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  1. <p>I love you.</p>

  2. Full Name: Vasyl Greaves Nicknames: Rarely, "Syl". Date of Birth: 34 years before the events of Warcraft 3. Age: 34-36 at time of death. Ageless, now. Race: Forsaken Gender: Male Hair: Once blonde-brown, now purple. Skin: The pale-and-blue of dead flesh. Eyes: Empty sockets glowing with soulstuff. Height: 6'4'' fully extended, 5'10'' hunched over (as normal). Weight: 80lbs soaking wet--having next to no flesh and muscle is fantastic for your diet. Place of residence: Vagrant murderhobo for the Horde--once called the Kingdom of Lordaeron home. Place of Birth: Born and raised near Sorrow Hill (in what is now known the Western Plaguelands) Known Relatives: None survived the Scourge. Religion/Philosophy: Rather apathetic about the worship of the Light during his human years--now feels a strong since of empty gnawing. "Was a damned?" and so on. Fully believes in the goals of Lady Sylvanas and the murderous ideals of the Apothecary. After all---we are forsaken in the eyes of the humans. Why not take back what was ours? Occupation: Loremaster, journalist, and general adventuring. Group/Guild affiliation: Once rode with the Knights of Infection, currently works solo. (In a non-roleplaying guild.) Guild Rank: N/A Enemies: Humans from other Kingdoms that would dare try to take Lordaeron back from the Forsaken. Allied with the Horde--your enemy is my soulshard. Likes: Reading, exploring new places, discovery. Takes a brutal delight in ripping souls from powerful heroes---something that leads him to believe the last good parts of his human soul are slipping away from him. Favorite Foods: Food lost it's taste with death, but he isn't one for cannibalizing his foes. The sharp taste of Stormwind Brie brings him nostalgia, and it powers through his tastebuds. Besides, like, every Scarlet Crusader has it, so it's practically free food. Favorite Drinks: Morning Glory Dew has a special place in his heart, but he's a whiskey and scotch man. Favorite Colors: White (Lordaeron), Purple (Warlock), and Gold (he was one human). Weapons of Choice: Staves and wands, but primarily curses. Dislikes: "I. Can't stand. The smell. Of orcs." Hobbies: Reading, writing, exploring, fast and furious combat, demonology, the occult. Physical Features: Once distinctive nose flatted against his face, Broad shoulders, for a dead guy. Notably his long, purple hair---and his smell. Necromancy, demonology--or maybe just hygiene, but he smells kinda nice. For a dead guy. Special Abilities: Something of a charmer. Quite apt at solving puzzles. Positive Personality Traits: Relatively good-meaning, seems to take things with stride, somewhat protective of his allies. Negative Personality Traits: He can be a sarcastic dick, and he definitely thinks he's smarter than anyone he meets. Looks down on arcanists as the 'lesser' spellcaster. Misc. Quirks: Tends to lose things in his empty body cavities--flowers most often, but once had a bird nesting in his chest for some time, but wasn't limber enough to get it out. Has a thing for tauren and gob women, although he keeps that to himself. Makes an effort to 'hide away' his undeadness when dealing with other races, but is pretty poor at it. Played by What Famous Person: Callum Blue Theme Songs: " " - Pixies, " " - Margot and the Nuclear So & Sos. I play a playlist of a lot of random rock music for PVP, though. History: Upcoming -- was a writer in life, explored a lot because of it. Got Forsaken'd, dedicated some time to magic, fell into demonology, etc.
  3. Prepare to rage. All I can do is fear spam. Hahah. Oh, my--you didn't have to be so forward!
  4. <p>Welcome back <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/wink.png" alt=";)" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/wink@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

    <p>We do not know each other, but at the end of this month a new guild will be born in Twisting Nether on the Alliance side. Since you've been away and probably are guildless, here's my invitation to you:</p>

    <p>Eth Chaim is a med-heavy RPing guild that priorizes a good fraternal relationship between its members and focus on a storyline made by our leaders (me included). We also love to do pretty much everything that WoW can give and PvP most likely. But our top priority is to raise and continue our story, that has a long way back in another Realm and is just beginning a new chapter at Twisting Nether. Feel free to browse at the little we have enabled for public view on <a href="www.ethchaim.wowstead.com" rel="external nofollow">www.ethchaim.wowstead.com</a></p>

    <p>The guild isn't officialy existing, but we are lvling it until the upcoming event of its birth. I would personaly welcome you in and, when the day comes, interview you so we can ICly welcome you into our ranks. See you soon being your answer yes or no =]</p>

  5. Character: Vasyl I am a: Masculine Undead Warlock Seeking: Friends and conversation, mostly lightweight stuff. Willing to do something more hardcore if it becomes interesting. Definitely interested in other forsaken--but I can't resist a gob woman. <3 More about me: I'm on during the evenings for short bursts, but I can schedule more active times as needed. Misc. notes: Been here for years, enjoy depth over brevity, and don't mind sitting down for long in character chats. Contact me through: In game mail or whisper. Stay IC, if you don't mind--use brackets or what-have-you for OOC.
  6. From the days of Burning Crusade, I kinda skipped two expansions--but I'm the undead warlock Vasyl. I'm here looking for some people to get some roleplaying on--my hours are hectic, so I want to do something dense in the time I have. But other than that, nice community here. Hi guys!