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  1. <p>Welcome to TNG.</p>

  2. <p>Happy birthday!</p>

  3. <p>Happy Birthday!</p>

  4. Was he doing it in character or out of character? Either way, if he offended you ignore him and move on.
  5. That would be hilarious. Someone should do a pro-Alliance one as well.
  6. That's how most F2P models work, LotRO, DND, etc. you get a free account but can only go up to a certain level without buying enhancements/expansion packs or subscribing.
  7. The Old Republic Goes Free To Play Well, that was fast.
  8. That was a release of a whole new game onto servers that weren't used to the stress/able to handle that amount of people. World of Warcraft already has servers that can handle mass amounts of players and just requires upgrading, unless every subscriber logs on at once on the 25th you should be good.
  9. <p>Happy birthday!</p>

  10. <p>Welcome to the Twisting Nether Gazette!</p>

  11. Like Necroxis said, if you're with the Argent Dawn or Guardians of Hyjal, I guess that wouldn't be a huge problem. But why would your character get the legendary or even a piece of it? If you're claiming your guild members are the ones who killed 'x' then no, that's a problem. This doesn't seem like a problem because it's a replica, not the legendary and not forged from the pieces of 'x'.
  12. They can't. That is exactly what I meant.