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  1. Thank you all for your interest, but I'm truly sorry that I must Cancel the event due to a family crisis. Please stay tuned for more events in the future.
  2. On Friday April 13 at 8 pm Has been Cancelled. Due to a family crisis in real life. I'm sorry, but I have no other choice. Thank you. ~Avenel Dunsmoore
  3. Thank you all for being there. : ) Catilyn thank you for spreading the word.
  4. The event is as long as people make it...I'm hoping for an all nighter...but at least it should be a good 5 hours. The Big Party is in Iron Forge and that starts at 7pm server time. More info on the forum page.
  5. I would have planned for the Friday night before, but I figured to many people will head to the movies or something.
  6. Because it's St. Patty's Day. and it's for those kids and people, who don't drink like me, to RP while others are at the bar and being obnoxious. This way in the privacy of the home, we can be "Legally" obnoxious.
  7. On March 17th starting in Stormwind in the Dwarven District at 3 pm Sever Time, There will be a Tavern Crawl. All a Tavern Crawl is people moving from one tavern to another. This is a Sever World chance to meet and greet new and old Rpers. Every hour a call will go out to switch taverns. The Route that's planned is Stormwind: Dwarven District, Old Town, and Blue Recluse, then we fly to Iron Forge. Iron Forge is where the big party is at. The intire city will house the Tavern Crawl. So If you do want to Bypass the Tavern Crawl in Stormwind meet up in Iron Forge for the Big Party starting at 7 pm Server Time. Music will be hosted by www.channel955.com. Please log in for live time radio music. Avenel Guild Master of The Hinterland Academy (Amie)
  8. : ) actually I believe in not grading any person on worst or best. I grade on personality and whether or not we can be friends or enemies. Everyone loves friends, and everyone loves a good villain. So with that said... Good, Bad or Ugly, no one is best or worst, just unique. That's why I chose to establish an Attitude system. So when I mouse over a toon I can see 1. Are they using TPR2, 2. What their faction is, so I can address them properly, and 3. What attitude are they, so I can be friendly or hostile. A very simple and effective system.
  9. <p>Did you see the web page? I got creative. <a href="www.thehinterlandacademy.guildlaunch.com" rel="external nofollow">www.thehinterlandacademy.guildlaunch.com</a></p>

  10. <p>Hey Myalina / Miome went nuts. She emptied the guild bank and booted all the student council upper classmen and freshmen. Please if you want Roran back in contact any member of The Hinterland Academy. Thank goodness that we didn't have much in the GB and we were small.</p>

  11. **Attention** “Looking for an enthusiastic engineer, who wants to create and think outside of normal conventions. The proper candidate should have a background in the medical field as well. Please send all inquires to…” Miss Eveningdove, who is a tall slender Night Elf with long flowing blue hair, and a light purple tint to her skin, looked at Judas. “I’m sure we will get an engineer who could design and create a voice box for you. In the meantime, I’m afraid the chalk pad and chalk is going to have to do.” Miss Eveningdove smiled sympathetically to him. Judas sat there looking down at his new way of communicating and sighs, but no sound came with it, just a big release of air that can be heard. He writes down, “Thank you for your help. How soon will we know?” He printed everything out so that Miss Eveningdove can read it easily. “I don’t want to get your hopes up. I will release the posting tomorrow and we could hear from someone with in the hour or it could take weeks or even years. So that is a question that can’t be easily answered.” Judas erases the pad and nodded that he understood. Judas stood up, and shook Miss Eveningdove’s hand and turned to face the door. Miss Evening dove watched the 6’5” Human Death Knight, with jet black well kept hair, mustache and a goatee, leave her office. She sat there for a few moments and mumbled to herself, “Cute guy, too bad he is just a stable boy.” She continued with the add, “Please send all inquires to the Cathedral of Light care of The First Aid Clinic.”
  12. Actually, all the Role-players I've met were great people, who loved to work as a team, in most events. Living City on the other hand, that's a whole different story. I never had a good experience with that at the conventions. So your statement of "every Role-player hates every other Role-player. " can be argued, Altherion. If you were not referring to Living City. If you were...then I do agree with you.
  13. Thank Slagworth. Just to let you know my background as an RP'er...I've learned to role-play with books, paper, dice, and pen, and that was 20 years ago. The idea for the system that I made was base of a alignment from DnD. This way I know who I can hang around and be buddy buddy, and who I would have a natural conflict with. As for the Government..eh it's a side note. Something that the UC could have done better.