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  1. ((Yeah, I wasn't sure which to use. Its got some IC, and OOC. So Mortica can move it where-ever.))
  2. ((Brief IC story)) The Orc read over the paper, smiling. "Interesting." The Orc looked up as a Goblin approached. He sighed, waiting for the stupid daily report - which these Goblins insisted on doing. "I have news boss!" The Goblin shouted. The Orc frowned. These stupid Goblins always yelled, as if they were constantly gagged. If the Orc had his way, they would be. "What is it this time? Some Alliance scum? Or did you lose ANOTHER gamble?" The Orc stood up, angry. The Goblin quickly made a brief report. "Your old guild has been spotted in Pandaria!" the Goblin shouted - again. The Orc grinned. Finally, a chance. He walked towards the Goblin, which stood proudly. A loud THUMP echoed through the valley as Morgrond's mace made contact with the Goblin's head. He through the paper away, whispering a thanks for allowing him to keep up on the events that occurred while he was gone. He then smiled, his blue, glowing eyes looking towards the road ahead. "It is time Morgrond Blacktooth returned." ((Hi all. I've been away for a while playing GW2. I will probably be returning in the next week or two, so look out for me in Orgrimmar!))
  3. Goto the 'Tarnished Coast' server. It where all the rp is.
  4. I believe that when the mantid says that, he likely means that the Titans didn't make us. What if, perhaps, it was in truth the Olds Gods? Or another god/gods?
  5. Join usssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss~
  6. Morgrond began to stir, his eyes weary and droopy. 'Ill get back at this human, if its the last thing I do...' He thought as he began to lose consciousness again.
  7. Morgrond glared at Vindliah, but remained silent. 'I just need to wait until they come near enough...' He thought as he watched the two humans.
  8. Morgrond looks at the reporter, grimacing. "Yeah, the banshee girl. She attacked me in the tavern randomly. Don't know why. LastI heard,she was one of Altherion's lackeys." Morgrond chuckles. "Gods save the girl if he gets angry."
  9. Morgrond made a low growl, and placed the antidote on the ground. He then rolled it toward Urivial. "Kill us?" Morgrond chuckled, his eyes focused on Urivial's. "But killing us would mean you have no way of gathering further intel!" Morgrond laughed louder. "We...I mean I could even help you spy." Morgrond smiled. "I am tired of the Horde. I give them all I can, and they reject me. If getting you intel leads to even something as little as being uncomfortable, then Ill do it."
  10. Morgrond looks at Urivial. He clenches his teeth. "I barely know anything of much interest to you. I serve the Dragonhawk brigade, not the Grim. However, the stupid elf here left us and I believe now serves them." Morgrond spits. "Is that enough information?" Morgrond chuckles, picking up a piece of bread and chewing slowly on it.
  11. Morgrond looks at the Beckett human. "Information? On Altherion and others? Sure. Just ask away, Sir".
  12. Morgrond looks up, his eyes weary. In thick orcish, he says. "So" His eyes scan Urivial up and down "Your Sir Beckett." Morgrond spits. "Titles such as sir earn no respect from orcs. No matter how many human scum you've helped."
  13. Morgrond grinned. "Absolutely. You wont drag anything out of him, because he has nothing to offer." Morgrond's grin grows even wider. "How about you let me out of these chains, so I can beat the crap out of him?"
  14. Morgrond noticed the almost inhuman snarl. 'I should be more wary of this one' he thought. His attention turned to the crazy elf. He roared. "TYRILON! SHUT UP AND ANSWER THE HUMAN! OTHERWISE ILL DROP THIS DAMN VIAL AND YOU WILL NEVER BE FREE OF THE DAMN PAIN!"
  15. Morgrond grabbed the vial, grinning. "Well well Tyrilon, looks like Im your only hope." Morgrond make a fake pouty face. He turns his attention back to the rogue. "I do not know what Altherion is plotting. However, I know that there are many in the Brigade who would see Clink fall. After all, I led the rebellion. And, I could do it again." Morgrond looks back to the elf, smiling. "I want to hear you beg for it Tyrilon. I want to hear you scream and whimper for it!"