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  1. <p>I tried quick replying to your message, but I'm on my phone with poor signal. So if you have 2 replies on top of this message... Sorry, lol.</p>

    <p>Anyway... Are you going alliance on TN? Cuz I have a human warrior I'm thinking of moving over for RP. So if your staying on this realm, I might even link up with you that way.</p>

    <p>As for Osker, I added Krom to his friend list, and I might even apply him to the grim. But either way, if your interested in being real ID friends, let me know.</p>

  2. <p>Once the date on this is finalized, I'll let you know the name of the alt I could send as an apprentice. I could try to be a mentor if needed, but I'm still fairly new to the RP community.</p>

  3. I'm down to play an apprentice, on one of my alts.
  4. Put me down as tenetive for both plz.
  5. I think I've read just about all of this, but stop me if I'm repeating someone's idea. Anyway, I'm still fairly new to the RP community (even though a few of my charicters have made themseves known) but I've found walk-up RP to be the most entertaining. I think a way to encourage more of that could be developing inter faction opinions on guilds. Basically I'm saying lets get some strong guild rivalries going, to encourage spontaneous smack talk at random encounters. (In a friendly RP way). My thought is, if you see a tabard you know, wether or not you know the player, it gives you an opening to start a walk-up RP session. Be it as simple as a short smack talk, or turn into a competition of who can kill more of a quest item faster, lead to a duel, or whatever.
  6. Greetings, I'm Bornagain Dead, I'm a corpsies, I enjoy murder, wilting flowers, and death cults. I was at my prime years ago until some knuckle head Orc accidentally clubbed me over the head and put me in a coma until recently. Stupid smelly... Anyway! Now that I've re-awakened, I'm looking to be more active with-in the community. Especially with those that are, or look forward to being dead, and enjoy making others enjoy the gift of death.