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  1. If you need an extra set of hands or don't want to fix something yourself let me know
  2. Elveria


    If you PvP you will love rogues in 5.2. They are getting heinously overbuffed and I will definitely be playing mine (hooray FotM) Right now they aren't as bad as disc but certainly week. It feels more like a 3 minute mage since Shadow Blades allows you to annihilate anything in a stunlock, but their damage without cooldowns isn't abysmal. I hear assassination is decent in PvE nowadays but I'm not expert on that.
  3. I can vouch for this and please don't stop doing it. That was really fun despite being such a small thing.
  4. People talk about reaching out a lot. I think it's a good idea but if everyone discusses it why does nobody do it? Not that I'm an authority on RP or anything; I started seriously doing it only a few months ago and I'm still too shy to contribute as much as I should, but there is a lot of ego around here. Maybe I'm an authority on ego since mine is about the size of Africa. Necro is right; there are a lot of cliques around which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's hard to connect or expand when you have drama or otherwise feel it'd be beneath you to reach out to a newbie. I think there are a lot of good people here who do wonders for the community (many in this thread) and there are more than enough of them to make something awesome happen if they all came together.
  5. This may or may not be true but I read on WoWwiki that undead suffer intense pain channeling the Light even if it's healing magic. They were talking about Forsaken priests but I don't see why it wouldn't be similar for death knights. Might factor that in.
  6. Only problem with goblin towns is people who are hated.
  7. That's probably really frustrating with 2 warriors since they class is designed to make you want to just mongoloid into people until they keel over. Don't get me wrong, not calling anyone bad. The class is just designed such that it demands you tunnel and forgo control on any target other than the kill target (Thanks GC). Makes for difficult healer games.
  8. Yes. It's vastly different from standard arena strategy in MoP which seems to be "burn everything and global someone" but if you chain cc properly you can win. Strange how 2v2 now has the biggest potential for actual games.
  9. That's not a bad guess. I assume it's population combined with #bases controlled via some math to weight it however they want. The buff does change strength when bases change hands.
  10. At least Blood Elf structures aren't rusty after literally zero days of existing.
  11. Agreed. Maybe in a more impactful place like WG that only happens every so often it's important to balance the teams, but in a persistent situation like this that doesn't really give much honor it's silly. It just discourages people from going there.
  12. Sure, I won't argue that it's impossible to win. Maybe some Horde players enjoy the challenge. As long as we agree that it's bad game design.
  13. Just because imbalances can be overcome with skill doesn't mean they have a place in the game. It should be as hard for me to win as for you to win, no more no less. As the game stands, Horde players are being punished simply for being Horde.
  14. Because what you're doing isn't childish, right. There's nothing wrong with sharing information and trying to figure it out ourselves. Keep trolling, though, it's really constructive.
  15. fixed You're also forgetting the 23% health and pvp power or whatever it gives that was on us. It needs a fix.