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  1. <p>Things weren't working out. I'm sorry for the lack of warning. BUT! through RealID I can still RP with you guys if you wished it. <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  2. <p>HEY! You no more on TN? <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/sad.png" alt=":(" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/sad@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  3. My issue right now with the game (though may be better now that the FTP weekend is over) was when my friend Thgix and I tried to play together, for some reason trying to join the same server was difficult.
  4. Well today (I think) is the last day of the sale, where it's literally just 12 dollars. I just bought the full version. @Pyrisath: Though in regards to it being a rock-paper-scissors type of thing, I found that quite the opposite. I managed to kill a Knight as an Archer with just my dagger. Literally just parried all of his strikes and stabbed him to death, it was quite hilarious. But I've managed to kill anyone as a Vanguard, just takes some timing on my end and bad timing on theirs sometimes. The one class I have loads of difficulty playing is the MaA (man-at-arms), for some reason I just die way too fast as him. @Altherion: I started wanting Chivalry from watching Criken's videos.
  5. I played it, and it's f-ing amazing!
  6. Daniyel grunted in slight pain as the dagger's blade managed to slice through his armor plating, cutting into his thigh only a little as the armor took most of the strike. He leaped to the side to gain some distance and to better judge his opponent. His leg shook from the pain, but it wasn't anything he hasn't dealt with before and stood his ground, blood seeping out of his wound and dripping down his leg armor. As he examined the woman in front of him, the weapons she was using, the speed and guile she had, it came apparent to him what she was. She was a rogue, and a quick one at that, but what concerned Dani was the possibility of poison coating on her blades. He thought to himself that if her blades were poisoned, he wouldn't have much time to end the fight before it kicked in. His curse would help fight it off, but only for so long before it takes a toll on his body. If he wanted to end this, he would need to be quick. He closed his eyes for a few moments, reopening them as yellow, more feral looking, eyes, as that of his worgen curse. He flicked his wrists, raising his arm, as he flung the dagger in his had at the woman to distract her. As the dagger glided through the air, he immediately dashed forward, kicking up one of the soldiers' swords, catching it with his now free hand. He growled, his fangs appearing as he sprinted towards her. It didn't take long for him to reach her, the lighter armor made him quick on his feet. As he would get close enough to her, he began to attack with a flurry of sword strikes, testing her wits and agility. ((Again, apologies if it's not very good.))
  7. Daniyel


    Actually, I've read differently in that Sub is doing amazingly well in PvE, second being Combat ( <3 ). This is, of course, going off the sim-craft data and I could be very wrong.
  8. Daniyel was in disarray and confusion. First he discovers the corpse of one of his party members, the suddenly hears the screaming cries of agony and death coming behind him, from the camp! From the brush, he saw one of the soldiers come out yelling that the camp was under attack. Dani looked at him in shock as he quickly told him that Jerry was dead and that the knife he held was what did him in. The knife and sword drawn in hand, they rushed together back to the camp, only to find horror and hell waiting for them. As they arrived, the smell of blood grew worse for Dani, the stench began to overwhelm him as they saw what the camp had become. It was a blood bath as bodies and blood were sprayed everywhere. The stench caused Dani to cover his nose and mouth, if nothing else to keep him from throwing up. The same couldn't be said to the other soldier as he threw up on the spot he stood. Regaining their senses, they tried to look around for any sign of the perpetrators. It was when they saw the death knight that all things came in full circle. No mortal man could have caused this much destruction. Both armed themselves, ready to attack. Dani told the soldier to wait for the right moment, but in a cry of determination the soldier charged in for the death knight. Dani tried to reach out for the soldier, but it was too late to stop the man from charging to his death. Before he could chase after him, Dani heard rustling behind him, he spun around, swinging his sword in hopes of hitting something. ((I deeply apologize for the long wait and disappointing post. It was late at night when I typed this out of my own head, of what little I could think of, I'm sorry.))
  9. Daniyel suddenly jerked his head upward, his ears perked up as his heard a large thud nearby. He immediately turned around to see initially nothing, but deep in his gut something felt wrong. Something wasn't right, but what scared him the most was that he didn't know what and couldn't see anything. Shakily, he stood up, his hand on his sword as he slowly walked into the direction where he thought he heard the thud, but stopped himself. Shaking his head, he started talking to himself as if someone else was there talking to him, "Get a grip, Daniyel! It was probably just a branch or something fallin'..." Before he turned around to the camp, he called out into the jungle as he remembered someone being out there. "Oi, Johnson, that you mate? Come on, it's late and this isn't funny!" There was no response, leading Daniyel to ball his fist and move closer to the tree. "Johnson you better snickerin' or dead over there, I shit you not!" He moved closer and closer the tree, moving the bush where his body laid to the side. "Because if I find ya' laughin' ya' arse off, I'm gonna beat the livin'- Oh... oh shit." His face was struck from anger to horror as he discovered his body, a knife plunged deep into his skull. Trembling he darts his head around quickly, his paranoia kicking back in as he leaned down to pull the knife from the man's skull, examining it. "What the bloody hell? This.. this is not good... not good at all....." Daniyel was in trouble. His breathing began to quicken, his eyes darting to every corner, his body trembling in fear... he was panicking. Slowly he backed away from the body, only to trip back over a hanging root on the ground, falling backwards, still looking around hastily for the sign of the assassin. The bloodied knife, with bits of grey matter still on the blade, clenched in his hand as he tried to regain his composure, to try and focus. If someone was after the party he was in, he could potentially be next on the list. He cared little about the others he was with, due to their insults to his "condition". He stood up slowly, his legs trembling a little as he got into a defensive stance, placing his right hand on his sword but not drawing it, calling out into the jungle. "Alright... whoever ya' are... show ya'self!"
  10. Daniyel sat by the camp fire awake and restless. He didn't feel too comfortable in the jungle like he was. But being a mercenary hired to protect these people along with the soldiers seemed like a decent idea at the time. It got him away from the Watch, leaving his communicator back at his home in Ironforge. The pay was mediocre at best, but it was better that nothing, and Dani knew he needed to make some kind of a living. He occasionally wanted to look at each of the missives, curious as to what the hell they could be saying that required so much armed support to transport it all to Booty Bay. Of course, he was told not to look, so he only sat in thought. The humidity of the jungle was getting to him, even in the lighter armor he carried with him, which was light plate armor and only one shoulder pad. He was just thankful that he wasn't in Worgen form, or else the suffering would be even greater. During the night, he kept taking out and looking at his pocket watch, constantly checking the time. He patted his side, making sure he didn't forget his pistol. He left at home, along with a lot of his armor, his main sword. Going through the jungle carrying a huge blade would only slow him down. Instead he carried a simple long sword (one-handed) that sheathed itself across his back. He didn't need to bring any heavy weaponry, as he felt most of the Horde activity in the area would be small at best due to the escalated conflict in Pandaria. Just a sword and pistol would serve him well enough. As he checked the fire and staring at the guy carving the wood wondering what he was doing, Daniyel couldn't help but feel uneasy. It was the jungle and it was probably just a panther or some other animal in the distance, but it felt like he was being watched. He violently shook his head, trying to put that thought out thinking it was just wind, animals, or just the fact it's late at night. He continued staring into the fire, muttering to himself, "The things I do to make a livin'... Here I am, in the middle of a bloody jungle on watch duty protectin' people for only a few gold coins. Story of my bloody life..."
  11. That looks like the shape of a Worgen in a Gundam suit to me.
  12. Daniyel only sighed agitated as the Captain essentially told him to fuck off when he tried to help. While this would set him off in a slight temper, he knew full well who was around. The guards were obviously scared to death, and what he was doing was not only out of line, but scaring them even more. He quietly apologized to the Captain for his sudden burst of frightening questions as he ran upstairs, overhearing the plan over the comm channel. As Daniyel reached the top, he quickly spoke into the comm, addressing Urivial. "Commander, I might have a better solution, one that may limit the possibilities of casualties even further and not leave any physical harm to anyone in the process." Daniyel walked briskly to the ledge, being careful not to stick his head out too much to be noticed by the angry citizens below. He peered around Sentinel Hill to find a possible spot for his potential plan, which he hoped would be considered in thought as he continued to speak, "Instead of many of us bein' down there, causing physical harm and the possibility of casualties, have one of us down there acting as a distraction, drawing the mob away from the door, allowin' the guards to escape unnoticed through the front door. Besides, they're angry over a worgen attack, right? I wish to go out and be that distraction, since I have the 'right tool for the job', so to speak." As he finished that last sentence, he immediately began to shift forms. His body shape and structure changing as his hind legs grew, his muzzle forming, the fur growing all over him, his eyes shifting from blue to yellow, his fangs growing, along with other things. After his shift, he continued to speak, in a slightly lower toned voice due to his shift, "Sounds ballsy and stupid and I can very well die, I know that, but think about it! The only life bein' risked here would be mine alone, instead of us, the guards, and the citizens themselves, and I can bloody run if I need to in the opposite direction if things get too hairy for me. If nothin' else, it'll buy you lot some time to get the guards out safely." Daniyel knew the danger of what he was putting himself into, but he was more than ready to do it in a heartbeat, ready to leap off the ledge and land safely behind the wall to run behind the crowd to draw them away.
  13. Log #16: Tuesday, January 8th Today has proved interesting and troublesome all at the same time. A lot more has happened this one day than it has the past few days. To start: I decided to take some fresh and stay at a campsite in the snowing mountains outside of Ironforge. To my surprise, I had a visitor drop in. Altherion of all people, if that's believable. I knew full well he was a wanted man, and ten thousand gold was certainly a hefty reward for his head. But I wanted to know more, I wanted to know why, or at least if any of the shit on it was true. We sat by the fire, drank some ale, and talked about it. We had a very long talk on multiple subjects. As he departed, he left with the warning I feared to hear true. Vengeance against Urivial and the Dusk Watch for the Windstalker sisters was coming, it was only a matter of time. As the Watch's weekly relaxing at Bruuk's came close, I started my helicopter and flew back to Ironforge to hopefully cheer up some. That, turned into a slight bust. As I sat upstairs awaiting the arrival of the others, I heard commotion as a racist Dwarf 'lock started causing trouble and harassed a Gilnean lad for no reason other than the fact he was Human. I don't know this Dwarf's little problem, but if it weren't for the fact we were in Ironforge and he didn't already make fool of himself trying to summon demons, I would have ripped that little fucker to pieces for those words. More importantly, no one of the Watch, except Amae showed up. I did meet new faces, but I felt I needed to go. Relaxing at home however proved to be the more depressing part to this day, as Lesya came by (as well as Amae sneaking in my house again) to basically tell me that I could very well lose my best friend to insanity or worse. Of all the things to hear, of all the things to worry about, THIS had to come up. I can't... I can't bear the thought of losing my only close friend, the only one I can truly trust in this world. I just hope it won't turn out as it did for me... Light, as if the entire world is just falling apart at its seams. But I'll try and trust Lesya's judgement and not give off the appearance that I know. I don't know if I can sleep tonight, maybe drinking myself into a stupor would amend this and knock me out cold? -End of Log-
  14. My only question to the ability of a Death Knight to use the Light, is wouldn't that be detrimental to their own existence to use it? Like, we know that the Light can severely harm Undead of any kind. Similar to a Holy/Disc Forsaken Priest, wouldn't usage of the Light by Undead hands burn them more than anything? I guess my question is wouldn't the Light more or less kill (or severely burn) a Death Knight if one were to somehow be able to use it again in Undeath?
  15. ... Do I -want- to know?