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  1. You know that moment when you're working on something and you try to save it, but it just doesn't want to save so you say, "Screw you. I'll try again later," but when you do come back later and try to work on it again your computer has restarted and everything you were working on is gone? Yeah. That just happened.
  2. Finally, I can finish my achieves for this mount! Thank you so much! Definitely coming to this and everyone else who needs anything from here should too.
  3. Angry Vindi looks so good! I wish I could do angry faces likes that. And widdle Duro and Vindi! *squeel* So cuute!
  4. W-we were talking about dinosaurs and then it got onto what kind our characters would be and...this happened. DON'T JUDGE ME!! XP Just think of them like footie pajamas. That's what I did when I drew it.
  5. RAWR! Imma Belarisaur! Because Vindi and Duro are inspirational and because I'm not procrastinating at all. Nope. But seriously, new semester, new schedule, new patch, new sketches...eventually.
  6. Friday night or Saturday morning/afternoon is good for me. Never done this before so really excited
  7. Last night did not go how I was hoping it would. I had hoped that Duro, Vindi and I would have a nice, calm conversation and not be mad at each other like the night before. I even caught a deer and was making food for everyone, but no. Nothing ever goes how I hope. Figures. Now one more person knows about my phobia and probably thinks I'm pathetic. Could things get any worse? Anyway, due to the damage to my throat, I'm going to try and not talk a lot the next few days. I don't know what kind of poison Vindi uses, but it sure did a number on me. I'll have to be careful about moving my neck for a while until the tears heal a bit more. I'll also have to get my nails done soon. They're all chipped and have bits of flesh under them that I just can't get out. Just looking at them is depressing. Hopefully, now that even more drama has happened, things start calming down around here. Hopefully.
  8. Fuck it all! Why do I always manage to piss everyone off when I don't mean to?! Stupid emotions, stupid Lakka, stupid Keys, stupid DUROXAS!! {the writing is scribbled harshly, nearly ripping the page} No no, calm. I am calm, I am not angry. I will not yell at everyone around me...which is currently Vindliah and Duroxas. I will NOT yell at them. I will control myself and my temper. No yelling, no shooting, no hitting anything. I can do this. If only with a lot of help from that wine Svetlaena let me keep...I really should ask her where she got it.
  9. I've never understood peoples belief that a small journal with which they vent all their anguish and troubles can really be of help, but shooting things hasn't been enough lately and I'm beginning to run out of arrows. So here goes nothing. My name is Belarion Talonwing obviously as I'm the one writing this and will be the only one able to read it. If nothing else, this might help improve my penmanship. Anyway, I bought my first house, am actually in a somewhat stable relationship, made some real friends and dyed my hair. Although that last one was more someone being bored and I being uncaring for once. At least she did a decent job and I got my nails done at the same time. Plus it was free, so even better. I suppose starting with the simple things is fine. Hopefully I’ll remember to use this thing. Would hate to have wasted good money.
  10. Typical. One of the rare times he looks at the call board and he sees someone he actually knows on it. Whistling to Lakka to get her attention and motioning to the guard, the lizard rolls her eyes but makes her way to him. She growls at the guard and snaps at him to get his attention while Belarion, as quickly and discreetly as possible, rips the wanted poster down. He stuffs it in his bag then turns to the guard to send him an apologetic look which is returned with a scowl. "I'm so sorry, I guess she's a bit hungry. Hasn't had her daily fillet you see." He sends him an innocent smile before walking away, Lakka sticking her tongue at the guard before following. Once a safe distance away, he opens his bag and looks down at the crumpled wanted poster. He'd have to talk to Vindliah soon.
  11. LIES! He said it was chicken but it was really GNOME!!
  12. Happy bleats Perfection <3
  13. Yesterday was the official last day for this event! I hope everyone finished their gift exchanges and enjoyed the ones they received as well! Hope everyone had a happy Winter Veil and have a wonderful New Year!
  14. The only reason to not tell them now, is to make it a surprise when you do. You don't have to make a new character to give them the gift. If you have your gift for your secret partner ready, feel free to use whatever character you would like to give it to them.