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  1. I'd love an invite list spot. "Zustaekai," (Main) "Mikhailan," Horde I'll post the name of my girlfriend's character in a few hours when I'm ready to log off. It's got a weird spelling.
  2. I resubbed and preordered .. and that is a lot for someone with my income.
  3. Aww, six days? Come on, who is returning? Is anyone? My feelings won't be hurt if few are returning. Though I did already preorder, lol.
  4. .. pre-order Warlords of Draenor? But wait - this time we'll do something that actually motivates you to commit to what you'll probably do at some point anyway? What could possibly do that? Well, Blizzard has finally answered. Now, nevermind that Hearthstone is .. shockingly .. actually .. really fun to play and well balanced .. and that it is probably at least partly enabled by the idea that it could subliminally make this following offer more effective for sales .. but .. .. well .. pre-order now, immediately, and you get a level 90 character boost .. like before .. but immeadiately .. with gear boosts, and profession level ups .. free. .. and it doesn't do a thing for chinese nationals. Though, that's just the jingoistic patriotic capitalistic American spirit in me rising to the surface. Profession Grinding. It's funny, it's like .. profession grinding for giving you more time to study in real life. Social Engineering and economics thinking right inside the corporate structure of the games we love? I don't know how to think about this. We get player hous- no, I'm sorry, not housing, but town building and progression. This makes story line building even easier than in Vanilla WoW, with serious corporate initiative to return to the style that originally inspired all Warcraft fandom. Now, if that isn't sound like a hard sell, I don't know what is. So here is where those who are more data or economics nerds .. yap about whether or not this is worth it for us. I mean, let's admit. Much of the reason we play WoW, especially those of us from this community and from the extensive and colorful history of this community .. we play not for the game but for the game's ability to help you mesh well with your fellow Western-man, and in some cases, beyond that. Or, simpler than that. The point is, we at Twisting Nether Gaz. always came for the people, not just the game. That much is for sure. It takes a talent to develop Community, so for that we should thank Mort, of this I've no doubt, as well as more consistent moderators over the years, whose names would probably be too busy humbling themselves to say it .. but they were dedicated to this community in some way, at times, which might have been irrational for them in their personal life. Or, rational. The point is, we're all thinking about coming back, and I'm calling you all out for it right now well in advance and buying right into the economic model Blizzard hopes many Warcraft communities will jump right on board for .. Who's in? (And why?) .. and for extra cred. .. who's out, and why?
  5. Keraph - you and the influence of those like you who gave me a shot helped me chill out and just relax at one of the most stressful times in my young adult life while simultaneously showing me what most 15 year old kids don't get to see in their everyday life at public school - how normal healthy adults conduct themselves, how precocious I already was in certain categories, and how much I value a community (wherever it is, work, school/college, gaming, interpersonal, or even civic) that has a decent culture of accountability and inclusiveness. It might have just been strat runs to yall - but it was some of the only team-work I experienced in between soccer as a kid and all of the clubs I founded or helped found in college. Logically speaking, there was my experiences with Twisting Nether under whatever alias I was using - and there was the shift away from fiction and towards nonfiction and research when it came to what I read in my personal life. The culture of a gaming community is so profound an influence in my life from that time that it may have been integral to my confidence in or the existence of my dream to someday found a production company for video games/game design, web comics, board games, music, and hopefully short films and shows (either running simultaneously with our other pursuits or as pre-production work that will support later efforts). Currently, I feel confident in being able to say that I'm lucky enough that I've crafted an inner circle over time which could nearly found a successful foothold company - with each of my best friends pursuing different enough aims in life that we can cover many bases with under ten people - but with similar enough life goals in the short run that we are unlikely to fall apart. We're at a place right now where the frequency of proposed projects from each of us has never been faster and the intellectual and creative work or process of sharing and improving our ideas has also found a hopeful direction of productivity. We regularly talk about what will, "carry the start," of our foundation first. What idea or project will fall into place as the, "first project." Some months, it's more about the music. Other months - it's more about the design. Despite this, we might have something - and I feel like that leads my gratitude back to this place when I'm up late thinking about all the dots in my life, how they connect, and how I got to this place. I'm 23 now (and regularly people in my family remind me I'm almost 24), and my mind still never forgets about what I learned here - or how and with who I learned it. Now if I could just shake this addiction to Pokemon Y and get back to practicing guitar.
  6. Yeah. So. Before we get this started I'd just like to say - there is nothing shocking at all that will follow in the contents of this thread. At least, not shocking in the sense that you're losing HP because of my electric type Pokemon. That's right, I'm starting this thread with childishly cliche honesty and a pun so bad it couldn't possibly find a better context than a Pokemon thread. Also - like any good official thread - I suppose I should start with the eternal, "why?" "Why?" You ask? Well, either I'm about to reveal myself as an epic nerd beyond what you all thought I was - so epic it makes you uncomfortable, I'm tragically bad at searching for existing relevant threads, create the official Pokemon X & Y thread, or (for the win) perhaps I'm about to do all three. That's right, folks, step right up. Sell your Pokemon souls to the bad man with your Pokemon drugs. Ideally, I'd like this to be the style of thread where I post a template - and you fill it out; however, I'm an understanding and fellow lazy person myself - so if you feel like you want to pear yours short - or just comment on what losers we all are for liking Pokemon, then you can die because we're all very serious about this game over here in this thread and it gets like Lord of the Flygons up in this biznitch. So, without further a due on the template thing, and hopefully before you throw up your hands and meme, "TL;DR, outies," : [in Game Name] [iD No.: <optional>] [Pokedex: ###] [Money: <for those who really want to brag>] [Poke Miles: <for those who never get to sit down and actually play>] [Time: <for those who are not ashamed of how many hours they've been playing/leaving their 3DS open>] [Adventure started on: <for the understandable long-term bragging right of when you got the game>] [First Entered Hall of Fame on: <for those who've A.) beated the 4 and B.) unashamed of the distance from the previous listed date>] [badges: <For those who want to rate how far a fellow TNGer is from them, or the OCD people looking to fill out the whole form>] So perhaps it's just my group of inner circle friends in real life right now who are as consumed by this game as I am - but I've lost sleep and ceased to be single since getting my copy of Pokemon Y. Also, because I had no DS or 3DS - I bought a 3DSXL a few days after I decided playing my Pokemon Y copy on my girlfriend's 3DS showed me that A.) this is the best pokemon game from Gamefreak out of all six generations and B.) it was worth going 3DSXL this time. My obsession with this game has probably only just begun as well - but I believe we can all properly diagnose whose case of addiction is truly desperate (or determined [or tragically determined]) once this thread begins to get rolling. So let's start that rolling process. I'll leave the rest of what this thread means up to all of my readers and participants following along or just helping me get started. I also would like you to include your friend code - even if we don't know each other on this forum as well as we know a select few that we know through the actual game of WoW on this server over the years. It's been a pleasure playing with all of you - and I'm pretty well certain I won't be coming back to WoW again any time soon (with the exception of free passes and resurrections, or F2P status) but I just want to continue participating on this forum from time to time, and begin adding value to this community again. I'll end this thread how I hope you all end your responses (hopefully there are enough Pokemon fans in this community left): [Alex] [iD No.: 64431] [Pokedex: 338] [Money: 406,432] [Poke Miles: n/a] [Time: 73:27h] [Adventure started on: 10/17/2013] [First Entered Hall of Fame on: 11/6/2013] [badges: 8] Friendcode: 2809-8695-2540
  7. <p>That depends upon the meaning behind your supposed supposition to the deferred inconsistent substrata associated with various incoherent etymological substitiutions; the term known as "wee people" could mean a variety of transmutagenic, verging on derogatory, calamity, gnome, not calamity.</p>

    <p>Hence if you are insulting me you may well find your self missing a limb, or personal recreational appendage.</p>

  8. <p>.. are you .. are you one of the wee people?</p>

  9. ))ǝɹɹoɹ nuɐqןǝ ʇo dnɹƃǝ(( qǝƃıu dnɹƃǝ˙˙˙ sʇɐʇns˙˙˙ ǝɹɹoɹ ɔoɯɯǝuɔıuƃ pɐʇɐ ɔoɹɹǝɔʇıou: snqsǝbnǝuʇ ,ɹnu-ou, sǝuʇǝuɔǝ: sʇɐʇns˙˙˙ pǝʇǝɔʇǝp˙ oɟ ʍɥıɔɥ ʎon ɐɹǝ uoʇ' ƃoopqʎǝ˙ ıɟ ı ʇnɹu ɯʎ qɐɔʞ ʇo ʇɥǝ sɔɹǝǝu ɐup ʇʎdǝ ɐ ɯǝssǝƃǝ ɔouɔǝɹuıu ʇɥıs ıןןnsıouɯǝuʇ ıʇ ɯıƃɥʇ ɔǝɹʇɐıuןʎ ɔoɯǝ ʇɹnǝ' oʇɥǝɹʍısǝ ıʇ ıs ɯǝɹǝ snƃƃǝsʇıou oɟ ıɯdǝupıuƃ ʇǝɔɥuoןoƃıɔɐןןʎ snqsʇɐupɐɹp dsʎɔɥoqɐqqןǝ ıusıunɐʇıou ɐs ǝbnıʌɐןǝuʇ pǝʇɹıɯǝuʇɐן dɐɹɐıɐɥ ʇɥɐʇ ɥɐs sɥoʍu ıʇsǝןɟ ʇo ɐ sǝןɟ-dɹodɐƃɐʇıuƃ ǝuʇǝupɹǝ oɟ ɯɐuıɐɔɐן ɯʎʇɥıןoƃıɔɐן ɯousʇɹons ɯnʇɐƃǝuıɔ ɯʎɔɐuʇɥɹodǝ' ɯɐʞıuƃ ƃuoɯǝ sǝusǝ ʍɥɐʇsoǝʌǝɹ ɐup dɹǝsnɯıuƃ soɔıǝʇɐן sʇɐʇısʇıɔɐן pɐʇɐ ʇo qǝ dǝɹʇıuǝuʇ ɐup ןoƃısʇıɔɐן' ɐssnɯıuƃ oɟ ɔonɹsǝ ʇɥɐʇ ʇɥǝ snqɾǝɔʇ ıs ɐʍɐɹǝ ɐup ɔoɥǝɹǝuʇ oɟ ɔǝɹʇɐıu ıuʇɹıusıɔ ɔoןןɐqoɹɐʇıou oɟ ɔoןןobnıɐןısɯ˙ ((Errorf]fg]h 401 not crowned. Only take away: clever alliteration. Return to sender.
  10. Oh hey, look, someone already created a thread relevant to getting to know the people of a community I'm basically almost completely unknown to the vast majority of. I wonder who that guy is. Some say he was the worst President in the history of the country . . . but I bet he's not so bad. ... the decider has returned, everybody. ::fireworks:: Yeeeeaaahhhpp(er). Mission accompliished(er). Taking a short break from mah edumahcation(er) fer a lil' while .. working on my financializationer for a few semesters .. got dat Associate degree they don't just be given away to just ANYBODY these days .. back in the depths of 2011.. and basically found .. ehhem.. .. something about ego again. Oh right, acting is a lot of fun. Starting to prefer film. Oh, and having a speeding habit in Virginia is a bad idea. .. someone might come up with a great joke for this, but whatever. I'm a florist.
  11. <p>Fhenrir, you can't just go around mooing at everyone.</p>

    <p>.. they'll think you're delicious.</p>

  12. Main: Zusteakai, troll hunter. (2005-2007); Alekander (2006-2008), Undead ["Revanent,"] Warrior. Then there were little things from 2009-2012 .. little returns on Kasomaren, Lucianado, Mikhailan .. but not in the least limited to these. I was and remain an unspoken undercover alt-master. If I gave away my secrets, I'd have to kill you. Or I just want to you think that. ::waves hands and arms around like Ed from Cowboy Beebop:: Horde Or Alliance? Always Horde at heart, but from time to time I swung the, "other way." Like, for example, with Lucianado. [iNCOMING, POTENTIAL TLDR WALL OF TEXT. I'll format it better later. Right now, sleep. ] Guild: The Frostwolf Brotherhood (2005-2006 ish?). Honestly, I forgot the guild I .. oh, no .. it just hit me, lol. I formed, "The House of Kai," after a somewhat political in character and out of character situation led me to first revoke the leadership I took up after Brakogar (blessed be his name /lol), and then finally leave. I'm not sure if the Brotherhood folded before I formed the House of Kai, or how that went down .. frankly, it was in High School, and I've since graduated twice and for now, I'm done with college. So as your imagination might pick up the slack - the partying, failed relationships, and promiscuous phase essentially led to a lot of blind spots in certain memories. Or we'll just blame it on those things. Either way. I'd say my three best memories of that period were the geo-political little flashes between, "The Grim," and her allies - and, "The Ironforge Regiment," and her allies; being lucky enough to have been in the right place at the right time to step up to the plate of duty during the first six months of Twisting Nether when Morticia was recruiting any aid she could for a little project you all know now, with great nostalgia, as "The Twisting Nether Gazette." For the trouble I would later cause (in the greatest context of a near decade of retrospect, I think we can safely say I was but a few bumps in the road), I was lucky to be one of the first two moderators appointed for this forum and I like to think that during that period I did a lot of good in promoting this message board before the old guard as you now see them would later replace me (with a few more years and a little more maturity in real life to do the job justice). But I had passion, and it was an opportunity, as small as it might have seemed then, that stuck in my 14/15 year old brain. I could lead. Finally, I would say that the things I missed most about that period were the small things. I remember Zasien, Brakogar, Vilmah, and Nathan. I remember Snowfeather, Morticia, Abric, Fhenrir, Karkarov, Fallacy, Chum, Infection, Fate's Hand, and everyone that gave me a chance. I was young, I was naive, but the perceptive among you recognized I was inherently not the troll that some made me out to be - and you should know that you had a big impact. I'm twenty three now, and I was fifteen when Nathan recommended, at the depth of a mini public relations blunder, that I read the, "Book of Five Rings," by Myamoto Musashi. Over the next two years, and in phases over the past several years .. I read that little bit of translated philosophy over and over again. It profoundly changed me, it continues to remind me, inform me, and echo through my mind. It was written several hundred of years ago during a fascinating period of Japanese history, and yet many of its conclusions are now being proven fantastically accurate by neuroscientists like John Medina, and social scientists like Malcolm Gladwell. If there was one single moment which had more influence in my young adult life, I can't think of it, as that was the catalyst which transformed my casual passion for reading fiction into a fierce passion for reading mostly non-fiction. It began a period of intense self-education and truly deep thinking about how I was going to leave a positive impact on humanity someday that most of my peers didn't seem to relate much to until my Junior year of college. It gave me an awareness of the kinds of friendships I needed to cultivate most and it made my, "extroverted," phase of my freshmen and sophomore year of college possible. I can connect the dots now in retrospect consciously in a way I'd always felt deep down: I owe everyone who had any influence in that a debt of gratitude. Wow, I didn't see this post going this direction, but there are some things I'll have to leave out in order to get through everything in less than a half an hour: so at some point - because of Chum's inspiration - I formed, "Foretold," on Ravenholdt as it launched. It was a massive (but brief) success over which I can't take credit for anything other than being in a position of leadership at the right moment of time. By no means did we dominate - but we were in the top five largest RP/PVP guilds during the "honeymoon," of that server's launch. I was known as, "Zusteakai," on that server, but as an undead warrior. The success I found on Ravenholdt and the productivity and flow I felt leading the charge, giving in character speeches and leading World RP-PvP battles was enough at the age of 16 for me to think more confidently about leadership. Like before, things folded, but slowly over time and with a lot of people I wish I'd kept in touch with. Lovely and Enheilras actually hopped on alts and, "caught," me from time to time just for a little affectionate trolling. I was lucky to see certain guild promotional tools that the Grim had been using quite effectively during the Honeymoon period of TN which I attempted to duplicate in my own original and creative way on Ravenholdt; and where I couldn't I did my best to spread that mindset to other horde guilds of similar approach to Roleplay. Sadly, I don't recall any heavy RP guilds heavier or larger than Foretold at that moment, though that may well have changed. I led large, "caravans," and marches through the Barrens, through Durotar using the character that I'd later transfer back to Twisting Nether as, "Alekander." Because I was lucky enough to have recruited a graphic designer and a web design guy on accident at the same time I was also taking webdesign courses in school, I was able to manage, recruit for, and promote for Foretold in a way that I don't think I would have been as prepared to do if it hadn't been for what I'd seen on parts of the Grim's website and in their recruiting methods and requirements - and most notably (for its flashyness) - what I'd seen on the website which promoted the guild, "Sanrin," was a part of Alliance side back on TN. They had a well designed gateway page with an intense score of techno/electronic music that, on public server forums, nearly took on the life of a full fledged server meme. So I applied those things to Foretold. I had a cover page with our logo watermarked over a thematically aligned background, and in the foreground was, "the Revanent," who'd become, "Alekander." If I recall correctly, my focus was much more on medium sized heavy RP events than it was on big, flashy World PvP battles choreographed for guild promotional videos. In a way Foretold was grittier, much more accidental and something which I can take very little credit for other than the epiphany that stealing a bunch of great ideas from other people and making them my own through tying them together in an original way was exactly what that part of Ravenholdt's roleplaying community needed at that time. At its peak, it was maybe 55-60% the size of my final and greatest project in WoW RP.. but it was certainly enough of a success that I would carry many of the lessons I learned into my last project. There were some things I learned and knew, both about Ravenholt, and about Twisting Nether, and perhaps community in general. (Side note: I forgot to mention how instrumental the Ironforge Regiment was in inspiring my marches with Foretold, and the kind of, "town-crier," approach we took, along with the culture of rank & file, militarism) By the time October 2007 rolled around, my real life best friends were itching to come back to WoW (they were never truly that active, but they were there partly in early 2006, and again on Ravenholdt when they claimed they'd help me lead Foretold {Mike sorta did}). It was initially their urging that spurred my action. Mike and Matt wanted something simple - to get on an RP server and play together - maybe lead a modest guild and see where it went. Mike had seen what I'd done last time we, "came back," and he ditched me to lead a guild by myself, and he brought it up a few times. Matt had this urge to write story, as he always has, but he's never been much of a fanfic writer, and I suppose that's why he later idle-d out of the project himself. Mike didn't - and together we brain stormed after school. Things took shape. I had priorities. I had a vision of a grand, moderate military force for good within the Horde. I'm not sure at what point, "The Korkron Vanguard," rushed my mind, but I would bet it has it's etymological origins somewhere in the friendships and roleplay I'd found on my previous server. Many things were present for a while in my mind, and though I didn't realize this was a part of my creative brain storming process at the time .. I was framing a question, setting goals and ambitions. I had a vision - and what truly made that vision possible and what made it the holistic epiphany that it would become was the trigger of understanding, "Sowell," and it's guild project. He had a complex vision for a cross-factional RP-PvP guild at a time where crossfactional roleplay was nearly it's most difficult to pull off. What was his response? A guild project. In retrospect, it seems so simple and obvious .. almost everything great these days has a, "beta," and/or, "alpha," phase. But I was also 17. It was novel as hell to me at that point, and that was when I began to draft the seven, eight, nine pages of initial guild, "project," when I should have been paying in Trigonometry class. By mid october 2007, it was official, and I was going to launch as large and ambitious a Heavy RP-PvP project as I could manage. I kid you not, people, those were my goals. Out of character, I wanted sheer numbers for choreographed, large scale World RP-PvP and RP. I wanted the ability to flood Ogrimmar at a moments notice with soldier marching in lock step from the throne room to the Drag (and I got that). I wanted to be able to do what any of us already could do - anticipate where the Alliance was least likely to see a sustained attack coming and least able to deter or erode it .. and flood that area with people. I knew if I could do that - then similar guilds would bolster my numbers on days of higher inactivity (and thanks to the Grim, and Infection, that is exactly what happened early on). I knew that if I kept my eyes on what mattered, I could have a big impact wherever the guild project collectively decided we would launch. We have over a hundred people from many different public WoW/server/RP forums see my initial guild proposal post (which I believe are lost now, duplicates included) .. and time and time again they were blown away by the number of proposed events I listed, the story I was planning, and how deeply my in character story wove directly into the motives and goals of the organization. The response was overwhelming, and beyond what I had expected would be my best case scenario. So I admit, I was under-prepared in handling the opportunity, and Mike was already becoming scarcer by late November 2007 into December. Fortunately, there were already recruits (people like Pyrivalia and Juhnaa, but not at all limited to them) who were stepping up and taking leadership roles on the make shift guild project forums. If anything had an early influence in my love for economics it was messing around on the Auction House .. and the surprising number of people who were actually interested in my project, and in transferring wherever we collectively decided to transfer. So we laid out possible candidates, of which I believe Twisting Nether was - without a doubt - the strongest candidate for transferring to; but I'd be dishonest if I say I didn't talk it up a little more than it necessarily needed. "Groupthink," was definitely at play in this decision, and despite that it was put to a VOTE on the forums, and at least a couple dozen people voted before my first deadline I'd set .. Twisting Nether was ahead, and by a clear margin. One story I hear of Groupthink that goes well was Bush Sr.'s action against Iraq - where he had a vested interest in one outcome and despite appearing open .. he was going to get that outcome. This was something that can't be helped, because as everyone in this thread has expressed, this is the most stable and the most diverse roleplaying community in World of Warcraft history. That we're here to talk about it in 2013 is proof of that stability. We should all be proud of that, new members .. and old. But I digress .. this was a positive outcome, despite the elements of Groupthink at play. People loved my project, wanted in on it, and many of them were already prepared to transfer and had made it clear they'd transfer anywhere the grass was greener. So I don't consider this part a mistake, in the greater context of how unprepared I was - and how of all the communities, Twisting Nether would be -best- served by my over-arching out-of-character goal of, "doubling roleplay and World RP-PVP events," on whatever server we chose. There are a few things I'm proud of, and a few things I'm not. Number one, I'm proud that I chose to come back, and to do so bearing results. I left Twisting Nether the first time .. not too well respected. I was somewhere between Okhu and Swerto, depending on who you asked. Okhu was usually cited as more chaotic and more of a troll - Swerto was better at not pissing off the wrong people. I smile while I type all of this, because with nostalgia, even the bad stuff that might have been humiliating then is a big hearty laugh for me (and us?) now. Nevertheless. While a lot of time had passed since I'd left, and 2008 was around the corner - I didn't want to fail. So I knew from the get go that this project was going to be devoid of the use of the name, "Zusteakai," and all of the things people associated with that name that would undermine the project and the good I wanted to do with it if we did indeed launch on TN. When the vote passed, I transferred Zust over to the other server with, "Zust," and knew in advance I was getting a free name change because of the conflict. It's one of those problems that just solves itself, almost. I went with, "Alekander," Mikhail Andro - half based on my real life name.. and I couldn't tell you where Andro came from anymore. Probably just flowed well, lol. I continued to flesh out what was the largest and LEAST Mary Sue/Gary Sue of all my fan-fic character creations (if you think Alek was borderline sue, I say this affectionately .. "Zusteakai the troll hunter" was on an, "Enheilras," level of Sue and completely invented heritage.. in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if indirectly, he influenced both Zust and Alek, there was a certain legitimacy about it that I felt I needed, and just wanted .. ask Raz, writing that stuff is fun). So I had a list of people when I returned to Twisting Nether that I knew I could trust, from my previous time here. People that vouched for me so hard that I was able to get into some of the Grim's Molten Core raids. Even after all the fall out, IC and OOC, that I was connected to with them sometime after I took over for Brakogar.. I was getting into endgame PvE with the people who I respected. Some of them I knew, for whatever reason, couldn't know that I was really Zusteakai or it might jeopardize the diplomacy and bargaining position from which I would seek alliances on behalf of the guild I was launching .. but I knew I could still trust them. Abric was one of those people. I don't recall ever telling him who I was directly before the launch, during the launch, or for months after .. but he's a smart guy, and a respected member of the community .. and you're damn right he was one of the first people I directly approached when I came back under, "Alekander," for advice. He even gave me some great advice, too, though I don't remember too well what the specifics were exactly. There were other people who I knew I could trust more with deeper information, and who I knew .. if they were given a heads up .. knowing who I was would have the opposite effect and might even boost the support I got from them, which I might not have had if I was just some stranger with an army of brand new, mostly mysterious RPers behind him. He gave me CRITICAL advice, just as Abric had done, and just as Sowell did when I tracked him down. I don't recall if I approached Morticia or Karkarov in a similar way .. and I know I always got along well with Keraph (OOC) for some ineffable reason (I'm going to bet it was our mutual pretentious love for post-punk, "goth," music subculture from the late 70s/early 80s) .. but those were people who I knew would neither help or hurt anyone because they didn't have a specific agenda apart from certain responsibilities. At some point, I knew I would be able to reveal my identity, but I knew there were months of work before I could do that without any trouble befalling our project I'd brought so many people with me for. The, "prodigal son," had to seem like Gatsby. Can't say I lived up to that - but that was what was in my head. And you know, this isn't where I was originally going to take this post .. but I suppose this kind of post was a long time coming. I feel I owe many people gratitude - I feel I had a big impact, but one that didn't live up to my ambitions in the longer run the way it might if I'd thought a little more deeply and a little more calmly about what I perceived was the, "scandal," or, "issues," I had to deal with by March 2008. ... and you know, as I've grown up, I've grown to hate and resent excuses more and more. I see them thrown around in the entertainment industry, in business, and in politics faar too often. But I was a High School senior on the debate team and for the first time in my life in public school (ironically the opposite of senior-itis) .. I actually cared about my grades, about my homework, and about doing well and learning as much as I could. I'd convinced administrators during my junior year (who had far too much power over this thing in the 00s because of "No Child Left Behind," which had more in common with communism than it did with sound education) with my passion in web design classes (my first year since seventh grade without, "resource," class or, "learning disability," advantages sucking away my motivation) that I could be trusted with the highest level classes .. that my passion would carry me through AP classes despite my, "ADD." So, instead of senioritis .. I raised my GPA from a 1.7 to a 2.7 in my two senior semesters and got an advanced diploma. Despite that I got a D in Spanish 1 my Freshmen year (mostly because resource classes was border-line cheating, and taught you nothing in the long run) .. and I didn't take Spanish 2 or 3 for two more years after that .. I took them back to back my Senior year, got a B in 2 and an A in 3. I was taking AP Gov, Physics .. actually participating in extracurricular activity and going to states .. this was the pressure in my life coming down on me at the very moment I had to save the Korkron Vanguard - and like I said, I hate excuses - but you see everyone quitting all over the place for, "real priorities," like college .. and you forget to think deeply about your options and the people on the other side of the screen who worked just as hard as you did for all this and for whom is was a morale blow to see me reneg on my two major out of character goals for our project that I'd highlighted earlier. Tecunuman and I had conversations where I distinctly recall hoping to go to Law School and run for public office, "here in America," someday (for those not in the know, Tec is from the Nederlands) to fix the broken two party system. Ah, the insight and naivety of youth. I don't remember clearly what drove Opal/Pyr out early on .. and I remember Juhnaa's dispute even less clearly.. but those were the peaks of issue, if issue/decision-making-stress were a line chart, and by the point Juhnaa was ready to throw a ton of bricks at me - my apathy was rising. Granted, my eighteen year old apathy, by my apathy nonetheless. If that apathy prevented me from clearly seeing the very obvious choice in front of me - my bad. Believe me, in college I went on to lead several student organizations, found a few, and run for Vice President of student body (looool, I lost 46 to 134..). You want to know what my major mistake in my first student organization when I became President was? Probably a common thing for young people - but .. Legacy. I made the mistake of not cultivating someone to replace me.. and that organization isn't there anymore five years later (though it was a political student organization needing legacy after a massive Presidential election which we wouldn't have existed without in the first place). The same thing happened with Korkron. I'd plot forward and see if I'd failed on the legacy issue in any other student organizations that I was co-founder of .. but .. I've had more than one co-founder for the other couple .. and when I transferred, there were already organizations I walked into with legacy who were willing to give me my favorite leadership position, "Executive Advisor." My job was to improve stuff. Favorite job yet, and by far what most of my friends have usually come to me for - channeling ideas and getting to the bottom of things. So. While the Grim didn't seem to mind absorbing what was left of, "The Korkron Vanguard," after I essentially gave up as midterms were approaching .. all of you future guild leaders should consider what I didn't: legacy. I volunteered in five political campaigns both state and national between 2008 and 2012 .. and well .. honestly I was fortunate I didn't have to worry about legacy issues for any of that. Politics is hard. Man this went a direction I wasn't expecting. Oh, as a side note, especially because Opal might point this out (and she'd be totally right to do so) .. another major stress point was also something I believe was a brilliant gimmick improperly managed. I realized an organization like the Korkron, who in all lore only seemed to be - at that point of brain storming - orcs.. and this might have been a conversation with Enheilras (who did a lot for TN early on with Fallacy for lore education, credit they should both get.. an if Malbrig was also a contributor for lore too, yeah, credit for him as well, I can't remember) .. or someone like him .. "You can't make a Korkron guild with undead, Tauren, or trolls!" Well they would have been right, if it wasn't the Korkron Vanguard, a new organization we designed for Thrall to approve, "outside," of the Korkron Guard. Instead, it was at a point, too, where the Blood Elves were ALL over the place. So, in character and out of character, most original Horde races were grumbling less about the undead (until that RAS mess at Wraithgate, THANKS ALOT, INFECTION :3 {shocker there, amirite :3}) than they had and were more concerned about, "these elvveeen folk." Tying into the "Alekander Mikhail Andro," back-story of not being a traditionally undead ghoul of Lich King origin or Forsaken liberation, but a revenge bound, former human paladin, Revenant fallen at the Battle of Mount Hyjal .. Thrall could trust, in theory, General Andro's leadership. While at the same time, he could make a good statement for the face of the, "New Horde," by being the first non-orc to lead a state approved military organization. Now here is where I would have done things different: I would have ghost-written negative articles against Alekander for the, "news." I would have continued to allow a limited number of blood elves into the guild, but only at the pressure of these articles that call this new face of diversity into question. Perhaps an article headlined, "Is he a Scourge sleeper cell?" or something along those lines could have been the final nail in the limits on blood elves in the guild. That is one of many ways I could have properly managed the, "gimick," I'd crafted to both increase the perceived demand and value for joining the Korkron Vanguard while making sure that our ranks did not grow to become as distorted as ratio-wise as other large Horde RP-PvP guilds seemed to be to me at the time. Shin was an early exception because his story was, "I'm a high elf," and I couldn't very well turn him away in character because I, "wasn't Forsaken." It was an early exception I was forced to make - albeit we also needed high level fire power and we were low on hunters. My memory on the remaining aspect of the, "blood elf racism," dispute is foggy, so I'll taper it here. Oh. And I'm not a micro-manager - except when I am. That was the other thing. I tried to cultivate an, "officer," culture early on (so that I wouldn't have to manage as much and I could just be the, "vision guy,"). Separate officer channel .. for a bunch of new officers. That. Was. A. .. less than optimal idea for a guild that large. I hate to be blunt - but you want to avoid letting anyone ride with authority and title on a free lunch and no work for the greater well being .. and while I can't remember anyone who did that that didn't just go inactive and fall in rank to my activity rules for officer upkeep .. it was still a mistake and if I recall correctly it was an idea not inspired by the Grim, but one that I knew they had at least at one point been using. So when it carried over from my previous guild leadership - into a much larger operation with a lot more eyes on it .. I made a mistake of allowing what worked for the Grim to justify what would work for us. It was silly, of course the Grim could pull it off - they already had an officer culture where fewer people were new, and new officers were promoted into that culture only every so often. Did they get accused of being, "cliquey," because of that? Suuuuuuuuuuuuure they did. But if I were leading the Grim, I can tell you there would have been a damn officer chat for when I wasn't online, because I've got a damn life. Lol. And finally, the death nail in why officer chat was a bad idea despite the unpredictability of new people .. I had very relaxed rules for discussions in officer chat, and you know how they say don't talk about religion or politics in bars? Don't do it in officer chat, either. That's what we did. Most of the time it was spirited, engaging, and interesting .. and helped me think about my debates I'd have later that week in real life .. but that's most of the time. People disagree all the time, and that introduces an additional job of moderation into the fray which wasn't previously there. It'd be like if TNG's political discussions were encouraged in our .. ::gets lazy with this metaphor:: .. well, any one of our public forums. The point is this - officer culture should be like a work place - friendly .. bonding .. inside jokes .. but you don't bring up politics at the team huddle. It doesn't make any @#%&ing sense. Okay, I'm done with this part of my diatribe, I hope it was amusing, insightful, helpful for future leaders .. and not completely abysmal grammatically. I seriously envisioned this post differently, but I'm not going to take a bet that I'll be as willing to be so open about all of this stuff in one place again .. and also, I think if the history of the server I observed over the years is discernible .. most future (and plenty of current readers from 2009-2013) readers will find something in this despite that they know absolutely none of the nitty gritty first hand. What was your favorite RP event or storyline? This question isn't fair in a community as amazing and fantastic as TNG. Oh screw it - the Grim's early event to, "capture," the King of Stormwind, was it? Yeah. That CRASHED THE SERVERS. Or so legend has it. Who is someone that you used to RP with and haven't heard from in a long time, that you miss the most? Zasien, Brakogar, Karkarov, Enheilras. Chum, Ulduru, Swerto, Nadea, Keraph of course, Nathan, Vilmah ( & Vilmah's ex), .. Abric, Danlily, Snowfeather, Malbrig, Fallacy, Morticia, Fhenrir, Sanrin, Daedraug, Feralmoon, Lovely (I mean John/ Hellista), hell, Okhu was a pain in the ass but a good kid. Akuje, HANOI.. Malanori. Tecunuman. Yatokth. Fynne (@#%^, you're hilarious, along with Bir, a more subtle funnyman). Qabian? Cyrass, Lupen, Cristoc, Lasc, Emmons, Evanth, and a quiet undead preistess whose name escapes me .. always shadow spec .. was not quite mute but had a carefully craft fragile character .. name started with a C .. anyway, Irontoe, Jeedup. Sci, Randshea, Leoren, Skafloc .. there was a pretty cool Orc Hunter Engineer with Santuary I thought was an awesome guy? His name was similar to Brakogar's .. maybe .. ::shrug:: So tiiired. Zunari, PYRISATH. Juhnaa. Savic. Dezron. Opal (yes, even you). Tecunuman, because seriously, I miss that guy. DRINN & Atty? (probably one of my favorite "new," "old," members of the Grim). Honestly, like many others have said, it is impossible to remember everyone. Oh, and Surr. Damn it. Just goes to show what a great place this has been, and continues to be. It stretches, subversively and subtly, through our lives for several years. People have literally grown up on TNG. Share a screenshot from an RP you enjoyed: I'll do you one better - is the most complete guild promotional video I posted for the Korkron Vanguard involving events that took place over the weeks following our, "glorious," launch and christening as a straight-out-the-gate RP-PvP giant. .. and here is, "the Dusk Watch," which was one of the greatest boosts to my ego before TKV peaked and then slowly began to unravel. It is my understanding that the Dusk Watch was a guild project which was directly inspired by our guild project - both in character and out of character. The Alliance saw the Korkron Vanguard marching across their lands .. killing and slaughtering in the name of a cause of peace they claimed was, "more moderate," than, "peace through annihilation." I still would argue, that indeed, geo-political domination and a quest for economic and military hegemony for the Horde over the Alliance was in fact more peaceful than outright annihilation. And hey, if the Grim and TKV were too extreme for you (or not extreme enough, Nadea?) .. there was ALLLWAAAAYSSS outright genocide that, "Infection," was cooking up. I was going for that whole, "genuinely heroic," thing with, "The General," of the Korkron, but despite all the posturing and strategy I engaged in for the sake of balancing away from proxy war and slaughter under the Grim and Infection, I will admit that if - in character - we inspired one of the more extreme Alliance guilds which would grow to mirror a combination of Korkron and Grim ideology .. then Alekander was no more a hero than he was a villain. In the end, Alekander was once an Alliance Paladin at the siege of Mount Hyjal, and if there was any subversive reason in his subconscious that could have led to his, "disappearance," instead of my, "giving up," and tucking my tail between my legs .. it was his history with the Alliance he was fighting now in undeath, and it easily would have been Theramoore he would have once again found his final resting place at. I still regret not doing that and not guiding Tecunuman to take over the Korkron Vanguard - he would have been just the moderating influence over the guild in character and out of character that would have taken the Korkron Vanguard exactly to the place it could have gone - in foreign policy we talk about, "balance of power," and one of my early goals when I returned with a hundred people transferring in and rolling characters behind me was to be a, "moderate," balance against the more extreme aspects of Horde Roleplay without slipping into a pacifism or into PvE. You may say, "no need to apologize," bygones be bygones and, "it's all water under the bridge," but if Tecunuman ever reads this - I want him to know that he was EXACTLY the, "legacy," that I owed it to myself and to everyone who was originally inspired by my project to hand the mantle of leadership over to. I'm getting tired, so this is where I'll end my TLDR (and barely edited) diatribe of nostalgia. Oh, and as far as affectionate take downs go: the winner is Fynne. He came, he saw, he did a little political allegory, and then there was beheading. http://wow-tng.org/showthread.php?9233-The-Beheading-of-Alekander-Mikhal-Andro-(parody-ish)&highlight=Alekander
  13. .. Red Faction G, Minecraft, EvE Online. .. Starcraft 2, League, DOTA 2. .. GameMaker 8.1 .. .. oh and I'm using a 10 day Panda trial and a 7 day free time bonus which together give me WoW access until Oct 7th. So you may see me logging in here and there under, "Zustaekai," and variations of the name. I recently started Dead Space, and I really "owe it to myself," to finish the Assassin's Creed 3 thing .. and the Mass Effect Trilogy .. but that's you know .. here nor there. What I really, "owe it to myself," to do is play more Rocksmith. I have too many things I love and not enough time for 10% of them.
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