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  1. Her body rang with pain.. the marks that now covered her chest.. lashings that ripped through the cloth vest she had been wearing.. welts forming on her abdomen and tights. They had aimed for tender spots. Her clothing mere shadows of what it once was.. the only thing keeping the scraps on was the caked on blood. She had been left over night, tied to the same spot, she had finally been broken. If this was how she was meant to perish then she had no say in the matter.. Fighting only made it worse.. she closed her eyes as the sun started to break over the ridgeline. Her eyes open again, looking up towards the sky, trying to clear her mind looking for an answer, when it hit her, the Light had given up on her.. “Why!” She shouted into the air. “Why have you done this.. I’ve been nothing but loyal, Why have you spurned me..” her voice grew small as she started to sob. “Alluna?” a voice spoke to her softly. Her eyes widened and looked up, but the face before her was not one she expected to see. “..D-David..are you.. real?” The relic hunter took one look at the priestess, assessing her torn attire, the wounds and the dirt that was embedded in them. “Where’s John?” His voice was soft still, but there was a much more then serious tone to it, when Alluna shook her head to signify that he wasn’t here. The features on David’s face became darker. “Why… You know what.. I’ll ask later..” pulling out his dagger he cuts at her bindings holding her down. David looked around them, if it wasn’t for him being in the area due to some work with The Explorer’s League he would have never stumbled upon the priestess. He wrapped his arm around the women’s waist, making sure to hold her so she wouldn’t fall over due to her weakened state. The air around the two started to become heavier as their breath started to show with every exhale. Frost gathered on the brim of the Mage’s hat, his eyes surveying the area for the priestess attackers. Alluna pulled at his shirt, as if pleading to go; at this point he was the only thing holding her up as the last of her fire fades. David raises his free hand, the other tightening around his friend; he started conjuring a portal to Stormwind but then stopped. Something about this situation made him think that perhaps Stormwind was not the best place for the Headmistress right now. Curling his index finger under Alluna’s chin he lightly tilts her had back, “Alluna, where would you like to go?” “Fea..ther..moon..” With that David gave her a small nod, summoning his flying carpet, as the tapestry hovered a few feet from the group. Putting Alluna on the carpet first then climbing up himself, he crotched low and placed a hand firmly on the priestess so make sure she wouldn’t fall before the carpet took off for safety
  2. Alluna had falling asleep in her huddled position, how that happened she was not sure. Perhaps the exhaustion, she had been with the trolls for some times.. the exact amount unknown to her. To everyone else.. the Headmistress had failed to show up at her office for three days now. The first she had been sedated for most of the trip, the other two she had been kept in a constant state of alert as the trolls tried to figure out what the women was gaining from her relic hunting. BANG! Suddenly Alluna was jarred awake and upon first glance she couldn’t see what had caused the loud bang. What she did notice how ever… was her bag, it sat in the middle of what she could now tell was a cave. The trolls were nowhere in sight.. and much to her surprise she had been freed of her bindings. Alluna’s first instinct was to run, but something told her that it seemed too easy all of a sudden. Getting to her feet, she stumbled over to her bag, pawing through it she could see that her journals and artifacts had been taken.. maybe they really did leave her, they got the information she had gathered, other than that she was no use to them. Trolls.. at least not the Darkspears seemed the type for pointless violence.. not like Orcs. She gathered her bag and made a break for the mouth of the cave, and she had made it! She was outside and could now find her way back to Stormwind! She looked at her surroundings, this cave was pushed back in a cul-de-sac of sorts, the mountain seemed to encircle it making it a perfect place to hide out and other then a small break in the ridgeline.. it was hidden well. Now is not the time for sightseeing.. she told herself as she took off for the break in the mountains she was so focused on getting out that she never noticed the arrow that landed on the ground right in front of her. As her foot landed the trap was sprung, she fell to her knees as a tether held her right foot in place. It was all a trick.. they wanted her to feel the now fleeting sense of freedom.. and to watch it be taken away. She turned to look around her.. she couldn’t see the trolls.. but from whatever vantage point they had.. they could see her easily. Swoosh! Another arrow sailed past her, pinning her wrist to the ground. Swoosh plunk! Swoosh Plunk! She was now forced in to a kneeling position and it wouldn’t take long for the Desert sun to bake her skin, she could already feel her mouth drying out as she panted. It would take a while before her captors came to her, telling by the sun height, they had waited several hours and as they drew themselves out of the shadows.. “Dey may be no fun ta hunt.. but dey are fun ta break.” The troll with the broken tusk spoke.. he spoke in common for Alluna to hear and understand. Alluna could see a truly insidious look, “Please… No..” Her voice cracked, but the two had no intentions of stopping.
  3. Finally something changed; she could see the faint glow of light, hear the crackling of wood and smell it burning, they had finally lit a fire. Again foot falls headed for her, she tensed and she was met with a chuckle and the hood being ripped from her head. She could now see her surroundings, they were held up in a cave and it appeared that they were waiting for someone else here. Before her stood a massive blue skinned troll, one massive tusk pertuded from the toothy grin, the other had been broken, either in a fight or due to age, but a metal cuff sat at the break leading Alluna to believe it may have been embellishing the fact that it had been broken. “Why does pinky dig up our stuff?” he asked her, lifting her to her feet, his long three fingers wrapping itself in the cloth of her shirt. She looked to the other troll, he was in all leather and his face was covered all except his tusks.. and eyes. They bore into her and there was something menacing behind them. The Hunter brought her over to the fire, still holding on her shirt he pointed to her bag this time he spoke into her ear. “Tell m pinky, why de Alliance disturb our lands.” “I don’t work for the king.. I write down any lore I can -!” another blow to her face, this time her lip split and she could feel the blood drip down her chin. She was caught off guard and watched the stone under her feet turn red. “Do not try to trick us e’chuta..” the last word had an insulting tone to it, the troll moved his grip to her hair, grabbing a hand full and asking once more, why she was collecting their relics. Each time her protest was met with a form of violence. Pulling her hair, pushing her close to the fire they had built or taking a cut at her attire. The troll with the covered face would lean in towards her, pull his dagger from its sheath, it would trail over her cheek before finding something to slash at. Over and over again this would happen until, just like with the water, Alluna lost track of how many times. They would leave her alone after several attempts to question before starting the next round. Her bun no longer held its form, what was once her hair hung around her face like a veil, tuffs missing from here and there, some landing on her shoulders other resting at her jaw line or higher. She could see hair all around her, her hair to be precise, clumps of it, all around her. The trolls seemed to tire of this game though, and left her huddled over on her knees as the spoke in Zandail, discussing the plan of attack to get the priestess to talk.
  4. It was dark by the time Alluna came too mainly because her surroundings were dark and her skin was clammy, it had to be a cave. She could hear the trolls; they were speaking in a tongue she did not understand, but she could not see them. Something had been placed either over her eyes or over her face in general, she could feel cloth of some sort touch her lips as she breathed in. Occasionally a troll would pad over to her, grip her by the collar of her shirt and rather forcibly place her against the cave wall. Water would then be poured over her face and it was up to her to drink without drowning. “Stop!” she tried to say during one of these .. drinking sessions, coughing and sputtering, the water did stop, but what happened next caught her completely off guard. Something made contact with her jaw, the impact knocking her a few feet sideways. The troll yelled angrily at her, at what she could only imagine was insults over not appreciating their hospitality. She could taste the metal tang of blood fill her mouth, a whimper escapes her as she is now dragged by her foot back to the damp area she had been before, then left in a puddle of water and now blood. The watering continued, and at this point Alluna could no longer tell how long she had been put through it, on and off again until she was soaked through and shivering. Each time she heard what sounded like a footsteps she would tense up and wait for someone to grab her, the trolls would get a chuckle out of it, and she began to think that they would do it for their own entertainment. Sometimes there would nothing but silence, Alluna would strain to here the smallest of noises, others would be filled with echoes of bangs and thuds, occasionally she would feel something hit her form, she would flinch, thinking that it could be something that would actually hurt her. At one point she felt something crawl over her bond hands. She screamed and tried to shoo it away, but all she managed to do was lose her balance and fall back into wall. The trolls erupted into laughter but soon the world fell quiet once more
  5. Dig, check… dig, check.. Dig, check.. this went on for several hours, every small piece painstakingly documents and sketched into the journal. Alluna was clearly absorbed with these pieces of stones, gems and metals that would eventually become a piece of the troll’s history. She never noticed the jungle seemed quiet around her. The birds started to sing less and less until they no longer made a sound. Two males Trolls.. one a rouge the other a hunter, were crouched , watching the women work, speaking to each other in hushed tones while they could. The rouge faded into the background, while the Hunter notched an arrow and aimed it for the women’s back, in case the rouge was caught. “Look at this.. it appears to me a-“ the priestess suddenly fell forward hitting the dirt; the contents of her hands rolling in the dirt; the rouge’s sap hitting it’s mark. “Deh Fidong Ju Tanponi” the rouge spoke to the hunter as he came out of the bushes, he went and gathered the artifact that fell from her hand, leaving the other behind. “Italaf Yahsoda Dim Riva” The hunter replied, placing his bow on his back and waving off the rogue’s comment. “ Des ‘umans are always easy to get Mon. Don’ be getting’ cocky.” The rouge sneered as he went digging through the bags that had been places a few paces from where Alluna had been digging. He tossed around things that proved to be useless to him until he found the artifacts. “She was diggin a’right. She be da one dey want.” The two trolls look at each other and nod, grabbing the bag as well as tossing the limp priestess over a shoulder. Throw onto a wyvern, tossed on the back of a raptor.. dragged, shoved, this was what Alluna experienced as the group made their way to Tanaris. She had made several attempts to escape, one of which included her try at jumping overboard, but this like the many others ended with a punch and some kind of sedation. The Priestess would find herself coming in and out of consciousness catching glimpse of the world around her, her captures and sometimes the trails of blood that seem to be growing in numbers . There was a boat, a city with a cage.. then sand.. nothing but sand.
  6. Alluna sat atop Woolsworth looking out over the jungle in front of her, the humidity made everything living move that much slower. The ram was certainly unhappy with where its owner decided to trek for the day, it stomped its hooves into the ground and shook its head while grunting. The head mistress didn’t seem to notice the Ram’s protest, she was more concerned with needing only a few more clues to the relic she had in her possession and this was the closest place to get it. Reaching into her saddle bag she produces a compass like item, this particular was gnomish in nature and would tell her the location of nearby artifacts. Alluna had spent a lot of time in Stranglethorn, she was learning as much as she could about the trolls past. The past always repeated itself, and if the mighty had fallen before.. it was written somewhere just waiting to be found again. Woolsworth shook his mighty body once more, knocking his head against the nearby rocks to voice his annoyance once again. “I know I know, there there.” The priestess leaned forward and ran her fingers through the white wool. Swinging her leg over the saddle and stepping down into the soft grass and readjusting her attire. She was not in her usual white robes and feathered mantel, but instead an old interlaced vest, pants and boots. Even her gloves had been changed; these covered her fingers, so that her natural body oils did not disturb the artifact. Running her fingers over the silver buckle to the saddle bag before gripping the leather strap and pulling upwards to release it from the buckle; Alluna pulled out several smaller bags. Some of them held tools, some food and water and the other her maps and journals. “Alright, Wools you are free to go.” Her hand ran along the curve of the Ram’s massive horns, tracing a color vein that ran through it. “Stay close though, you know how the natives are.” She was talking about the Trolls that inhabited the island. A while back she did assist a Darkspear woman, who claimed the trolls there were up to no good. Since then she was determined to find out as much as she could. She slung her bags over her shoulder, but not before putting a small levitation spell on them so they mainly carried themselves and didn’t weight her down. Looking at her compass, she became absorbed in her work.. much like she always does, and became dangerously unaware of her surroundings.
  7. ((The pages of the book have seen better days.. it’s fairly obvious that the book had had dirt thrown over her at some point, had been shoved in bags with trinkets and other things as some of the pages had smears from plants and ink, bent or creased pages. But the writing on them suggested someone who took their time to documents their thoughts, and their findings.)) Entry 142- Today I find myself in the cape of Stranglethorn..there is this odd Troll women speaking to me telling me to go places such as the Rebel camp. As soon as I got there I could see that it was being attacked! By Trolls none the less! Seems a little off to me, the women however speaks of a tribe that seems to be branching off and doing their own thing. Shortly after that it was off to Nesingway’s camp, which lead to a panther hunt! The poor dwarf died though.. I don’t recall his name, probably because there was a baby Panther looking at me like I was its new mother.. an Orphan and somehow I was there. (the way the last part was written suggests a sadness in the writer) A friend sent me a letter recently, they are going to be going away to track someone down, it worries me somewhat. The first time I met this friend they were badly injured, what is it with me and finding the injured ones.. is it something that comes with the territory? It seems a lot of people have been missing recently though.. the Hunter.. Barnaby.. perhaps my overzealous relic hunting in Darkshore worn him out. Beuwolf has been missing recently as well.. I wander what tomb he managed to find himself in this time. Drat.. that women is here again telling me we need to go somewhere else. ((attached to the page is a piece of burlap from what looks to be a grain sack and a notes saying “Need to look into poisoned food..”))
  8. Full Name:Alluna Codwell Nicknames:Priestess Date of Birth: October 15th Age: Between 26 Race: Human Gender: Female Hair: Pulled back into a bun, a redish brown color, when it’s not in a bun it falls to her mid back, right between her shoulder blades. Skin: Nothing special, freckles on her face from too much sun exposure Eyes: Green Height:5’6’’ Weight:120 lb Place of residence: She spends a lot of time at the Pig and Whistle Tavern pouring over books and maps can sometimes be found asleep at a table. Place of Birth: Duskwallow Marsh, Theramore Known Relatives:None that she likes to talk about. Religion/Philosophy: Lawful Neutral/ Lawful Evil (Shadow) Occupation:Relic Hunter, Head Mistress, Medic Professor/ Interrogator Group/Guild affiliation:Stormwind Academy Guild Rank:Head Mistress. Enemies: None that she is aware of. Likes:Collecting Relics and other oddities. Favorite Foods: Sweets Favorite Drinks: Coffees Favorite Colors: Blues, greens and whites Weapons of Choice: Staves, The Light. / Swords or Daggers, shadows. Dislikes: People who don’t always tell the truth, Anything that goes against the Church/Savages or anyone against the Church Hobbies: Exploring, gathering items and pets, Socializing, Jousting Physical Features:A nose piercing and a lip ring. Special Abilities:While Alluna seems unaware, she enters her Shadow self and no longer seems to be the same person. Positive Personality Traits: Always upbeat, willing to lend a hand in anything, Happy to meet new people. Negative Personality Traits:Easily flustered or embarrassed, cold hearted while in Shadow Misc. Quirks: seems to space out or fall asleep a lot.. must be from all the digging. Played by What Famous Person: Theme Songs: N/a History: Alluna was born in the aftermath of the Burning Legion’s hold in the small town of Theramore, Her mother was stationed there with the military, her father he was a local Blacksmith turned tinker by the goblin influence in the area. Their story was like ever sappy love story you hear, Boy meets girl, Boy marries Girl, and soon there was a bouncing baby Girl. In the lull of the world Alluna got to spend a lot of time with her mom, learning how to use certain flowers for certain things. But when the call to arms was sounded to fight the Scourge, her mother was the first to go and lend a hand. Alluna was 6 at the time, and left with a father who knew little about raising little girls. Her skills went from flowers to digging. She would spend a lot of time with her father in his shop, playing in the dirt or in the sands around Theramore and finding little trinkets. Her father would make every little discovery seems like it was the single most important find in the history of Azeroth. However.. it would not last. With the increased hostiles between the orcs of Kalmindor and the Humans, her father soon feel ill and perished from a disease that progressed too quickly once it was discovered. Now at the age of 11, Alluna thought her mother would return home.. but she did not, being on the front lines were more important than the child she left behind. Alluna was sent to the Orphanage to live, while she was more of a military brat, being moves around from Orphanage to Orphanage, she soon lost touch with her mother and finally became of age to be considered an adult. It was only natural for her to fall in with the Church that way she was close by to continue her aid with the Orphanage. Excelling quickly within the ranks and seeming to have an talent for wielding the light she was taken in for special training. She was taught how to wiled the shadows that were created by the light, using them to inflict pain on war criminals and prisons alike, trying to gain intel for the church of Horde’s dealings after the temporary and very thin truce called at the very end of Deathwing's terror and ultimately the fall out with the discovery of Pandaria. Being with the natives Alluna could no longer take the extreme nature of her role within the Church, taking a leave of absence to look for some hint of what had happened to her Father. While digging through archives, Alluna ran into a man that seemed lost, confused and in need of assistance. She could not avoid the urge to help him but her spells for healing only caused him more pain. Stien, as she found out later, was a Death Knight, though he didn’t seem to recall at the time ever dieing. The two of them worked together, helping the man piece together the parts of his memory that were missing, but the one thing they could not bring back was his time under the Lich’s control. The two parted ways for a while before the man showed up on her door step on evening. He came that night with talk of an Academy, one that would aid in the re-education of drifters.. orphans and veterans so that Stormwind could once again become prosperous. She was quick to agree, anything the aided with those down on their luck was something she wished to be involved with. Much to her enjoyment, the academy also allowed her to peruse her other hobbies still. She had access to more books now, and even leagues she had once been oblivious of. Now Alluna spends her days training others in the way of Healing, whether through first aid, herbs or the Light. If she is not in the halls of the Academy she is out with her mining pick and shovel looking for trinkets lost to the world. (nsert close-up portrait shot of character here if they like)
  9. I will assist in any way possible! /salute
  10. My Horde Guild is dead But I am available for both Horde and Alliance Community Lore.
  11. Yup i'm getting it once I get paid again.
  12. (((This portion is now Canon. Kerli is officially a student of Long's, there have been several incidences within heavily populated area's and missions where her powers erupted into flames similar to the one described. Starting now is Kerli's interactions with others and some training exercises.))) Sitting on a bench within the cathedral district, Kerli ran her fingers over the stone that was given to her by the Admiral. She had felt betrayed by the man for a while now, her sister being missing and no real attempts to find her had ever gone under way. It was almost as if there was no real urgency to find her and after a worgen hunter showed up stating that the Admiral had forgotten to tell him about a mission that was no longer underway. What kind of leader forgot their people, she asked herself. What kind of leader allowed people to get lost, go on secret missions that cause them to get captured and brain washed. Then there was this, the stone she held in her hands, silver and gold bands adorned her fingers, but the stone was by far more important than anything she made. The stone had been given to her by the Admiral, he claimed to have gotten it from a merchant while in Exodar last. the only change she had made was fashioning it around a silver chain. To anyone else it looked like a normal red stone, perhaps it even gave off the same heat that she felt, that of a warm fire, one that not only warmed a person, but their soul as well. When ever she looked into the stone a voice would enter her mind, it was her father. It's true they didn't have a good relationship, but family meant everything to her kind. Not only did the voice speak to her, but she could see images of her sisters and how they would play. When ever she felt herself losing control, or wanting to seek revenge for the torment her family put her through she would pull out the stone and look at it.
  13. Horde Side- Bella actually doesn't do very well with animals, she often has a hard time getting them to listen to her. The few she does have, she's had since childhood and the scars to prove it. Bella was also raised by a pair of Death Knight, she met them when she tried to play tag with a ghoul. One of the death knights wanted to use her for experiments, the other saw fit to keep her. Alliance Kerli use to be a mage in training, until she felt the call of something else.
  14. The booming voice of not only Long but of Incineratus as well made her eyes open widen, it was as if eruptions were going off inside her mind. Images streamed through her mind as the Fire Element spoke, her sisters burning, the HQ.. Long. She closed her eyes trying to block out the visions, they happened every night, which is why the women had been traveling day and night trying her best to avoid sleep. Then there was the crash of Long's voice and even that could put out the fire behind her eyes. She could not tell if what he said was true or not, all she knew is that it quelled the storm. Her mind no longer raced feverishly, her chest no longer burned. She was still sitting in the mud that was created when Long went back to her, she didn't answer right away but when she did her face seemed to be flushed with color and a smiled crossed her face. "It's hard to not hear that I mean come on now." She gave a small laugh as if trying to lighten the mood. It's bad enough that Incineratus was able to see the darkness within her heart, if Long believed it to still be there then she worried he would not train her, would not take her on as a student. Long was the first person to point out the storm, and he was the first to show her trust. "You have a lot of guts to yell at him like that. I know you aren't a fan of him.. but fel." She continued to grin at him before standing up and chanting. Suddenly a gush of wind blew down into the valley, a totem stood beside her, doing nothing and then all at once exploded. Causing another gust of wind that helped dry the women's gear and hair. "Now to make sure I don't roast anyone"