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  1. Kai'ti flew high and fast. she knew the goblin most likely would not be happy with what she had done, but it had been to protect her. The netherdrake below her grumbled. Kai rubbed the ntherdrake's neck. "We must be makin' haste Zundae.. She be findin' us eventually.. and well you 'eard 'er t'reat. I don't t'ink ya want dat to 'appen to us now do ya?" she asked the drake, looking behind them to see if there was any trace of the goblin. "You're always getting us into trouble," came the reply from Zundae. The drake shook his head and dove towards a ridge close to the beach. "Ya try workin' wit dis goblin! She be hard to work wit!" She gave the drake a playful punch as she dismounted. "Now go before ya be seen. She'll more den likely be here soon." The drake nodded and took off, but landed nearby, keeping an eye on his friend. Kai sat and waited for the goblin to show up. Might as well relax a bit while she can before the goblin got to her.
  2. Full Name: Kai’ti Foxtail Nicknames: Kai, Foxtail Age: 22 Race: Troll Gender: Female Hair: Light blue part of it pulling into a pony tail while the rest drapes over her neck. Skin: Blue Eyes: Reddish-Orange (red towards inside of eye, orange towards outside of eye Height: 5’2 ( very short for a troll ) Place of residence: Wanderer Place of Birth: Echo Islands Known Relatives: Zy’kar (brother) Occupation: Hunter for Rocksi Group/Guild affiliation: The Dragonhawk Brigade Guild Rank: Agent Enemies: None currently Likes: Staying out of the limelight but having a good time Favorite Foods: roast raptor, eggs, any kind of bird meat Favorite Drinks: Anything with a taste of fruit Favorite Colors: Purples and reds Weapons of Choice: Bows, daggers and the occasional pole-arm Dislikes: alliance (obvious isn’t it?), anyone who likes to brag about things Hobbies: making outfits (tailoring), and adding enchants to things, and the occasional drawing in her journal. Physical Features: She's short but lanky. Her tusks longer then the average female troll's tusks. Her ears are slightly longer as well. Positive Personality Traits: Patient, rational, Negative Personality Traits: Can be seemingly lazy at times, History: She was raised pretty much by her older brother Zy’kar. When he left for Northrend she was left to her own devices and found that she had skills as a hunter. She spent months, maybe a couple years, training and honing her skills before heading off to Northrend herself. She aided in getting into Icecrown citadel, hearing the joyous cries of battle from comrades above as the Litch King fell. She spent a few more years after his fall helping out and hunting for the elusive thunder wolf that she had heard about from other hunters. She found one eventually, and tamed it. She then used a mage portal to travel to Outland, being as curious as a fox. She soon found that there wasn’t much to do out there, though she found a few drakes that caught her eye. She managed to earn friendship of a strangely colored one, a mix of cobalt and purple coloring. After doing so she returned back to Orgrimmar to find that Deathwing had returned. She aided in helping to try to fix what he had destroyed and helping wipe out his cult of followers. After Deathwing’s death she took to hanging out at the Wyvern’s Tail, hoping to see her brother again and possibly making friends, but only resulting in her employer getting fairly angry at her. After being released from service by the goblin, Rocksi, she went to drown her sorrows in drinking. A few days later she received a letter from the goblin requesting help, and couldn’t help but go after the goblin. Not knowing where she’d end up, she followed Rocksi’s trail till she ended up having to go to the continent of Pandaria. (picture coming when I get it drawn.)
  3. XP Ty Alth. And now.. for another image.. Just finished it this morning.. I freaking love it.. The only thing i'm unhappy with is the fact that my markers hate me.. so I had to use markers and colored pencil for this. @_@
  4. I have like.. 2 other sketches of the druid form that i need to finish.. one of him all snarly.. and one with his life mate. o3o
  5. Yeah.. deciding to post up some of my doodles.. I figure why not. Most of mine aren't WoW related, I will say that much. most are wips if they are wow related or finished sketches. ._. First one is Ikdor in his cat form. Decided to customize him a bit and have him keep his dreads and such while in kitty form. Second one is an unfinished sketch of Ikdor as his troll self. Originally it was going to be my warrior but decided to make it ikdor instead (My warrior Zykar and Ikdor look VERY similar. The only difference really is their tusks. ) This one.. if no one has seen him running around.. Yeah.. i'm sure we all know who this is.. Altherion.. in my weird chibi way. Now for Non-WoW related art! This is Raji, well a weird sketchy thingy that I did with my tablet when bored one day.. she's kinda.. odd looking. Another Raji doodle.. I just.. yeah. idk about this one really. I have a LOT more art then this I just don't feel like uploading it somewhere else again.. >_> you can find me on FA and DA under the name kitaramoonfox.. actually i'll just go ahead and post links. http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kitaramoonfox/ http://kitaramoonfox.deviantart.com/ :3 ~Kit/Ikdor