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  1. Sorry I couldn't make it guys, I didn't realise it was on untill it was over
  2. <p>I don't breath anyway! im Forsaken remember? <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/tongue.png" alt=":P" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/tongue@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  3. <p>Still died. Closed his eyes and stopped breathing.</p>

  4. <p>I was never killed by you. It's just like how Kel'thuzard became stronger after he "died". So duck you!</p>

  5. I think in MoP the conflict between the two factions will increase due to what I have seen during the beta testing but with that said, I think some kind of peace will be achieved sometime during MoP. The Pandaren are not naturally at war so with them in both the Horde and the Alliance, they will -try- to create a peace. But, beacuse WoW is a game, Blizzard will keep the two factions at war no matter what. Afterall, it is Warcraft.
  6. Been reading this discussion for a while now and I think if the whole thing was "moderated" in some way, then this event can definitly find it's feet. If and when this war takes place, then I think it should be a weekly event with maybe some kind of a reward scenario to be put in place for the winning side. Any thoughts?
  7. (/highfives Ranavos) Voice acting will be something i might consider.I was going to just add some ambiance/dramatic music where needed and some voices already implemented in the game(void orintated). Thanks for the help again Ran. And yes it will be about Ry'lieth, Babylon and the Void.
  8. Cinematic but maybe ill add some in-game footage, thanks Swerto the video helps but still a little unsure.
  9. Hey guys, Im wanting to create a Machinima for my toon "Babylon" ,where he is from, why he is here on Azeroth and just basically trying to hint at a RP story that I will be doing some time in the future. I have everything worked out in my head and have even been trying to create some original ambiance to go with the clip. The only thing that is holding me back is, I don't know anything about creating a Machinima or how to post/edit the clip.I know that I will need WMV (WoW-Model Viewer) to create the background and toons, but other than that I have no idea. Can someone please give me tips, recommend software or even point me to a helpful video explaing everthing to me. Or even help me make the Machinima entirely! I will make sure that you will be posted in the Speacial Thanks list just for helping me out. ((As a quick side note; I will be posting the final clip/link on TNG)) Thanks in advance guys, Babylon
  10. Entry 4910 My latest experiment to join....mortal fleash and void has failed again....my.....assistant....has been turned into a manifestation of void and blood....and had to be, put down....soon I will be able turn into a Void Demon just like...my great lord....Ry'lieth...
  11. <p>Yeah I did. I killed babylon way back, then he ws ressurected by altherion. Please, dont deny it =P</p>

  12. <p>Um...you never killed me...</p>

  13. Entry 4824 Lord Ry'lieth has granted me...more power, he has given me....some of the void....to command at my will....and use it to destroy...my enemies...but this new....power comes with a....price....I am posesed...the Void...eats at my soul....eveyday I become more....like the Void itself....empty....but powerful... Signing off
  14. ((Just as a side note I will be updating whenever I RP with others)) Babylon walked the dark stone roads of Demon Fall Cayon, muttering to himself about past events. After passing serveral valleys filled with demons, he finally came to a large Black Runed Stone floating above the ground that seemed to emmitt a strange purple glow as Bablyon approched. Babylon pressed his hand onto the Stone shuting his eyes and begain to speak in some sort of varient of Erudan. Babylon -"Babylon ehif uail shill ulma'ik....ruah xial'ull mak Ry'lieth kaeli smak mool Ry'lieth akjs'ill...shao'xail tyril rya...kami sum'ul Babylon..." The Stone started to shift around Babylon's hand, glowing text started to appear in front of him; in the same tongue he spoke to the Stone. ((The text translates to)) Azeroth Lexicon - "Babylon" Entry 4819 The great Lord Ry'lieth spoke to me again, told me to seek out the one named Altherion and to do what he says. I found him. The Scourgelord is intent of sowing chaos throughout Azeroth just like my great Lord. He says that I must serve him without question. I don't trust him or anyone who serves him, but if Ry'lieth wills it then I shall do so. I wonder whether or not my great Lord has plans for Altherion or his army... Signing off Babylon removed his hand from the stone, the stone began to retract back to its original state as Babylon began to leave the area...
  15. <p>MUWHAHAHAHAAH I KILLED YOU. Thats ehy dibgomut was expecting to. crush Altherion and take his axe...</p>