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  1. Redflare curls his lip at the disheartening landscape as he peers over his map. This wasteland is our new headquarters? Figures.. A small Gilnean village appears as he covers the next hill, lifting his soured mood. The dark, green grass was a much better contrast to the red cracked earth he left behind himself as he padded his way closer and closer to the center of town. Now this... This is much better. The sounds of conversation drift through the air, gathering his attention towards the nearby Inn, and he inches his way inside, his curiosity getting the better of him.
  2. All I'm looking for is the Red plate that drops in 25 man Heroic mode. If I can get that, I'll pass anything and everything else to whomever wants.
  3. Alth! If you're interested, perhaps we can get these groups running again? I gotta start working on a roleplay transmog set that drops from here, and I'll gladly let you have dibs on Invincible. So... What do you say?
  4. <p>I love your story! <a href="<___base_url___>/showthread.php?22850-Sheltered-Stray" rel="">http://wow-tng.org/showthread.php?22850-Sheltered-Stray</a></p>

  5. Malevolent clouds blanket the sky over Eversong Woods, coating each opening through the trees. The darkness envelops the land, and lightning arcs across the treetops, signaling the coming of a great storm. As rain water crashes against the soft, luscious forest floor, a pair of hooves are masked through the oncoming torrent. A young mother races down the cobblestone path, crying out in fear and desperation as she makes her way further south. Behind her, looms an ever increasing threat, casting a dark shadow in its wake. Her hooves clatter along the bridge, fearful of what breathes heavy upon her neck. The sounds of bone mixed with metal grind down the pathway behind her, crying out their endless wail of sorrow, and death. The Scourge forces barrel down after the young mother, just as she approaches a nearby village. White marble buildings stretch towards the sky, accented with golden and ruby trim. Fairbreeze village appears vacant at this hour, yet her only hope of survival for the babe wrapped in her arms lies within. Just as she nears the marble steps ascending towards the inn, a sharp pain greets her, and her vision grows dim. A sickening wetness pools from her chest, and she topples to the ground, the babe rolling towards the open doorway. The crying newborn causes a rile from within the darkness of the building, and a hail of arrows cascade through the opening, felling the Scourge where they stand. Bright green eyes illuminate the darkness as three Sin'dorei approach the babe and dying mother, surveying the area for hints of another attack. The mother claws her way up the marble steps, searching for the lump of blanket through her fading vision. Two of the Sin'dorei help her to her feet, just as her head lolls over her shoulder, dead. A silent burial is performed that night, soaking the freshly tilled soil with the heavy downpour. The swaddled infant is brought back inside, where they remove the drenched blanket. Swathed in the blanket is a small kitten, with little round stumps protruding from its head. The Sin'dorei take the newborn kit upstairs, and settle him in for the night, adopting him for their own. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Bright sunlight looms down on Fairbreeze Village, as a small plethora of children make their way to the inn. Upon approaching the steps, they turn towards a small opening underneath, and peer within the blackness. "Here kitty, kitty! C'mon Naur! Come out an' pway!" From within the darkness comes a low, feral growl, and a blur of ruddy fur blinds two of the children as a somewhat large feline pounces them. The large cat licks at the two playfully, and bounds off them, prancing about in his amusement. The other children tackle the cat, piling up on top of him, burying him underneath themselves. Out comes a dull roar as he playfully knocks them all off, and races down the cobblestone path, them following hot on his heels. They come to a sudden halt as they near the Dead Scar, and peer down at the mass of bone and rotting corpses shambling about the barren landscape. "I dare you to go down there." "No, you go down there!" "Nuh uh! It's too scary!" The moist grass beneath one of the children becomes too slippery for their footing, and they slip down the embankment, tumbling into the blackened earth with a thud. Naurandir slides down after him, trying his best to keep his footing as his pawpads slip through the damp grass. He pads over to the young Sin'dorei, and noses his side, trying to get him to his feet. He nudges himself underneath the child, just as a rattling groan greets their ears. He slowly turns around, only to be facing a small handful of mangled corpses, staring at the two. He backpedals towards the embankment, the child clenching tightly to his neck fur, and bumps into a large, fleshy mass. He slowly lifts his head, peering up into the eyes of an Abomination. A gross, gurgling sound emits from the Abomination's throat as its mouth curls into a dumbstruck smile, and he lifts a hefty cleaver into the air, sending it back down towards the two. Naurandir ducks between the Abominations legs, and claws his way back up the embankment, the other children yelling and crying out for him to hurry. His claws sink into the loose soil, and he loses his footing momentarily, causing him to scramble for another good grasp. After what seems like an eternity for the two, they make it up to the top, just as the feline feels a sharp pain in his lower back. Wincing, he looks back into the scared eyes of the other child, blood pooling from his mouth. He is sent flying off Naurandir's back, a grisly hook lodged within his chest, and he plummets down into the horde below. Tear streaked and in pain, Naurandir claws his way over the edge of the embankment, and looks back at the carnage below, a look of fear streaked across his face. There was nothing he could have done to save the child anymore, and he flees into the forest, leaving the group of children to themselves as they run back, crying, to Fairbreeze Village. Once he is a good distance away from the children and Scourge, he collapses to the ground in a heap, sobbing himself to sleep.
  6. I start work soon, so could you please place Naomh and Naurandir as tenative for their time slots? I'd very much like to attend, though you never know what your work schedule is until it's posted, so we'll have to see.
  7. Okay, finally running into this, so I gotta throw in my two cents: 1) Farming the full dungeon set 3 JUST to be allowed into Karazhan. (I hate you Mechanar! 84 runs for that chestpiece.. 84!!) 2) Three words. Shade. Of. Aran. "Oh shit the elementals are up! GET OUT OF THE MIDDLE!" 3) First time going into Zul'Aman with its release... *Changes pants* 4) Getting my Nether Ray mount, back when it took MONTHS to farm the quests and rep. (Yeah, I'm a BC baby, but I had a small taste of Vanilla. About two months before the expansion, though, so I don't consider myself Vanillish.)
  8. Drihum Vashanta (H) is a level 25 Roleplay/PvE/PvP guild on the Twisting Nether (US) Server. We are currently recruiting any and all active roleplayers, especially those willing and interested in running end game raids. We have several slots open for our weekly raiding group, and won't be starting our runs until we fill up! Currently need one tank, two healers, and two DPS. If you can swap between tanking, healing, or DPS, that would be a definite plus. We have an active guild website, and are working on getting a Mumble server. If you are interested, please fill an application on the website: http://drihumvashanta.enjin.com/ Any questions can be relayed to Naurandir in game.
  9. Naomh will be actively humilitating Kromthal in Dalaran during the event, so come get a good laugh while working on your 'chieve.
  10. With the inclusion of Svetlaena (Please contact me in game when you can,) we have one healer, three to four dps, and one tank. So that means we are still actively looking for one more healer, two dps, and a tank. If anyone is interested, or knows anyone that might be interested, please inform me in game, so I can continue making preparations for the next patch.
  11. In preparations for the upcoming patch 5.2, Thunder King raid, Lixxel and I are working on forming a Horde side, casual raiding group. We've been working on gathering members for the past month or so, with no luck, so I thought I'd try my luck on the Gazette Raiding Help forums. If there are currently any raiding groups needing a Restoration Druid and Mage for progression raiding, please let us know, otherwise we are actively recruiting members for our own progression group. All classes and roles are welcome, at least until we fill up our ranks. If you're interested, or have an alt that you would like to involve in a new raiding group, please let me know, and I'll relay information on what our plans are for progression preparation, and the like.
  12. Please add Naurandir and Naomh to the Horde side list. I'd very much like to attend more Roleplay events, now that I'm officially back on the server for good.
  13. Journal Entry: Day 15 Note to self, learn to keep my mouth shut. I'm currently recovering in this strange 'Mage City' called Dalaran. Lixxel couldn't have shown up at a better time. JUST as I was about to be beheaded, she set the executioner aflame, and dragged me into a portal. I don't remember much afterwards, besides waking in the Medical Ward in the Trade District. The damage from the executioner was quite severe, but nothing that couldn't be mended. A few broken ribs, internal bleeding, and various gashes where his blows split the skin. The main thing I learned during my time in Orgrimmar? Orcs are very protective of their honor. During my recovery, I have had much time to reminisce, and think over my attitude as of late. Perhaps I have been going about things in the wrong way? I have acquired the arrogant, rude mannerisms of the Quel'Dorei that I grew up around, and that needs to change. Apparently they didn't have a good standing with the 'Horde' during their first few years among their new comrades-in-arms. Still, there seems to be a slight disdain towards the Elves. Associating myself with them, and adopting their mannerisms throughout the years has been my own fault. It is time for things to change, and now is as good a time as any. Lixxel mentioned showing me around the Mage City once she returned, so maybe I can learn better manners from her?
  14. Journal Entry: Day 7 UGH! What a dump of a city! This is the mighty central base of the Horde? Orgrimmar looks like the backside of one of those Kodo beasts I was introduced to back in Mulgore. The patrons are highly representative of the atmosphere as well, all them being trashy as the floor they eat from. A very tense, hostile city as well. After leaving the zeppelin, I had to literally fend off at least three thugs during the next several hours while touring the city. Filthy green-skinned vermin thieves.. Do I just radiate cocky rich boy or something? By the Sunwell.. The guide I was assigned to wasn't the least bit friendly, either. Acknowledging me with nothing more than a grunt, and heading off into the slums before turning the corner, and yelling, "Are you going to move your cow-ass, or am I getting paid to just walk around town?" Not only are they filthy and mean, but downright RUDE! I ended up getting into a scuffle with a guard for bumping into him while fending off ANOTHER thief within the so-called 'Drag', and am now in their poor excuse of stockades, waiting for the Executioner's axe. Things aren't supposed to end this way! I haven't been gone from home long enough, and already I'm waiting for my death to arrive. Where is Lixxel when you need her..?