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  1. Whoa! Lots of awesome posts!
  2. Hi all, I am not currently subscribed and dont' plan on making any fast moves when I resubscribe. I hope everyone is doing ok. I hope your all having fun out there and I hope those who have moved on are out there having fun as well. Phaedron (main) Scytherion (alt) Exior(alt) Masakari (alt)
  3. The Chromie challenge is not over yet. With a busy semester and MotP still fresh we're not rushing anyone. Please feel free to participate. Chromie has it like that since she has some sway over those shifting sands of time. So keep the Chromie's comin'.
  4. "Unacceptable!" the being said angrily. The being was accustomed to a world that was shaped by its own whims. It did not understand something it could not control or shape. The willful elf's defiance made the being feel new emotions it did not understand. For a moment, the entire realm shimmered and the being had to struggle for control. Once the being felt that it was back in control it became aware of a strange sound. It realized that the sound was eminating from itself. It was the sound a living being makes when it's breathing heavy. A sound a living being makes when it has exerted itself. The being focused its attention on Bella. The shrouded fog figure looked to Bella. Where their should have been eyes there were shining points of light. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME!" ( we can rp the rest of this discussion in game so as not bore everyone ;p lemme know))
  5. The being felt many emotions in a short amount of time and struggled to contain these new feelings. Watching her from such a distance was no longer enough. In a voice neither man's nor woman's, the being called out, " Bellllaaa." "Bella!" From the gray haze of the realm, the being conjured a form that resembled a humanoid's and stood before the bold elven woman. "Welcome to my realm Bella. Welcome to your new home.....and if your lucky, soon I shall kill you."
  6. Phaedron ran as hard and as quietly as he could as Bella dispatched her pet to guard the cave entrance. Phaedron needed a way to get Gorvi out of there, but knew that dog would sniff him out in this close of quarters. Phaedron retreated out of the cave to find a place to prepare. ****************************************************************** Phaedron made the final modifications to a dimensional ripper. He added another fel stabilizer to speed up the activation process. The extra weight only made the device sturdier and easier to throw. He could not bring himself to smile as he considered the task ahead of him. He threw the device in the air. Rather than catching it, he decided to see how it would land in the palm of his hand. Watching carefully, he saw the device bounce off of his flattened palm slightly, but landing flat. He closed his fingers around the device. He began to move quickly. As he moved, he tucked the device into the strap of his goggles. Turning a large boulder, he saw Bella's beast guarding the cave entrance. Phaedron's breathing suddenly became controlled as he moved toward the beast. A coldness swept over him as replayed the scene of Gorvi's fall in his mind. Phaedron, in that moment understood that extraction was his primary goal, revenge would come later. He was nearing the beast and saw the animal's ears perk up. Phaedron responded with a handful of blinding powder in the animal's face. Phaedron moved forward into the cave. The animal wiped it's eyes with it's paws and and tried and wriggle it's tongue. Entering the cave, Phaedron caught site of Rakah, The Warmage. Phaedron knew any extended battle would be in the mage's favor. Phaedron moved quickly and simply used the pommel of his dagger to serve as a blackjack against the back of the mage's head. A sensation of pain shot through Phaedron's body as soon as he made contact with the mage, but he ignored it. Instead, he called upon the tiny allotment of shadow magic he possessed and appeared behind other elf woman. Phaedron still had the element of surprise in his favor but no more tricks. The elf woman looked towards Rakah sensing a problem. Phaedron thought it would be more merciful to beat the elf into a daze. Phaedron began with a very cheap shot and ended the pummeling with a viscous punch to her kidney area. She must have been a priestess because immediately a light shield erupted around her, but she was momentarily dazed. Phaedron saw the crumpled form of Gorvi and the prone body of Bella. A shimmering ward encircled Gorvi's body. Phaedron was all too familiar. Phaedron pulled the device from his goggles, pressed the button, and tossed onto Gorvi's body. The device didn't make it onto the Tauren's body before it and Gorvi were encased. But the device was still working. Phaedron smiled and began to run out of the cave. Something occured to him, and he casually tossed another gadget behind as he vanished out of site before the mage came to. Phaedron moved past the furious wolf hacking up a chalky powder. Phaedron began to run, in an effort to put as much distance between himself and the Nightingales. Back in the cave, Gorvi's body was gone along with a significant chunk of ice ,but a Dragonhawk Brigade banner stood serving as a calling card.
  7. The being remained hidden, and observed for a long moment as Bella took in her surroundings. The being could not understand the motivation of Bella to enter the shard so selflessly. For the first time the being experienced anger in a hot flash. Bella's defiance and bravery infuriated the being and it retaliated by altering the area Bella stood to another place. The being recreated Stonard from Scytherion's memories. In a spiteful move, the being conjured up a particular memory and allowed it to play out for Bella. The being watched curiously as Scytherion's actual death played out before her. Fully enjoying the opportunity to toy with Bella, the being decided to disclose everything with her. The being decided to show her the entire story of it's orgin. Those near the shard could observe Bella's plight and would want to intervene. The being decided the shard should be cut off from any intrusions while it played with Bella. With Bella inside, Victoria consumed, and Scytherion dead. Noone could ever enter it's domain. It realized, it could torture Bella for all of eternity. (( Bella can conjure things on her person in this realm, but the atmosphere of the shard is controlled by the being. ))
  8. After the being's first burst of imagery, it felt the tiniest of sensations. It felt some kind of link. Someone out there could feel the pain it was broadcasting. Although it was Scytherion's pain, the shard felt somewhat flattered. Since it had emerged from the decaying pysche of Victoria and the conscious of Scytherion as it's own unique being, it had yet to make contact with another mind. The sensation excited the being. "Could this be Bella?" The being that existed in the shard, thought to itself. The being began to broadcast more intense and gruesome imagery.
  9. WHOA, excellent chibis!!! Encore! Encore!
  10. Phaedron pulled off his goggles and blinked, attempting to adjust his eyes to Deepholm's luminescent gloom. He felt an urge to rendevous with Gorvi, but was taken aback by the presence of The Nightingales. His suspicion grew as he recognized Bella was tracking something or someone. Phaedron rolled onto his back to contemplate this. He sat high above the cavern floor on a floating chunk of rock. He could monitor them but he could not hear them. Phaedron made up his mind to trail Bella to see what she was up to. He took a few moments to rub soot and ash on his armor as a way to mask his scent from any sensitive noses and deactivated some of his more flashy gadgets. Once he felt more attuned to the environment he made some adjustments to his rocket's fuel compartment to ensure a quieter descent to the cavern floor. He climbed aboard the rocket and lifted off traveling further up using the floating boulders as cover. After he reached a safe height , he blasted off, far south of the Nightingales last spotted position. In a short amount of time, he would be within earshot and creeping along with them. Phaedron hoped that it was a coincidence they all had converged here in Deepholm.
  11. An intense clockwork-like buzz brought Phaedron awake. His daggers were in his hand but he didn't have to the strength to hold them tightly. He slumped backwards to the ground and fumbled for a water skin. Drinking deeply, he took in the scenery and it all came back to him. Durotar. The ground where he sat was muddy from his blood. He quickly checked the wound that would have killed him and wasn't surprised to see it healed. The medics must have treated him and then moved on to other pressing matters. Some of Orgrimmar's Grunts and Peons were not as fortunate. Many bodies were strewn about attracting all forms of scavengers. At the edge of his vision, Phaedron could make out clean up crews, but he decided to check the bodies closest to him to verify if any of them lived. His efforts were fruitless. The buzzing began to agitate him before he realized what it was. Phaedron pulled a tiny mechanical device out and stared at it blankly, " Gorvi..." After shutting the device off, Phaedron walked back through the front gates of Orgrimmar unsure what the beacon could mean. Phaedron made the beacon in the event Gorvi was in trouble but knew Gorvi would sooner die than flee to a hideout. Phaedron had even considered reconditioning the device for use in something else. Transportation to the Gorvi's hideout would be problematic as well. Phaedron was not sure if he would even be allowed to use the portal to Deepholm without signing up for some kind of wreckage investigation duty. A soured expression crossed his face and he quickly made up his mind to sneak through the portal so as not to leave a paper trail. "What in the nether was that Tauren up to?" he muttered under his breath.
  12. A few days late and not quite finished but fun nonetheless.
  13. I think every color Dragonflight has given us enough explanation for the idea of dimensional rifts. They all just tear right through whenever and wherever for whatever. It's not out of the question at all. It could be rp'd as a long time after effect of the Cataclysm.
  14. The shard had achieved a state of awareness. Bella was near but it had no way to lash out at her. The shard was not clever but it was resourceful. It knew that Bella must venture within. Searching and calculating through the memories and ambitions of Victoria and Scytherion, the shard devised a plan. ************************************************************************************ The surface of the shard begin to pulse intensely. The scene played itself over and over again. A battered and bloodied Scytherion stumbled down an alley in a Silvermoon-like cityscape. His face was a mask of death and terror. He tried to right himself but his hands were missing. A hand clutched his throat and tossed him through a wall. Victoria began to laugh hysterically as she beckoned several demon-like creatures to begin gnawing upon a terrified Scytherion.