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  1. This is a desktop wallpaper I did for someone. It's been cropped down because it was huuuuge! Pretty much the same here.
  2. Ya so I finally did it and opened up shop for commissions in WoW via I do smartphone wallpapers, deskstop backgrounds, website banners and everything in-between and of course signatures. So far it's been pretty good! Below is some of the work people wanted done. This is actually a deskstop background that I cropped to show.
  3. If you play naughty enough, maybe you'll get one too! And thanks! ON EMERALD DREAM!
  4. <p>Haha I reduced my price!.....A lot!</p>

    <p>5k is the going price of my stuffs! I'm on Emerald Dream though!</p>

  5. <p>I love your work bud! How much do those signatures usually go for?</p>

  6. Who will be the hunter and who will be the hunted? -Vi'drago Allandre to Emzela Fairglades.