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  1. Full Name: Aureliya Raindawn Titles or Nicknames: Inquisitor Age: Young adult Race: Sin'Dorei Gender: Female Hair: White blonde Eyes: Green Height: Average Weight: Average Notable Physical Features: Small curved scar on her right cheekbone Place of residence: Orgimmar Place of Birth: Silvermoon Known Relatives: Jessina Raindawn, Mother Occupation: Tailor/enchanter Guild Rank: Dreadweaver Known Nemesis: Ranavos Abner Positive Personality Traits: Although she is not the most skilled of fighters, she nearly always will drop what she is doing to assist others when asked for help. Negative Personality Traits: Can come across cold and distant. History Before The Grim: Aureliya Raindawn grew up in Eversong Woods. Her father was killed several years ago by a group of Alliance humans that were attacking Silvermoon. Her mother is not in the best of health, and she sometimes travels back home to care for her. History In The Grim: Aureliya joined The Grim roughly two years ago. She used to accompany the guild on the weekly patrols of Tol Barad, and later fought on the battlegrounds alongside the Pillagers while they were being led by Kailei. For a short time, she also joined in on the assaults of Mogu'Shan Vaults with the Drunken Oxes. Since she has taken the title of Inquisitor, Aureliya has mostly retired to Orgimmar and focuses most of her time on guiding the Supplicants. Although, she does join in on patrols of the Barrens and other territories when she is able.
  2. "Dreadweaver, where does tonight's patrol begin?" "We will set out from Stonard." "Very well." The voices of Durma and Malanath crackled across the goblin communication device carried by all Grim, signaling that it was once again time to gather and patrol the lands. The location varied each week- but the purpose always remained the same. To protect those that were too weak to fight against those that would prey on the defenseless. And to remind the Alliance who The Grim were, and what their Mandate stood for. Peace Through Annihilation. And to see the Grim tabard was to see their death. "Those that wish to join in tonight's march, now is the time." "I will meet you just outside Stonard." Aureliya Raindawn spoke into her communicator. Standing in the Valley Of Honor, she reached into her reagent pouch and found what she was looking for. Her eyes half closed and she rubbed her thumb slowly across the portal stone, whispering a chant under her breath. The air in front of her shimmered, slowly coming into focus to reveal a portal that would lead into Stonard, within the Swamp Of Sorrows. "If anyone else wishes to join, speak up. We are capable of summoning those that need it." "Gadu, the Mandate demand that you join us here." "What are you doing my brother?" "We patrol the Swamp Of Sorrows, in defense of the weak, and to whet our appetites for blood." "Valindria, what of you?" "I will be there as soon as I am done with this mercenary work." "So be it." The voices continued to carry across the communication device, as more Grim gathered to join the March. One by one, they disappeared through the portal. "Gadu, what occupies you this eve?" "I will join your march, and a summon would be appreciated." Stepping through the portal herself, Aureliya joined her Brothers and Sisters in the Swamp Of Sorrows, where already preparations were underway for the patrol. Weapons were checked, armor secured and blessings applied. The air seemed charged with excitement as The Grim set out on foot, ready to sate their thirst for violence and Alliance blood. Arriving first in The Harborage, they met little resistance. Cutting down everything in their path, within minutes the small outpost was still and silent- left in ruins from the swift and brutal attack. Seeking more of a challenge, the patrol ventured east towards Marshtide Watch, where the Alliance held a stronger military presence. The outcome was largely the same. Although the soldiers fought back relentlessly, the fire and destruction rained down on them from The Grims death dealers and the fury of their vanguards proved to be too much, and soon the ground was muddy with the blood of the fallen. Before departing, the patrol took the opportunity to board an Alliance ship at the dock. Taking a leisurely break and enjoying some rum, before looting the vessel of anything of value and leaving it in flames, as they set out towards Lakeshire. Their attack on the peaceful town nestled within the hills of Redridge was particularly brutal. Word had began to spread that The Grim were coming, and most of the civilians had taken refuge in the basement of one of the buildings. It didn't take long to storm the city, and seek out every human hiding inside. Eager to fight more worthy adversaries, Durma and Malanath led the group on foot through Elwynn Forest, knowing full well that the local defenses would have alerted Stormwind by now, where more powerful enemies would be gathering forces for a counter attack. The Grim marched directly into the heart of Goldshire, which they held for several minutes as wave after wave of Alliance attempted to force them out. It was quite some time before their numbers were eventually overwhelmed, and they were pushed back into Westfall. Despite being driven out at the end, the night was considered a success and filled with savage brutality, and they represented The Mandate well, after cutting a bloody swath through the heart of Alliance territory.
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