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  1. Man, I can be buggered if I can remember what the guild was...it was a belf-heavy guild on ED, I think...? I played a warlock, and dropped out at about level fifty. This was I guess five years ago now. I'm coming back because I am a time masochist.
  2. I'm a player from way back, but am breaking into the game once more, bringing some much needed Alliance love to this tusk party. I play a Pandaren named Guyo, and you don't know it, but you are already ALL up on him. And he loves you too, but not in a way that will ever matter. I ran instances with a light RP guild back when BC was still news, but I'm relatively new to the WoW RP scene and am eager to jump in. Looking to make some good RP connections, maybe find a good RP guild to get some non random dungeon/battleground stuff done. Or failing that just some tanks to hang out with to protect my clothie ass. See you all on the other side!