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  1. I'm sorry I didn't come back to reply sooner. I think the issue was actually Spy. I decided I would check on Swatter when re-entering the game, and the last error to happen that day was "Spy", right before I crashed. So you're right, it wasn't TRP2 causing it. I'm actually re-updating to 1018 now. I'll definitely trying that test when I load back into the game. Sorry for being so much of a bother, but I love to know how it all works together. It's actually pretty interesting. So thanks for the explanation!
  2. So, I wanted to do a quick update and say that I am now getting that error every time I log in and after some testing, I think it's actually causing my game client to freeze/lock up/crash when switching instances. I'm going to go back to a previous version for now.
  3. I'm getting this now whenever I log in. I have tried to reinstall TRP2 and yet still get this:
  4. Okay, well I'm glad I'm not losing my mind and that these things are there. I'll actually try a full re-install of it and see if any of it disappears (like the green blocks). I'll just save my information before I do so. I look forward to using whatever forums you get up. I really like this addon and want to help bug test whatever I can.
  5. Thank you so much for updating this addon. I'm actually an Emerald Dream player, but I came on here to let you know that I think you're awesome for taking over this project. That being said, I wanted to mention that I have the same issue as Euphorine, with the green color. But the more annoying bug I came to report, in case you wanted to have a look is that if I have the map open and I'm moving, it says, "You can't do that while moving!" It doesn't prevent me from moving or anything, but the red error appears EVERY time and it is the most annoying thing. For some reason, Error Filter addon won't even remove it. I actually went through and ticked off every addon, logging in and out, until I found the culprit and it's TRP2. Anyhow, great job and thanks again for taking it on!