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  1. Rykor looked at the rogue as he spat her mouth off to Keraph at first his gaze was a harsh and mean look but as he looked between the two of them it twisted into a creepy grin. Most of the time Rykor's face showed no emotion as if he was just an empty corpse which found delight in bring pain to others. As the young lich began speak of his fathers things Rykor watched him closely and something felt off about the lich wanting to head off out of sight with the female rogue, but his focus was shattered when the female elf stood next to him. As he turned his head the grin changed to a frown and his eye narrowed "Bones?" Rykor was shorter then the elf as he was hunched of slightly but as he focused on the elf looking her in the eyes his figure became more shadow like starting with his head down to his feet until he was nothing but that, a shadow. "You will call me Rykor my dead and respect your elders." After he was short with the elf he snapped his head towards Keraph "Not to question your thinking Warlord but does the lich need to take the female with him? She could stay he with me..I mean us." A look of pure evil took over his entire face as he became his solid form again but anyone who knew Rykor knew that this look on his face would only lead to pain or death for someone. Rykor interlocked his fingers as he looked about the members of the group.
  2. As Rykor listened to Keraph's plot as he looked over each of the others in the chambers. During the speech Keraph was giving them the priests head quickly snapped and his eye locked on the lich and a small grin began to form on his face as he took a long breath in. Rykor could smell his anger growing, perhaps by something the warlord had said or maybe just being in the location he was in, Rykor did not know nor did he care much. Fear and anger made the mind easier to gain access to but he did not make any attempt to go inside the humans head for he was not stupid and such an attempt could send that weapon in his direction. "Warlord Keraph, I do not see any reason I shall not aid you in the name of Infection." Looking around the room again he took another long breath in and then exhaled. "Fear?" he mumbled under his breath as he looked around for the woman lurking in the shadows. Rykor's eye sight was not one of his strong points but focusing on the woman, he could make out about which side of the room she was on and he changed his stance to make sure his back was not facing any of the living. "What would you have us doing for you Warlord? For I am no warrior of any sort." his voice was almost like a whisper but was so very clear and easily heard by all.
  3. Wearing a cloak to cover himself from the many faces in the crowd Grimas stood in the corner listening to the trial. He made sure not even the sharpest of eye could spot him out of the crowd that had formed to watch the trial. "Good girl" he said to himself under his breath as he then turned and walked away slipping into the shadows. He would be heading to Sunreavers as they would not try to kill him on sight like most others. He brought a small shoulder pouch which he stoked with a few items he knew that she would need for her stay no matter how short or long it truely did turn out to be. Inside the pouch he stoked a small picture of her kids with Raja, a small tightly braided steel bow string that he made himself. He knew that it was not the usual hide stings she was use to but it would take more of a beating and could make a reliable replacement bow if she needed. When he got to the Sunreavers he found the head officer and followed him to his office to wait untill he left to go through some papers. Bella would be be among the Reavers soon and Grimas had to get the location of where she would be staying so he could stash the pouch for her to find. When he found out what he was after he made his way there and stashed the bag in the wall behind the door where not much could be seen out of place. As soon as he was done he heard a guard coming down the hall to prep for their new guest arrival. Grim quickly vanished and stealthed his way out the door as the guard walked him. "I hope she uses her head" he thought as he made his way away from the Sunreavers.
  4. He could see that she was slightly scared because of the situation but would never truely lower her tough girl exterior. "Now you know I would never let that happen to you and those kids" his voice was more gentle then the normal tone he spoke to her in. He moved toward her and placed a hand on her shoulder with a firm grip. "You will have your trial then and the out come becomes your fate. I know I have been gone for some time but my condition has begun to get worse" he stopped with his statement. "But we will get to this when you are not being held in a cell, truthfully I would have never thought I would be visiting you her always that you would be visiting me." He removed his hand and walked towards the door and stopped just before it looking over his shoulder "Ill do what I can when the time comes you know that" after he spoke he gave her a slight grin and then a wink. Right before her eyes it looked as if the darkness of the room was moving and slowly creeping around him as he slowly vanished starting at his feet moving up until he was no longer in sight. "Your fate is yours and yours alone Bella, never forget that." the voice nothing more then a whisper as the door opened and slowly closed again locking as it shut. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~``` Grimas made his way passed a guard who had just rounded the corner toward Bella's cell as he had closed the door. He swiftly made his way through the halls looking in every open room he could get to. As he rounded a corner he stopped in his tracks taking a deep breath, "Great Dogs" he said to himself as he saw two guard patrolling infront of a room. He was trying to find out when and where the location of the trial was taken place and any other information he could find but with the guard dogs around he would not be able to sneak past their noses so he made his way out of the facility. Once out front he unstealthed in privacy and walked into public one of the guards spotted him and did a double take. The guard called for his counter part to look but as they both turned to get another look Grimas has slipped into the crowd and was gone from sight.
  5. "What have you done now?" said a soft voice from outside her cell door. The sound of small peices of metal tapping together started then a louder click and the door slowly opened. Just as quietly the door opened it closed, "Nice accomidations you have hear my dear". As Bella sat in her dark cell the voice seemed like it was coming from all around her. Slowly out of the corner of the room a figure stepped forward into sight, white hair first followed by the rest of the man. "This is not how I thought we would be meeting when I came back." He walked closer to Bella then stood with his hands on his hips. "I could get you out of here right now but that would be the another strike against the Blood Knights and I am not sure I understand what you have gotten into since I have been away." He walked back and forth for a little bit his steps not making any sound at all.