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  1. My mind is more at ease lately, despite me running out of Leysa's tea forever ago. I'm thankful for at least some solitude that didn't leave me on edge. However, it didn't stop some various whispers of my past memories. I could hear my Fherlia's soothing voice, the Hermit reciting his stories, my sister, all out of nowhere. Don't know why I'm experiencing all this out of the blue, but I have a feeling it's whatever's in my head. Hearing all those voices, it makes me yearn for my home. The old days, just to be cliche'. I need to get things back on track, this damn stand-still has gone on long enough. T.S.
  2. The days just keep inching along slowly. Ever so slowly. The only reason I can find to write anything is I woke up today in a sweat colder then the Fjord's waters and fear stronger then what a strong Lich can strike into the minds of normal people. The dreams keep happening, all stemming from the same entity that calls himself Thaen. He keeps taunting me, distorting my dreams of fond memories or happy moments into sick and twisted visions of sheer horror. What's worse is that whatever monster or baddie causing the mayhem in my dreams always looks like me. All except for the cold, dead eyes. I can barely think of even continuing my training anymore. The only thing that keeps crossing my mind is this Thaen character. Why do I feel like I know him? Whatever the case may be, all I know is that he can go screw himself for screwing with my head. Time to go find that priest. T.S.
  3. Been a day or two since I logged any events, not like there was anything important or cool to log since my last entry. The days keep moving by, my training getting progressively more rigorous to help myself adapt to the newer fighting styles popping up everywhere. Although, my attempts to use said training didn't work out as well as I hoped in my last entry. In short, I got my ass kicked by the Wrestler. Just punching him in the gut was the wrong move in hindsight. Maybe I'm getting soft. I should have Uncle Hergin fashion me something stronger then trees with his shaman magic. Maybe punching something harder would help my strength. T.S.
  4. Keeping a log. That's a first for me. Then again, it's better then sitting out in the mountains doing nothing but training day in and day out. I'm going to kill someone if I don't do anything else. I suppose the first thing to log is my current state. I've been lacking sleep. Recurring nightmares plague my dreams, all involving the same man that calls himself "Thaen." A little red flag pops up whenever that name is uttered, but all I get is a headache trying to remember it. I should see a priest as soon as possible to check out what in the hell is going on in the back of my mind. I keep asking myself why I just don't go to Feralas for that vacation like I said I would weeks ago, the relaxation would save me the awkward talk with one of those blasted mindfuckers that call themselves "priests" and rid me of my nightmares. Doubts run high on that, but it isn't the first time I've been guilty of wishful thinking. I just wish Emely would have said yes to going with me. That would save me from sitting on the Resort's beach alone, with my thoughts. Now that I think of it, I never thought of what I should get her for Winter's Veil. I should make it special, after all it is a special time of the year. She's been so kind to me since I came to this place. Bolstered my morale, made sure I didn't stumble back to my camp with anything broken after battle. A fantastic girl, to be sure. She deserves an equally fantastic gift. My training is going fairly well, my hand to hand prowess shall be tested at the next tournament at the White Tiger Temple. We'll see how The Wrestler likes one of my light-infused punches. Maybe I won't even resort to using Shadowbane in this tournament as well. I'm sure the fighters would be surprised to see a paladin staying his blade all throughout the match. I should get back to my training if I want to back up what I wrote here. T.S.
  5. <p>You're on TNG! Welcome!</p>

  6. Full Name: Thgix Shadowbane Nicknames: None he's aware of. Date of Birth: Janurary 6th Age: 24 Race: Human Gender: Male Hair: Brown Skin: Fair Eyes: Blue Height: 6'1" Weight: 195 w/o armor, 325 w/ armor Place of residence: (Blurred out) Place of Birth: Stratholme Known Relatives: Sister: Caliani Shadowbane, Uncle?: Hergin Broadhammer Religion/Philosophy: Has his own perception on the Light Occupation: None Group/Guild affiliation: Currently the Dusk Watch Guild Rank: Doesn't care much for rank. So he doesn't pay attention. Enemies: Anything that threatens him, his friends, and the well-being of the Alliance, and Horde. Likes: Hunting, training, jeweling Favorite Foods: Various stews and steaks. Favorite Drinks: Mead Favorite Colors: Blue Weapons of Choice: Swords, two-handers specifically Dislikes: Axes, lectures, and beating around the bush. Hobbies: Jeweling and Training. Physical Features: Fairly built, not too muscular. Special Abilities: None he'd like to share. Positive Personality Traits: Generous and a willingness to help. Negative Personality Traits: Neanderthal in his approach to various things. Misc. Quirks: Paranoid, extrodinarily laid back for a paladin. Played by What Famous Person: I dunno, but I hope it's Robert Downey Jr. Theme Songs: The Fire Emblem Theme from Path of Radiance History: "I'd rather not go into much more detail. I'm Stratholmian, a paladin of decent strength, and I love a good flagon of mead."