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  1. Rhysta pauses, and looks at the reporter. “Kolgarn Cindergut? Yes, I met him for the first time in Thousand Needles. He has a nice voice, and is very charming. Attractive, too. I do not understand why he wants us all to look at his rump, however.”
  2. In the following thread, but time and location are not noted. The time is usually 7:30 PM-ish server, the places are each hosting guilds' hall/location. http://wow-tng.org/showthread.php?23498-A-Yet-To-Be-Named-Coalition-of-Guilds/page4 I believe that IS works out of Westbrook Garrison.
  3. I have not been party to the actual torture RP, and would not really care to. (Beryl remained upstairs during whatever transpired in Fenris Keep, last night.) As I posted in the other thread, some of the posts were "cringe-worthy". I did not consider how others may be reading the posts. We all need to remember that some forum members are under 18, or just not interested in gore; and that many players are the same. Even if not directly involved in the RP, they may be within "hearing" distance.
  4. ((! Gripping story, so far. Except for the gory bits - those are cringe-worthy.))
  5. ((I hope it will be a blast, I will be a spectator. I did not buy any of the Costume toys this year.))
  6. Very nice! Wait...your dog didn't bite you? Mine would bite me. Cute stuff.
  7. Beryl, ever watchful, noticed nothing amiss as the caravan traveled north across the Barrens. Once they reached the Alliance hold, and Tuuro received permission for the caravan to camp there, she finally let her guard down. Setting up her bedroll and getting ready to turn in for the night, she then fed and watered her companion. As she turned to re-enter the tent, she felt a sudden pain on the side of her head. Only darkness followed...
  8. ((Dagnabbit! I was using bruiseweed to help heal bruises. >.< ))
  9. Full Name: Beryl Nicknames: Rangari Date of Birth: Unknown Age: 1200+ Race: Draenei Gender: Female Hair: Auburn Skin: Dusky blue Eyes: Sky blue Height: 7’11” Weight: 305 lbs. Place of residence: Nomadic caravan Place of Birth: Nagrand, Draenor (Outland) Known Relatives: Parents and aunts in Nagrand (Outland) Religion/Philosophy: The Light Occupation: Rangarian Alchemist Group/Guild affiliation: Cup and Blade Caravan Guild Rank: Merchant Enemies: Any dishonest person Likes: Animals Favorite Foods: Any type of fish, seafood Favorite Drinks: Wine Favorite Colors: Browns and greens Weapons of Choice: Longbow Dislikes: Traveling by boat, water. Hobbies: Creating toxins and love potions Physical Features: Tall, slender Special Abilities: Extremely observant Positive Personality Traits: She is trying to learn Common. Negative Personality Traits: She does not speak Common well. Theme Songs: “How Fortunate the Man with None” by Dead Can Dance
  10. ((Trying to bring her up to date.))
  11. I have one other comment: I do not think that the people who are not posting on the forums are all doing this intentionally. Some may not be aware. Maybe we can spam RP chat with the addresses to the forums. (TNG and RHS) Here is why: I transferred Beryl to TN from Trollbane-US (PvE). I was looking for RP, I have RP’d for years. It took me over a year of being on TN to find Alliance RP, and that was thanks to Haxa. The player told me about RP chat. From there, I joined Dusk Watch, and then met Tuuroto, and eventually many of you. I learned about TNG while playing Horde side. The point is that this stuff is not well-advertised.
  12. I’m sorry to leave TS so abruptly last night – it was past my bedtime, and I did not want to interrupt the heated debate. We cannot force people to use this forum. GLs even have trouble getting guild members to use a guild website. >.< We can only suggest, and do not want to be exclusionary. We especially cannot force people to use TeamSpeak. TS (and this forum) are not necessary to play WoW, or to RP. Along with the very real threat of being trolled, stalked or harassed, there are people in this world who may have a handicap, or an older computer, or they just do not want to voice chat. We must respect players’ privacy for whatever reason. Here is my suggestion: At the beginning of each meeting, recap what has been decided so far. Including what was decided a month ago. Maybe make a macro? I think that this might go a long way toward relieving some confusion, and help with the fact that not all will use the forums or TS. We do not need a lot of detail, just the basics: (( “We are The Coalition, we have a Code of Conduct, we have Radios for /join TheCoalition, we voted to blah-blah, details are posted at wow-tng.org” )) or something along this line. Also repeat the recap a bit later in the meeting, for latecomers. Some might still not use the forum, but at least they will have more information and knowledge, and hopefully less confusion. And if I missed any RP cues last night, I am sorry. It is hard for me to concentrate on voice, plus Raid, plus RP. Is it assumed that we all received radio units?
  13. Sadly, Tuuroto has been ill for the past week or so, Cup and Blade Caravan has not really had a chance to discuss much. I do agree with the Code of Conduct as stated by Siané, it matches quite a few of our guild rules. Most important is to be respectful. Of course! I have my mic working, I think. I hope it does not echo as much as it does without headphones - I could not find anywhere on the TS website that tells a simple way to fix echo. >.<
  14. At least according to this site: http://www.mmorpg.com/showFeature.cfm/loadFeature/10202/The-Greatest-MMOs-of-All-Time-Number-5-through-1.html/utm_campaign/MMORPG%20Newsletter/utm_source/MMORPG/utm_medium/email/eatrack/%5B%7Cemail%7C%5D,7