me day dreaming myself as all of my characters as if I could move them like I could with my own body. I would imagine RP would be very spectacular if the game was played that way.
  5. Cyllos had just arrived at the docks on his motor bike, as he stepped off he waved his hand over a gem on the front which seemed to have ported it to a preset destination. "Good day Admiral and fellow Redblades." He walked up to the admiral who was standing near Mason the leader of this exhibition. As he the admiral on the back he smiled cheerfully, " Going to fix our ship soon! " He shouted full heartedly. The Redblades hadn't noticed him, but Cyllos had been nearby near the top keeping watch on the them , noticing the seriousness that surrounded them. Hopefully, this trip could bring them out of this funk of brooding and help release tensions . After all, everyone has a breaking point and it should not happen this trip. He leans in to whisper to the admiral , after a brief talk with him he nods and pats him on the back. Then he turns to Mason to discuss the plans, " So I am to understand that we are heading to Grizzly Hills to get some lumber to repair the ship. While that is good and all, will there be any side tasks that need to be done? "
  6. Cyllos finally finished his book, or his short story...Whatever it was something to explain things if anything ever happens to him. He suspects that things have became much more dangerous recently, and if he does fall...Well, he doesn't want the wrong people to be suspected. A few weeks ago, rose was evil, Ark became a Death Knight, and he killed Altherion after he was summoned back from the realm of solitude that Tuuroto placed him in. Many things have changed, and it seemed to be laid out too perfectly. He kept getting this feeling in his gut that Altherion was still alive. That somehow he cheated death, or more terrifying, He became death itself. Anything was possible with the man really. He sighs as he writes on the front 'If Cyllos is dead, this will explain Zolkor.' He shakes his head, this was way to weird for him to be writing this. He can't foresee himself dying yet, there were to many things he needed to do before he died. After all, he is just 283 years old. He had goals, ideas, missions. Perhaps, eventually he will find another to love. If people stopped trying to kill each other for long enough. He sighs again, hiding the book in a chest and locks it with a gem. He heads outside of the ship shaking his head. “When did everything turn to shit. Eh Zolkor?” Cyllos spoke to no one, but the wind
  7. When Altherion came through the portal in his theatrical entrance he had formed from his follower's body, Cyllos gave out the order through his radio, " Do it now!" All of the Light Wielders outside and inside the cathedral had started charging the light from their bodies into the holy ground, noticeably the light had taken effect on Altherion. Cyllos lifted his axe to charge at altherion, but before he even got close to him ark was slain to the ground. He shouted, "ARK!" He looked at rose and then to altherion. At first glance he figured Rosepha had betrayed the redblades all over again, but somehow she managed to fight Altherion's call. He attempted to charge at him again but a gunshot shot at him next. Everything was happening so fast and oddly effectively, it made cyllos Head spin and confused him. He decided from that after his vision went blurry from so many emotions to take time and recollect himself. He kneeled down and charged the light into the ground beneath him, giving the extra push for Eve to slay the beast. It was done, they had slain the evil that tainted so many lives and given him so much strife . When he looked up he saw Ark seemingly alive, or...No, it seems ark was raised into undeath. He got up from his kneeling position and attempted to check on him of his well being. But in no time at all, he put on Altherion's armor and dashed through the door keeping everyone away from him. It now made sense to him, ark had turned into a Death Knight. Cyllos sighed rubbing his face , on one hand there were still two possible Death Knights out there. The other, they had killed Altherion once and for all. Or did they? He couldn't shake this odd feeling that he had missed something important, how did ark raise into Undeath? Who shot the gun? And most importantly, why did that went way better than expected? Perhaps he was disappointed on who slew his old Friend, but he felt something in his gut that was telling him that was way to easy for someone who gave them so much trouble. One way or another, Altherion Dead or incapacitated. He knew one thing for sure, this wasn't the end of this. Far from it, this was only just the beginning, and Cyllos had a feeling that they were all going to be in this hell for much longer . And he opened the gates.
  8. Cyllos looked upon the fine collection of Paladins and Priest among them. A portion of them being Draenei, as Cyllos Requested. He had no doubts of the faith of the other paladins in the squadron, but he felt that his people were the best among their belief in the light in his opinion. He raises his voice over them, " Alright , I want you all to be on your guard. I shall keep the Death Knight at bay, everyone here shall be the last line of defense in case I fail. If things go sour, and they most likely will, you are to do your best to either destroy him, or push him out of the city." He gazes at the Light Users, " This man has killed many innocents, and many of our brothers of the light. No matter what happens, he must pay for his crime. But above all else, your safety comes before his demise. Is that clear?" Squadron shouts in agreement . He nods at them and heads inside the cathedral. He looks among the people inside, he nods to Ark to signal that he was satisfied with this plan. Before he gave the command to start the ritual, his eyes fell upon rosepha and his determined grin fell to a frown. He shook his head," Admiral, begin the ritual." He unsheathe his axe and puts on his helmet, he was giving no chances.
  9. Cyllos sighs at everyone's confused look and lack of ideas to help with the situation. He turns to rose not being able to look at her face, "Take her to the brig. " He said softly. When everyone exchanged glances as he said this he barked, "Now!" He went up to rose close to her face shaking his head. " We will decide what to do with you when we get to land. But as for this moment, till further notice, you are no longer captain. Take her away, and someone keep guard. Ill go check on the Admiral. " He walks towards the cabin trying to get away from the scene as soon as possible. The fact that Altherion has ruined another life has deepened the wounds of guilt that held heavy within his heart. To think they were once friends. He even considered him a brother in arms, but it seems the Alth he knew was gone. He knocked on the captains door, "Admiral. We need to talk."
  10. Cyllos noticed the the rune in Rose's neck. "Anyone know what the fel that thing in her neck is?" Cyllos looks around in hopes of seeing anyone with a knowledge for magic.
  11. Stops searching for an answer to his question when he realizes who he was looking at. "Wait...Yo-." He groans and slaps his forehead. "It was you! It all makes sense now! " Looks upon the young...Dead? he was not sure if she was dead or not. But it was definately her. "What the hell happened to your Rose?"
  12. Cyllos looks around to find that the Dreadship was gone and along with Altherion. He scowls a bit and sighs, "Your master isn't here, He has..." He tries to look around to see what has happened since he was blown off the ship. "Disintergrated? Where is the ship? What happened?"
  13. Cyllos sighs at the person inside the whirlwind. "Well he said Parlay, I suppose we should have him see the Admiral..." He walks towards the person, "But first...Lets see what is under this mask, shall we?" Cyllos pulls off the mask.
  14. Cyllos swam up to the surface after the huge explosion of the plague barrels sent him flying into the sea. The shock of the blast and the feeling of his body smacking into the freezing cold water temporarily knocked the Paladin unconscious. After a no more than 3 minutes under the water , the Draenei looked up and attempted to swim to the surface. He found himself at the Redblades ship and climbed up to the deck. His armor was shattered. His glove, shoulder and helmet were all missing and the rest had large cracks outside of the set. A combination of quick thinking and his armor kept the paladin from suffering a fate worse than death. Right as the blast ignited the paladin threw up a bubble shield which shortly dissipated from hitting some ice. He let out a big sigh when he was welcomed by a bear was chasing after a goblin, who appeared to be unable to defend herself for some strange reason. He waved his hand in front of him and let out a Judgement towards the bear's Head , "Down Boy!"
  15. Cyllos glared at the Behemoth holding his sword upwards trying to sense the creature's next attack. Thinking he had waited long enough, he charged at the beast shooting an exorcism towards its face as he runs at the monster. Hopefully distracting the beast he charged up his blade with the light and launched himself at its legs. He swung in a full 360 degrees shouting , "Die!"