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    The sounds of heavy footsteps from outside the hut caused him to wake, rolling out of bed and stretching as high as the roof would allow. stepping outside, his blue skin glowed with a sliver light from the moon, the winds of Winterspring carried sounds for miles, a perfect natural defense from unwanted guests. On the doorframe to his right, several daggers made their rest. The troll pulled two from their crude sheathes and crouched low, taking in the crunching sounds of someone approaching from afar. The sound was too forced, intentional, familiar; a wolf, a big wolf, carrying someone weighted with armor. He rose with a grin on his face, and walked toward the approaching rider. "Look, i know you know who it was, but you should have at least put on some leathers.." Vilmah eyed him with a battle-warn frown, looking him over from head to toe. "Ida put on sometin if it wernt ya, I'd 'tought ya be likin dis a bit betta." He grinned and helped his mate down from her warg, "An besides," he continued. "It aint da arma dat been keepin me alive dis long." He adjusted her heavy shoulder armor. "Dats what yo be fo." Vilmah let out a short laugh and strode past the troll toward the hut. "Got another one for you. Better get it done before the morning sun, this one likes to move around." She reached into a bag on her side and pulled out a folded piece of paper, holding it up for him to retrieve. He snatched it from her hand , opening it to read the contents. "'orde, 'orde. Always da 'orde now a'days....." Vilmah sighed. "It's getting harder for outside ties to give us names. We want people to come to us for help, but they can't know that WE are the hel-" "Ya ya ya, ah been on Azarot' just da same as ya. But ahm tellin ya, we coul jus go see Vol-" Vilmah grunted, "We've been over this. At least you are able to enjoy this horrid cold, but you were right for us to stay low after we were driven out." He sneered in disgust "Traitahs....traitahs. Now dats da pot callin da kettle black!" Nojinbu walked into the hut and towards a fireplace with a dying fire, grabbing a metal rod and stoking it back to life, then grabbed his eye patch and armor from the mantle before him. "Get mah poisons. Ahl be needin' dem dis time."
  2. <p>Also, might as well post in the forums, a lot of people are saying only one server at launch and all that, so give us some light.</p>

    <p>And post a guild site.</p>

  3. <p>Hello my friend.</p>

    <p>Blades awating, we rolling opposite order on Phoenix Throne or whatever it is?</p>

  4. this was from X-mas, when I get my camera working I'll post one with my new car, whoot no rust box!
  5. Nojinbu finally arrived at the guild hall, he paused just outside at the sound of Vilmah yelling. "Ah mon, what be 'apenin nah..." Hes eye caught a stranger in front of the hall, he hailed the newcomer.
  6. A large dagger embedded into the door of Sacred Fire's guildhall holds a message. "To a guild leader that cannot control their troops, I come to you giving you a final chance. Several of your soldiers choose to aggravate any member of the horde possible, if you follow your leader of the alliance as you say, you would be well aware of the treaty that holds us both in allegiance with each other for the greater good. Your actions shame your leader's sacrifices, and the lost in battle. As the Inquisitor I am placed under the war chiefs order to uphold the treaty of Azeroth, and any whom so choose to stray from the path shall face judgment. It would be wise to begin leading your troops toward respect and honor. If you continue the path you take currently, your numbers will dwindle, any traitors of the treaty will be passed to judgment. We will not go to war with you, there is no war with the condemned, only execution. This is not a threat, sometimes people need to see where the path leads, before they choose another. Signed, Legionnaire Nojinbu the Frostbite, Inquisitor of Sanctuary. P.S Here is your Priest's spit back, I advise you educate her to keep it in her mouth." On the bottom of the parchment there is a smudge mark.
  7. I did it at work. =D --Vil
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    Nojinbu smiled at his daughter. He then stood up and stepped out of the room, making himself scarce.
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    Nojinbu let a smile creep out at Rosette's happiness. "Sa, Why din ya jus say ya be 'ere fa dat, eh?" he looked vilmah. "An why din ya say 'e was ta be expected?" Nojinbu sighed and flopped into a chair.
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    He held his tongue.
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    To have someone enter his home with cold remarks kept his face stern, even when he was his wife which such happiness about her. He planned in his head, thinking to himself as his eye darted about the orc. *shoulder plates detach from the chest piece at the joint. Bicep armor and forearm armor stop at the elbow. Chain mail stops a blade from the hip, but the hamstrings and the back of the knees are exposed. His head.....his head is clear for attack.* Nojinbu waited for a clear sign of his intentions. His actions up till now have been...Questionable.
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    Nojinbu walked just enough inside to let Bloodscream and Niethan in. When everyone was inside, he would shut the door and arm the trap once more.
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    Nojinbu sighed at Bloodscream. His theatrics have been seen and boasted time and time again to the troll by many people. "Ah pray dat day nevah comes, Vil would be vey 'eartbroken, an ya wouldn scream fa long." Nojinbu turned to the door, knocking on it. "Disarm da door, Vil. Blood be comin in!"
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    Nojinbu frowned at the orc. "Its been a long day, Blood. Da us ahll a favah an just ansah me what ah be askin, Ya be comin as friend 'o foe?" He reached up with one hand and rubbed behind his eyepatch. "an keepin ya 'and ahll secretly tucked away ain makin ya look like a friend at da moment."
  15. Nojinbu


    Nojinbu came to the front door, looking through the peep-hole. He saw Bloodscream sifting through something in his bags. Nojinbu unclipped a strap holding in his daggers and opened the door, he stepped out and armed the booby-trap to the main entrance before closing it behind him. The troll spoke up to get his attention. "Whatcha be needin, mon? Ah believe enough a ya grim be tellin us 'ow dey feel, many bringin quite a bit a saddness ta mah wife. Many a dese people been Vil's friends, be ya wishin ta get in line ta?"