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  1. I'm glad you're happy! hopefully you can come join us!))
  2. "Takoohi Presents: World of Wonders Feats of Strength?" Wolfley peered over Tak's shoulder, watching as the elf carefully wrote out the title of her flyer. "Yeah!...imagine this, Woofie, weekends that are usually spent dilly daddling around looking for things to do now can be filled! plus I remember reading there was someone who had done this before and it was quite fun to do!" Takoohi smiled wide before returning to writing down the rest of the information on the parchment while Wolfley ruffled the elf's hair and let return to her project. Event: Horse Relay Number of people per Team: This will need four people to a team. Date: October 4th, 2014 Time: 7:30 P, Server Time Event: Fencing Number of people per Team: This is a solo event. Date: October 5th, 2014 Time: 7:30 P, Server Time Event: Base Jumping Number of people per Team: This is a solo event. Date: October 11th, 2014 Time: 7:30 P, Server Time Event: Sprint Race Number of people per Team: This is a solo event. Date: October 12th, 2014 Time: 7:30 P, Server Time Event: Broom Relay Number of people per Team: This will need four people to a team. Date: October 18th, 2014 Time: 7:30 P, Server Time Special Notes: Participants must dress in some sort of costume. Event: Long Swim Number of people per Team: This is a solo event. Date: October 19th, 2014 Time: 7:30 P, Server Time Special Notes: Participants must dress in some sort of costume. Event: Swim Relay Number of people per Team: This will need four people to a team. Date: October 25th, 2014 Time: 7:30 P, Server Time Special Notes: Participants must dress in some sort of costume. Event: Archery Number of people per Team: This will be a solo event. Date: October 26th, 2014 Time: 7:30 P, Server Time Special Notes: Participants must dress in some sort of costume. Event: Long Jump Number of people per Team: This will be a solo event. Date: November 1st, 2014 Time: 7:30 P, Server Time Event: Jousting Number of people per Team: This will be a solo event. Date: November 2nd, 2014 Time: 7:30 P, Server Time Special Notes Must have the Argent Dawn things unlocked in Northrend Event: Flying Number of people per Team: This will be a solo event. Date: November 8th, 2014 Time: 7:30 P, Server Time Event: Boxing Number of people per Team: This will be a solo event. Date: November 9th, 2014 Time: 7:30 P, Server Time You have to pay 5g to participate in each event, but you can compete in as many events as you want. (70g to compete in all of them) (When four people apply for the relays, you only need to pay one set of 5g, not 20g) The 1st place winners of each event earn 100g (relays have to split) The 2nd place winners of each event earn 50g (^) The third place winners of each event earn 10g (^) And at every event the rules will be explained. If you wish to sign up, then write so below on the empty space or send me, Takoohi! and mail in the letter boxes found in all major cities or for you crafty engineers just create one! Or if you manage to find me and want to whisper in my quite elongated ears then that will be most pleasant as well. With a satisfied nod and a quick check for any errors, Tak ventured off to throw flyers all over the major cities in Azeroth. (OOC: Thanks to Ugraz for hosting this event many years ago, I hope I can do it justice!)
  3. "Tak!...come on..wake up Tak you lazy elf get up!" Cogs jumped up and down trying with all his might with his tiny gnome feet to wake the slumbering elf "They're leaving without you..your first day on the front lines and you're going to miss out!". Eventually he got lucky and a lock of silver hair fell just in reach for him to grab and yank hard, startling the elf and causing her to fly out of bed with a dagger in hand, that had been tucked underneath her pillow, to press against the small neck. "Oh Light.." she sighed tiredly "It's only you...Come on Cogs you know not to wake me..it's rude". Takoohi enjoyed her sleep and having spent most of her days, since reaching Pandaria, tilling a farm she was most of the time exhausted. "I know but they're leaving soon to take down Garrosh" the gnome ran around the small shack gathering up the elf's armor, placing it on a chair for her to dress herself. Takoohi stood over the water basin, looking carefully in the reflection. Silver hair straight and long, pale skin, an unmarked face and eyes just as white as her hair. "Tell me the plans while I get this armor on and for the love of Light stop perching on my bedpost..people will think you're crazy if they ever saw you!" She adored Cogs, being one of the few who enjoyed the elf back home in Stormwind, the others found her shy and useless but not Cogs, he always tried to make her laugh...but most of the time only made her crack a smile. While she strapped down her armor, tieing this strap to the other, Cogs went over the current state of the situation and what the generals had deemed to be the strategy for all sections of the military. With Takoohi's training as a Mistweaver by the local monks she was no longer just part of the team of engineers, she now had a purpose and she was glad she was able to bring Cogs along with her. "I'll be running supplies to you during it, but we'll be back far enough where it won't be too much of an issue...do you want tea or milk?" Takoohi couldn't help but sigh " You know I prefer tea" Cogs would have none of that and he gave her his repeated speech while she strapped her bracers with a few tinkering devises "Milk is far more useful, Tak, it helps your bones plus...it tastes a lot better eating cookies than it does if you drank you silly tea...but fine, I will bring you tea in the fight...it will keep better anyway" This was her moment, she had put the proverbial nose to the grindstone and spent grueling hours training and meditating. There were times Cogs would perching on her head board and watch her suffer nightmares of pain and rejection, she had to conquer her issues and gain control of her emotions and it paid a heavy toll on her mentally but through it all she came out a strong healer and finally felt useful to the Alliance cause. Just before landing on the shores of Orgrimaar Cogs looked up to Takoohi and yanked at the decorative straps of her leggings to make her bend down "Go get em Tak..." this time the elf grinned and fist bumped the gnome before rushing off to the docks. The battle did the usual waves of intensity, Takoohi could feel every bit of her being surging with what the monks had called chi, trying desperately to extract every part of nature to her will as she sent surge after surge of healing green mist. Engulfing the hard hitters in a ball of green mist while making sure the fast hitters were safe took every bit of her concentration, to the point she barely had time to say her thanks to Cogs who would refresh her with the strong brew of tea. The sounds of swords clashing was deafening and all she could hear at this point was the sound her heart beat pounding against her ear drums, it was the adrenalin kicking in and she was evening through in a few strikes of her own. The devise she had strapped to her bracers allowed her to harness the electrical powers of nature to send a crackling lightening bolt through her fingertips to send a powerful volt through any enemy that was unlucky to be struck. It was all so glorifying, she could see why people hungered for this and as the battle raged on she lost herself in the hunger for orc blood. Her reflexes had heightened as well, she was swiftly able to dodge past the fel magic of warlocks and mages alike, she even saw the incoming dagger that was headed straight to her skull and with a swift maneuver she ducked to the left letting it fly past her. "Tak...." it was at the very moment the only sound she heard was not her heart beat pounding against her eardrums but the sound of blood dropping on the floor. "Cogs! no..no no no no" She rushed to the bleeding gnome who stood there as if unsure of what had happened, before he fell she managed to cradle his tiny head in her elongated fingers "Come on..stay with me, I can hea-" her sentance was cut short by the sudden feel of pain of her hair being pulled backwards so that she arched back to get the view of the rogue that had snuck his way through the lines and his dagger that was quickly making it's way to reclaim what was rightly his initial target. The dagger felt like a piece of hot metal piercing her eye but what the rogue had not anticipated was that Takoohi's world had shattered, she was filled to the brim with anger and as she screamed in agony and hatred, all those emotion Cogs had watched her suffer through, were unleased. The dagger had little time to sink further into her skull before the rogue was blasted with a scathing rage of lightening, every inch of him had arches of lightening popping off his body and the smell of burning flesh filled the air but Takoohi wouldn't relent. The pain had long since subsided and was replaced with sheer fury, the adrenalin pumped faster in her veins and she sent surges of electricity through the rogues body. The rogue had long since been dead before Takoohi was drained of all will to continue the electrical current, the adrenalin was gone and she was left with the harrowing feeling of emptiness. Collapsed and broken and she weakly inched her way to Cogs, blood gushed out of one eye while the other gushed tears "Cogs..." she heard nothing now...not her own heart beat, not the battle, nothing... "What about this one?" the nurses huddled around the bed next to doctor who knew very well that this was the elf that often had gnome visitors for some curious reason. Her eye was now fashioned with a leather patch, it had taken months of recovery and rehabilitation. The dagger had gone in far enough past her eye socket to clip at the young elf's brain just enough to alter her mood. "She's quite spry this one, with therapy and rehabilitation we were able to save the intelligent side of her brain but we had to re-teach her basic functions of how to interact with others...let me show you" The doctor shoved at the sleeping elf's shoulder and without much of a fuss she woke up, yawning and rubbing at her remaining eye to wipe of the sleep gunk that naturally formed so that should get a view of her visitors. "Why don't you introduce yourself to these fine nurses" the doctor gestured towards the women and with a wide smile and a wave of her fingers the elf greeted them. "Hi!...I'm Takoohi and I like milk!"
  4. Syn


    I would really like to see this come back and when I thought of what would be nice to see again I immediately thought of this. I remember doing a lot of these competitions so the rules I still know...but the only one I don't know is the mountain climbing one and the archery one. how did that work out? Does anybody remember?
  5. Syn

    Takoohi Stray

    Full Name: Miss Takoohi Stay Nicknames: Tak Race: Night Elf Gender: Female Hair: Long and Silver Skin: Pale Eyes: White with one eye patched Place of residence: Dwarven District, Stormwind Place of Birth: Outside of Darnassus Known Relatives: Religion/Philosophy: The Light Occupation: Engineer, Healer and Formerly part of the Alliance Military Group/Guild affiliation: Hollowed Vigil Guild Rank: Legate Enemies: Warlocks, the smell of them drives her nose crazy Likes: Everything else but particularly anything to do with tinkering. Favorite Foods: Noodles Favorite Drinks: Milk Favorite Colors: Blue Weapons of Choice: Staff Dislikes: The smell of warlocks Hobbies: Tinkering, cooking, reading. Physical Features: The most notable is the eyepatch over her right eye Special Abilities: Humour Positive Personality Traits: Always curious in a comical way, has no shame in prodding other creatures to figure them out. Negative Personality Traits: Unknowingly honest about everything and sometimes her faith can get in the way of her understanding things. Misc. Quirks: She's a walking ball of quirk. History: It had been quite some time since Takoohi was in Darnassus, she barely remembers much from her homeland other than she never quite fit in with the other elves. For some reason she never felt comfortable with the idea of Elune, although she didn't doubt her existence she just never felt at home with her. When she was old enough she ventured off to Stormwind to escape a life of frolicking about in nature in a perpetual state. Once there, she took up residence in a house full of Dwarves in the Dwarven District, she did her chores and helped them with their duties but she never considered them family but she did care for them. While there she would watch the gnomes tinkering away and found that she had a great ability to put together different inventions that would make her chores a lot easier for her, of course she had a few issues and often she would be covered in soot and powders from things backfiring. During her days off from duties she would venture to the the Cathedral and gaze in wonderment at the sheer size of the building and when one day she gained the courage to step in she was greeted by a priest who directed her to old books that told the tales of the former glory of the Scarlet Monastery. He taught her how to properly pray and the history behind the human race, even giving her a token of her new found faith with a ruby inlaid rosary which she could use during her prayers. When the King pronounced that he was sending off his military to find his son she quickly signed up to join, with no other skill other than engineering she was placed with the other engineers and kept the sky ships and other flying contraptions in tip top shape...especially since she was usually one of the taller engineers. However, she wanted to be in the front lines but she had no combat skills...so when the initial fighting ceased and people were starting to return back to the mainland she opted to stay and help the natives of Pandaria rebuild. With her curious mindset and an ever present smile on her lips the natives quickly warmed up to her and showed her the many aspects of their fighting they had to offer. They took her to the main training grounds for their monks and it was then that she realized that all this time she was meant to be a healer. It wasn't easy for her, she had to learn how to calm her mind and focus her connection to the land but being a Night Elf did have its advantages, she was born to commune with nature and use it towards a greater purpose. With her training to become a Mistweaver one of the elder monks suggested she take up farming, so that she could feel how the soil gave nourishment and life to the plants and for the last few years before Garrosh ventured into the land she became secluded, almost forgetting what it was like to be around others besides Pandarans. Then came Garrosh, she could feel the sheer pride and anger he had reverberating through the land and she knew the Alliance would not be too far behind to bring to his knees. With her new abilities and appreciation for the land she took her old military uniform out and blew off the dust, she would not sit by watching her friends come to harm. When the time came to battle it out in the fields she performed exemplary, managing to also deal a few good licks of her own with her crafted engineering and the offensive tactics she learned from the monks and while she was always so swift and nimble she made the fatal error of not watching her back for one moment. It was then that a rogue sprung from the shadows to drives a shortened dagger into her right eye, almost reaching deep enough to become fatal, but her natural instincts kept it from driving further and her abilities worked hard to rapidly heal what they could. Unfortunately it meant the loss of her right eye, but Takoohi only viewed it as an opportunity to get something to match her outfit, and indeed it fit perfectly with the blue, gold, and leather uniform. When Garrosh was finally taken to his knees and forced to submit she returned to her humble farm to be greeted by a letter from the priest who taught her. It was a message that it was time to come home and re-enter the world that offered so much more variety and to re-learn what Takoohi had long forgotten, what it felt like to be around others and to be close to the Church she so desperately missed. So with that, the village bade her farewell and she boarded the next ship to return to Stormwind, finding it much changed and boistering with new life that made her feel both nervous and excited and right on the docks waiting for her was her old teacher, Wolfley.
  6. Main RP Toon: Synestra Horde Or Alliance? Horde/alliance Guild: Inglorious What was your favorite RP event or storyline? There were some I liked, I was enjoying the character development I had going for Syn alliance side, but my favorite would be during horde days when I took my bench across the world.. Who is someone that you used to RP with and haven't heard from in a long time, that you miss the most? I still talk to the people who I really care about so.... I miss my bench.. Share a screenshot from an RP you enjoyed:
  7. There's not going to be a solution to this. I've stopped playing mainly because this expansion pack got super boring for me and the rest of my guild basically stopped. Either way the rp I did get was always awkward and I was very aware that people didn't want me around. Necro talks about cliques, and while I agree there is a problem, a huge one in DW for sure. It's actually not that, it's the pretentiousness that some people get that throw people off. It's just too elitist, and I've been rping since I was like 10. I'm glad though that the last guild I was in, actually wanted me and had use for more because I gotta say, I never got a very warm welcome from DW and I was very aware of it. Rp is going to be as it is right now, you can make events, people may show people may not. You either have to accept it, transfer to a diff server or stop playing. It's like forcing everyone back into their high school years because you had so much fun!..it's not going to happen.
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  10. Syn

    Theramore's Fall

    The ringing finally stopped in her ears just in time for her to hear the blood gushing out from the unfortunate trolls throat that she had in her grasp. Synestra had gotten into a zone where all she wanted to do was skewer, slice and dice up all the horde in her vacinity but her adrenalin and strength quickly ran out. This was more apparent when the dead weight of her kill bared down on her before sliding to the ground in a heap, it was then that the true extent of her wounds was more present, nothing fatal, but she was losing blood at a steady rate and she was having a more difficult time breathing. Ripping off her mask she stood there and looked about the bodies surrounding her, some were in blues the rest...the rest were insignificant enemies but something in the distance made her ears twitch...the familiar sound of boats riding through currents of rough water but as for if it was friendly or foe was yet to be seen. Syn stood there for a moment, eyes threatening to close and slip into unconsciousness which she used her last bit of strength to prevent but her knees were buckling, her sword became a cane for her to prop herself on. It went quiet...everything went to a slow crawl and the only thing she could notice was the breeze from the sea was cooling and the halfling smiled. It was the last thing she felt before unconsciousness finally won over her and sent her falling to the broken pavement, silver hair splayed out and soaking up the blood that had covered the stones. "Ruji! she's over here!" The ships had been friendly...A wave of wind gusted over Kaiune and the unconscious Syn as Ruji summoned it to push back the orcs that were running in to meet the ships at the harbor "Take her back to Stormwind, we don't have time to tend to her elsewhere" Silently Ruji nodded and bent down to scoop up Syn, ribbons of green healing essence seeped from his hands to wrap around her body like a blanket as he carried her hastily towards one of the returning ships that was ushering out the heavily wounded back to the city. Kaiune soon followed but not before getting her own licks on the horde.
  11. Syn

    Theramore's Fall

    The orc moved in on the elf but with enough force of will and endurance she made easy work of them with her blade. Her balance was still off and she couldn't muster the talent to escape into the shadows so she met them with what brute force she had . The splatters of blood from the Orcs body spraying on her made her even more queezy, the ringing of her ears would not stop and for a brief moment she was afraid she would never hear anything else. With the orcs knocked back long enough, she stumbled her way over to the edge of the boat and leapt over it to land on the docks. It was only then that she realised one of the bastard green things managed to pierce her armor and create a lovely gash along her side. The loss of blood was almost alarming and she had to take a brief knee before she could use her sword as a prop to stand up again. It was only then that she was able to look up and truley grasp what had happened to Theramore, it was gone...bodies littered the area and she could barely make out the muffled cries over the ringing her ears. The overwhelming sensation of being caught off guard and alone along with the deaths she was witnessing stung her, her eyes threatening tears but she pushed them back with a hard gulp. On the other side of the dock she noticed a familiar tabard, it was a couple of Watchers and she could tell by the armor that Uri was with them. Looking back to the fallen city she shook off her impulse to find a way back to safety and made her way forward. her feelings of fright quickly turned into a seething hatred and with the adrenalin now pumping into her system she flicked her wrist so the blood on her sword flinged off, fresh and clean and ready for more orc blood.
  12. Syn

    Theramore's Fall

    Synestra had an odd habbit of taking passage on ships, even if it was never to get off when it came to the destination, instead she would just continuously ride them back and forth from one major continent to the other enjoying the breeze of the open sea. As the ship headed towards Theramore she had no hint that something was about to happen but as she leaned lazily against the side of the railing on the deck she noticed a zepplin barring the horde banners make it's path towards Theramore "The fel...Captain...what is that doing over there?" Her eyes narrowed, not having the greatest vision during the day but she quickly retrieved her spyglass and zoomed in but the purple orb that had been hanging underneath the zepplin had become detached from the zepplin and was hastily dropping towards the city. Without time Syn screamed out "Get Dow-!" it fell on deft ears, even though the impact itself didn't annihilation her the aftershock sent her and the rest of the crew on deck flying over board or in Syn's case smacked right into the other side of the ship, her head hitting against the wood hard enough to draw blood and knock her out for a good few minutes. When she came to all she could hear was ringing in her ears, loud..piercing ringing and it made her feel sick, it took a couple blinks for enough of the blurry vision to clear just enough for her to see flames engulfing the harbor city. Her fist punched into the wood as a way to force herself to get up but her movements were shakey, the ringing was throwing her off balance and her stomach threatened to throw up anything she had eaten previously. She unsheathed her sword and for a moment used it to balance herself as she quickly shook her head to make the ringing stop but it only worsened "For the love of Light...THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED?" Nobody answered, she saw a few crew still alive but in the same state as she was but this wasn't an issue anymore as she could see orcs starting to run towards the ship and pile in. "Well...this...this can't be good.." She stumbled backwards towards the railing so at least she had her back to something and braced herself for a fight.
  13. <p>I'm in game right now but can't seem to find you you said storm wind right?</p>

  14. <p>A group shot take a lot of time to set up so let me think about it. I was actually planning on making a blog with prices so I will make sure to cover group shots ^^ Thanks for liking my art <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/biggrin.png" alt=":D" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/biggrin@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>