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  1. Gorvi is still on TN. I'm not subscribed right now, just coincidentally taking advantage of the free week of WoW until I re-subscribe in the hopefully near future. RP and PvP are why I play WoW. I will support both, in any form.
  2. Gorvi nodded at the name. "Yeah, I know Bella. We don't always see eye to eye, but I respect her."
  3. A few months late *cough, cough* but here's my take on Chromie.
  4. In a split second, the arrow punched through Gorvi's armor. He could feel the metal from his armor pierce his skin along with the arrow shaft. Immediately, an insurmountable rage filled his body. Using the power the Earth Mother had bestowed upon him, he stomped the ground. He shook more than dust with this action. He felt bad because it was not enough to quench his rage. Looking at the group of treacherous elves, he hefted his giant mace into both hands. With all his strength, he launched himself into the air towards them. He soared through the air, and just as he came within landing distance, he felt his legs weaken. His hand went numb, and his fingers began to follow suit, making him lose his grip on his mace. Although his body grew weak from the poison of the arrow, his rage still burned like the depths of the sundered earth. As he fell to the ground, he let out an enormous dragon's roar that shook the earth below him, before he completely lost consciousness.
  5. More images swirled within the crystal at a swifter pace. Other than that, nothing changed. Gorvi felt stupid. Talking to the crystal did nothing. He was out of his league. He'd had enough of his solitary detective work. He needed another brain. Where was Phaedron? If he hadn't shown up already it meant one of three things: the device didn't work, he just plain wasn't gonna show, or he'd hit a bump on his way and was erring on the side of caution. Whatever the case, Gorvi was on his own. The faint sounds of voices snapped him out of his dismal thoughts. Someone was near the cave entrance. He scooped up the crystal and quietly made his way to the entrance tunnel to get a better look outside. He peered around a group of rocks and saw Bella, Rakah, and the elf priestess. Bella was equipping all types of arrows. Upon seeing this, Gorvi knew they'd tracked him. If there was gonna be a fight, he wanted it to be out in the open. More room to swing his hammer. Besides, this hiding business wasn't his style. Gorvi made a point to crunch loudly as he walked out from the cave, never taking his eyes off the group. Gorvi stood his ground, bracing himself for the impact of an arrow or the singe of mage-fire. If his guess was right, the priest wouldn't take part in the heavy artillery. She was there to perform on the crystal. She'd conserve her energy. "Okay, ya found me. Looks like ya didn't come here to chat, neither."
  6. The crystal sat on the cool ground. It dimly lit the cave Gorvi had temporarily settled down in. This was the third hideout Gorvi had visited. Knowing Bella, she would bring at least one of her animals to track him down. He did not know how long it would be until the group discovered his location, but he figured he could buy himself some time by leaving a longer trail. Each time he moved his hideout, he hit the button on the device Phaedron had given him. He had little faith in the thing, but he did so out of protocol. It wasn't a question of craftsmanship, it's just that he'd had the thing for years and never once used it. Gorvi sat in the cave, transfixed on the stone. He knew there was a demon inside the stone, which gave him no comfort. By this point though, it was clear that the demon had no designs on Gorvi. If it wanted something of him, it would have certainly tried to take it by now. So once again, Gorvi was only left with questions. What was going on inside? Could Scytherion really be in there? The idea seemed preposterous, but he really began to wonder. Scytherion had such a strong addiction to arcane magic, that maybe it was possible for his mental-self to still exist on a magical plane. It wasn't too difficult to believe. As a Tauren, Gorvi acknowledged that everyone has a physical body and a spiritual soul. If Gorvi died, he knew his body would stay on this realm and decompose, but his spirit would walk with his ancestors. In that way, Gorvi would never "die," he'd always exist somewhere. Gorvi had no indication that Scytherion had any spiritual beliefs, but it made sense to Gorvi that a magical realm would serve as Scytherion's afterlife. If that were the case, maybe Gorvi had been wrong. Maybe Scytherion really wasn't gone. After all, he had arranged for his own death. Perhaps the elf had some indication that his death would result in his soul ascending to an entirely arcane plane. What he could not achieve in life, maybe he could in death? That's when it hit Gorvi. Physical and spiritual. Tangible and intangible. He'd been so caught up in theories and unknowns, that he had not taken the time to approach this situation from a different angle. Actually, he had not had time to think of it differently. From the second the crystal transformed, he'd been in the company of one or more individuals, on the run from something, trying to solve the mystery… until now. Now, he was alone with the crystal. He knew what had to be done. It was simple. Gorvi hard-stared the stone, "Scytherion…" he said loudly, "are you in there?"
  7. Gorvi nodded at the goblin's question. "Fierce in battle and strong in mind. I have much respect for Galahi."
  8. I'll admit, I was only thinking of the pvp possibilities when I first heard about crossrealm zones. (And was very excited that I might actually encounter members of the opposite faction in the world... that hasn't really happened since Burning Crusade, but I'll stop the pvp talk right there). But now that I think of the rp possibilities, I am even more excited. To me, the fun of rp is having fresh and exciting encounters. This can happen with longstanding friends or it can happen with completely new people from the same server. Making the world a little bigger will only promote more rp. The more people there are, the more people will participate. I understand all of the concerns people have, but I guess I am just eager to embrace change. (also, crossrealm zones making the Talbuk grind possible for me is reason enough to embrace it. )
  9. ((So I'm having fun with this. Feel free to do what you think is necessary. )) Gorvi thought his words would inspire confidence in the others, but instead he was standing at the business end of Bella's arrow. It didn't help matters that Rakah was staring him up and down like Gorvi was a Twilight zealot. Gorvi considered Scytherion a comrade, but he was not about to get shot over this crystal business, at least not this way. There was no point in reasoning with Bella anymore. If she was willing to shoot him over this, removing the crystal from her presence was necessary. He applauded her resolve, but it made for dangerous research. Gorvi created the crystal and felt responsible for involving so many people. The crystal had experienced several mutations, and throwing another consciousness into it would not help matters. An objective party was needed to further investigate the crystal. Gorvi looked between the huntress and the mage, tossing his cigar on the ground and stamping it out. "I hoped it wouldn't go this route, but you seem pretty determined. There's no need for violence here," Gorvi said as he took the shard out of its pouch, using the motion to quickly grab a vial from another pouch on his belt without being seen. He held the crystal out, making a point to look at the shard. He jerked his head forward, staring intently at it. "The thing's changed!" he said in a surprised tone. "It's - " but before finishing his words, Gorvi took a swig from the vial he had palmed. Immediately after consuming the contents of the vial, he vanished from sight. The only part of Gorvi the three elves could still see, were the hoofprints he left behind on the damp ground. *********** Gorvi gasped as he materialized on the steps of the Temple of Earth, quickly walking down them. He returned the shard to its pouch and placed it in his pack. Wasting no time, he found a small device Phaedron had given him for just such an occasion. He began hitting a button on it. Gorvi did not have a mind for gadgets, but he hoped the thing worked fast. Keeping an eye on his surroundings, Gorvi made his way to one of the hideouts he had scoped out a while back. He was no stranger to the hiding game. It was only recently that he had made good on his past gambling debts. Luckily, Deepholm was filled with many caves and crevices big enough to hide a Tauren.
  10. "Yer right, Bella. I do want Scytherion to still be alive." Gorvi took a cigar out and lit it, breathing deeply before he continued. "There's a big difference between wanting someone to remain alive, and wanting someone who died to come back to life. Now, I ain't the most spiritual of Tauren, but I do my best to stay connected with the Earth Mother. When someone passes on, you honor them. I ain't about to take part in no…" Gorvi chose his words carefully, "reanimation. Scytherion died. I accept that. I know you care for him. Yer very dedicated and I respect that, but he's gone." Gorvi spoke to Bella as gently as he could, without compromising his own beliefs. "As for this crystal business…" Gorvi gestured to the pouch containing the crystal, "we need to be professional about it. We need to establish the facts. It's a magic item with organic elements that consumed a demonic entity. Seems to me, we could… uh… I don't know the word for it…" he looked to Rakah, "you know, when you look into something without actually going into it…? I wonder if Lenah could do that. That way no one's in danger, and we get some answers." Gorvi puffed on his cigar, curious if his idea was the solution they all sought.
  11. Once Gorvi exited the portal, he was greeted with muggy swamp air. The first thing he saw was Bella engaged in a tense conversation with an elven priestess. Judging from Bella's mannerisms, this was someone she knew, and did not like. The priestess's cold reception of Gorvi pushed him into immediately collecting the items he needed from an alchemy merchant. He needed to clear his head, and joining an Elven sparring match of words would not help him accomplish that. Gorvi kept an eye on the two elves as he bought the necessary items to replace his philosopher's stone. It took a little negotiating, but in the end he got what he needed. Money talked in this miserable place. While he had made his purchases, he saw Rakah exit the portal and join the two elves. Lenah did not follow. Gorvi wasn't surprised, but it did nothing to improve his mood. There was no sign of Bella's axe-wielding Elven companion either. He stole a glance at the stone before returning back to the group. There was a dark swirl circulating inside of it. Intrigued by the new development, but leery of the elven priestess, he chose to keep it to himself for the moment. As he drew nearer to the three elves, he heard them discuss the probable outcome of Bella entering the stone. Gorvi shook his head and spit on the ground. He let Rakah finish speaking to the priestess, before bringing down the hammer on this foolish endeavor. "Look, folks," Gorvi said as he held up the pouch, "This ain't Scytherion in here. He's dead. Been dead a while. What we got here, is a residual part of his memories or thoughts. It only exists cause I changed it from fel energy into arcane energy. The durn stone... crystal... whatever ya wanna call it now... it consumes magic. It merged with a demon! This thing is a menace. It needs to be eliminated." Gorvi made no effort to hide his rage. "No one's going near this thing, or in it," he glared at Bella, disapprovingly, "Except for Lenah, and she ain't here yet. She knows demons and she knows alchemy. She'll know how to control it." Gorvi looked to the priestess, "No offense, lady, but when it comes to this lovely situation we got goin' on here, a priest is about as useful as a goblin-trike to a crocolisk." Gorvi motioned to a group of large trees clumped together a few hundred feet from their current position. "I plan on moving over there. I can feel this thing hum the closer I get to either one of ya," Gorvi said, gesturing to Rakah and the priestess. "I think it's best I keep my distance from anymore magic items for the time being." Gorvi shifted his weight to leave.
  12. Gorvi understood Apothecary Lenah's actions, but was irritated she would not be joining them immediately. Gorvi was completely lost without her help. An aspect of his former comrade was most likely under attack by a demon, and he was helpless. Making no effort to keep his feelings a secret Gorvi gestured to the pouch on his belt and stated, "I got me a big ol' mess to cleanup here, and I can't do nothin' without ya." Gorvi gave Apothecary Lenah a look of urgency and continued, "If ya absolutely gotta get something from here, take Rakah with you. He can make these portals all day. A mage and an Apothecary ain't gonna raise suspicions. Whatever it is yer gettin,' make sure ya get it quick. I'm the one with a demon hangin' off my belt, and I'd appreciate eliminatin' it sooner rather than later." Gorvi turned to walk through the portal. Before he did so, he looked to Rakah, patting his shoulder as he said, "Thanks for the transport. I ain't the biggest fan of magical travel, but it sure does come in handy." The Tauren chuckled lightly to relieve the stress he felt, but quickly added in a serious tone, "Make quick with the supply run, you two. Like I said, I don't plan on transportin' a demon with me the rest of my life." He couldn't help but shiver as he said those last words. With a heavy heart, Gorvi walked through the portal.
  13. "I'm gonna need some supplies too," Gorvi said sheepishly, having already admitted to Apothecary Lenah exactly how he lost his philosopher's stone and portable alchemy kit. Just as the words left his mouth, Bella ran up to them, with two other elves, yelling that they had to leave. He recognized the mage, Rakah, from his time with the Nightingales. The other elf, he did not know, but judging from the fresh blood on her axe, she meant business. He bristled at the sound of guards amassing in the distance. "Stonard, Rakah!" Gorvi barked. He didn't know what trouble followed them, but going to a major city was the worst thing they could do right now. He was also confident Stonard had enough merchants for him to restock his alchemy supplies. And anyway, a dismal swamp seemed as good a place as any to hide from angry guards and perform experiments on an unstable magic crystal. A thought crossed Gorvi's mind and he added, "I think Scytherion conducted some business out of that swamp. Maybe we'll catch a break and find some of his notes there." Gorvi hated magical transport, but he was tired of dealing with meddlesome guards. He didn't begrudge them doing their job, but he and the others needed privacy, and they certainly weren't going to find it here. He slipped the crystal into an empty pouch and looped it onto his belt. "Let's go."
  14. So there Gorvi was... standing in a dark pocket of the Undercity with an emotional Blood elf hanging from his neck, holding a dimly glowing arcane crystal that housed a demon and the residual thoughts of his deceased comrade. To put it simply, Gorvi was confused. The alchemist in him was intrigued, exhilarated even. The warrior in him wanted nothing more than to smash the crystal to pieces with his mace. It was then that he heard someone clear their throat behind him. As he turned to see who it was, a smile spread across his face. "Apotheary Lenah," Gorvi beamed. "Am I ever glad to see you." He proceeded to tell the Forsaken everything that had happened with the crystal, finishing with the newly absorbed demon. "I don't know much about the demon part. And quite honestly, I don't want to. The only thing I know about demons is, I don't wanna know nothing about demons. You'll have to ask Bella about it," Gorvi finished without malice. It was not that he judged the elf for having this demon stone in her possession, he just did not want to be involved with it. "Whatever we do next," Gorvi continued, "We need to go somewhere isolated, preferably away from magic items."
  15. "Damn!" Gorvi swore, as the crystal in his hands violently absorbed a stone that he had failed to notice strung around Bella's neck. It buzzed and warmed in his hands, but the Tauren held it tight, worried what may happen if it shattered in this state. Gorvi caught one last image in the crystal, an image of Scytherion walking to a gazebo among the wretched, before the crystal went dim and still. Whatever the stone of Bella's was, it was certainly magic in nature. It seemed that the remnants of Scytherion's psyche were just as dependent on magic as the blood elf himself. Gorvi kicked himself for being so careless. He should have secured an anti-magic zone to inspect the crystal. Urgency and guilt had yet again led him to disaster. Lost in his own grim thoughts, it was Bella's fierce demands that brought Gorvi out of his self-imposed stupor. "Look, we gotta get all our information straight," Gorvi knew he had to prevent any more surprises from happening with this crystal. "I changed fel energy into arcane, and it triggered the organic remnants of Scytherion's mind... or something..." Gorvi quickly explained everything that had happened with the crystal. There was no need for secrecy anymore. If someone overheard, he might even be happy about it. Maybe they'd know what to do. "What was that stone, Bella? Why would this crystal absorb it?" Gorvi continued to hold the shard, although it no longer swirled with the memories of his former comrade. It just sat there, dim and unmoving.