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  1. "Ugh." Rosepha's disgusted frown was hidden by her spiked helmet. "Dead things. It is abandoned, eh?" She whispered her rambles. "M' hopes were just to watch ya read ol' books or somethin'." She took a small step back, her boot dragging over the ground at the foot of the tower. What was once a path was nearly gone, taken by the grassy hill. Her left hand slid down the old oak door, gripping the handle. Her other hand drew a red-bladed cutlass; what most saw as a symbol she used as a weapon. She took a breath then swung open the door, unwittingly hard enough that it slammed against the tower's
  2. Rosepha had been around these parts only once before. She knew little about the cursed humans that resided in the hills. The magic that danced around them made her as uneasy as the skeletons that lined the ground. This caused her to stick even closer to the only other physical being, despite her distaste. The Gilnean eyed Altherion curiously then quickly stepped toward the door. Though it wasn't expected that anything was waiting on the other side, she put her ear against it, listening. Her fingers crawled up the boards, trying to find a good place to grip to try to pry them off. "They must b
  3. The young Gilnean woman was never far from Altherion as they traveled. Unlike the Death Knight, she blended well with the foresty hills in her green leather and mail armor. Her decision to come with him could be called foolish, and she wouldn't disagree if anyone expressed this. At risk of herself, however, she decided not to share her whereabouts directly, though if she were gone too long, the Redblades would find a detailed description of her expected location and intentions. She did have her reasons, even if not completely well-planned. The truth was, she told herself, that she wasn't real
  4. Hello. It is I. Admiral Rose. Welcome back! As Alth said, Order of the Redblade is all tha' and a bag o' chips. ( http://redblades.net ) Hope to see you around in game.
  5. Wednesday nights seem to be a busy time for the town of Elodor. This is a chance for people to stop by, meet people, make connections, or just say hello. Every Wednesday, 8pm server until last call Elodor, Shadowmoon Valley, a short run east from Lunarfall ((No more calendar reminders, as enough people know about this time slot. Side note: This isn't and has never been a Redblade-hosted event, only an advertised meeting time and place, extended from the days of the Blue Recluse.))
  6. Admiral Rosepha Anderson. Admiral Rose. Kind of rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?
  7. I am in agreement with this decision.
  8. Updated with more people from Ravenholdt.
  9. ((Thread revival for a new year!)) Dear Greatfather Winter, I wonder how I will get this letter to you. I do hope that Winter Veil is pushed back this year until we can get back to Azeroth. Otherwise, you're short on clients. I've been a very good girl this second half of the year and need a new rifle, just like my old one. Nigel has been a very good boy too and I'm sure he would love a new collar. Something with spikes would be sure to make the orcs wet themselves. If you would like to add Ark to the naughty list, I wouldn't blame you. Happy Winter Veil! -Rosepha Anderson
  10. Updated from the cross-post: http://ravenholdt.us/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=242&p=2019
  11. Up to date. Tonight I'll test to see if these names are all still active and cross-post to Ravenholdt.
  12. It was a normal day in the small fishing town of Surwich. The rain had let up for a bit, allowing Rose to stroll around to see the finally rebuilt town. She put a lot of work into fixing her mistake months ago, and the windmill in the center of town was receiving its finishing touches. Finally, she could be forgiven. They could move on. A rumble. It started out in the distance, near the dark portal. It grew large, then the ground shook beneath her feet. BOOM! What was that? A cannon? More explosions. Rose looked out in the direction of the portal. A dark plume of smoke rose over the red mou
  13. Added, though this entire list is outdated and doesn't include RHers. Bump?