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  1. <p>Random person dropping in to say Happy Birthday :-)</p>

  2. Nope, not me! When I was here last time, I was Esmé too - here being Twisting Nether. I don't remember if I ever joined this site last time I played here. Either way, that's not me, and thanks for the welcome.
  3. We're still in the charter phase, looking to get established. My hopes for the guild are to eventually have a select group of people to RP, PvP, and just hang around and chat with - but right now, I'm aiming for some bank space, and a guild tag to avoid random invites. PST in game, or send me a private message here, if you have any questions or would like to help. Thanks for your time! Will update again soon.
  4. After receiving only sarcasm when asking questions in trade, a nice person directed me to this site. I just made my characters yesterday and began leveling - I'm actually coming back and starting from scratch after a couple years of playing on straight RP realms. Anyway, just saying hi before I go looking about the site. On a side note - I'm trying to start myself a guild for personal storage and maybe whatever else, but I need signatures and am finding no help on public chat channels. x.x I'm sure there's a better place to mention that- but I'll go look for that in a minute.. SO yeah, hi!