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  1. This is awesome! Can't wait to see the full set when it's done.
  2. Yay! Fridays mean I can stay up until ridiculous o'clock with you Americans (and your silly time zone). Will have to see who Siaraen can con into "summoning" her.
  3. So a mate of mine posted something on this topic **Very NSFW - Nudity, sex, and lots of things sex-related on her blog** a while back. Goes a lot into what Raziel was saying about slut shaming as well.
  4. See, I can totally understand the irritation that comes from having a hobby suddenly become a fetish. I don't really like that men's magazines are looking for the "gamer girl of the year". But that doesn't mean that girls who happily incorporate their sexuality into their hobbies are bad or doing something negative for those of us who don't. It's not unique to gaming (I'm sure you already knew that) but for instance, girls who are into soccer (reality) don't usually fit the fetish of girls who like soccer (fetish) but that doesn't stop there being "sexy referee" costumes, etc. It's nobody's fault really, men (and women) get turned on by the idea that a potential partner shares their hobbies. Blaming women for capitalising on the fact that their hobby now makes them a pseudo sex-symbol is just pointless, as pointless as it would be to get mad at guys for thinking it's hot that a girl likes games. It won't be long before gaming is so prevalent that it'll no longer be "hot" to like games, and we can all just go back to being blissfully boring and uninteresting. (Not remotely sarcastic)
  5. I think the general consensus is that you can RP whatever you like - enjoy yourself dude, it's why we do it (or at least why I do it). Some people will choose not to RP with you, and I guess that's your call if you need to RP with everyone or if you're happy with your RP abilities and people will just go with it. God-modding and bad RP doesn't bother me as much as it does some people, and I guess that's got to do with being a newbie around here and just being happy to RP with anyone - heck maybe they'll get more confidence, enjoy themselves, do some research and tailor their characters/play style to be more tolerable to the wider RP community. As to RPing a dragon (to slay), I'd say you wanna read up on your lore a LOT to see how it would fit in. How does this character kill it? I assume it's not going to be one of the aspects or anything that full on, so maybe it's a young dragon or something? ARE there many young dragons getting about these days? Alternately, I'd find it amusing to RP a character who claims to have killed a dragon but is really just full of hot air. One of those grizzled soldier-types who have wild stories of bedding a hundred women and vanquishing all manner of evil beasts ("Of course, you wouldn't know about this particular dragon! It was terrorising a small out-of-the way town called..." *mumble indistinctly*).
  6. Haha, I'll certainly shy away from the idea of fucking the detractors - thanks for the tip kids. But seriously, you're all right in that it's infinitely more useful to just stop caring what other people think. Something to work on, for sure. Regardless of how it bugs me personally, I'm still trying to wrap my head around it as a concept, but I think the anonymous nature of the internet is definitely something that gives people free rein to be a dick. Isn't that why Blizzard was going to attach people's real names to their forum posts or something? I assume that never ended up happening, or I'm just not looking at the right Bliz forums.
  7. Good luck with this! As you mentioned you don't have a lot of time to GM, if you don't find enough people to help you get this off the ground - a guild that sounds somewhat similar to your concept and really does allow for you to weave your backstory in however you like could be the Dragonhawk Brigade.
  8. So shared experience shouldn't lead to some kind of empathy? I'm not saying we should start a gamer commune, but this gamer-elitism just seems insane. I guess I understand where it comes from, people are defensive that this thing that used to "belong" to them is becoming more socially acceptable and liking games no longer makes you different so trying to form little cliques would be some form of defence. Also, having not seen Wizard, maybe I'm missing something. But what does this conversation have to do with trying to show someone you're badass and having someone else be impressed by your equipment rather than your skill?
  9. Does anyone else find that now that being a geek/gamer is cool, they're suddenly "not a real" geek/gamer? I understand that since this weird rise in popularity of all things geeky, there have been people jumping on the bandwagon. Which I personally have no issue with (although I appreciate that some people do), to me it just means there's a bigger market and so companies are now focussing on creating bigger and better versions of stuff I like. Maybe it's just me (although I kinda doubt it), but lately it seems that I don't have the right gadgets, or clothing, or taste to be a real geek. Hang on a sec... This reminds me of something.... OH RIGHT! It reminds me of high school and not having the right clothing, attitude or taste to be cool. The weird part is, all these cool geeks say they had a hard time in high school too (I realise most people did, that's life) and yet seem to be using this surge of popularity as a way to try out what it must have felt like to be one of those dicks in high school. It also seems like the closer I hone in on the things I like, the more I realise I'm the unacceptable kind of geeky. For example: I like games but I'm not particularly talented with maths or science - Not a real geek. Ok then, well I guess I'm a gamer but I don't like FPS or sports games and my favourite games include: WoW, Sims and Pokemon - Not a real gamer. Well.. I love WoW but I play a BELF hunter (so sue me, hunters are easy and if I'm spending hours looking at it, I want a pretty character) - Not a real WoW-player. Alright then, RPing is one of my favourite social activities and now that's it's something I've found in WoW I'm trying to get involved, although I don't have a huge knowledge of the lore - not a real RPer. Oh and god forbid you're female and like games. It's turned into some kind of weird fetish! What the hell?! There is nothing attractive about me in my PJs eating coco-pops and playing WoW. I've never particularly been comfortable with being hit on, and now a leering, "Wanna come to my house and play xbox?" is the alternative to, "Wanna come over and have a coffee?" All I'm saying is: don't say that shit, it's weird. This is certainly not a "pity me" or "why can't we be friends" kind of post, I'm just wondering if this is something a lot of other people find?
  10. We've been making serious progress pushing back at these scumbag human crusaders. Although, it doesn't make me as happy as it did at first. It's strange... I start to feel as though I really belong, as though I'm making progress here, and then I realise how different I really am from my companions. It can't be helped, I suppose, I slow them down by needing to sleep, anything that slows their progress seems to lead to resentment. My skill with a bow has meant that I've been receiving high praise from our commander. I've recently been gifted with a skeletal warhorse, but rather than drawing respect from my companions, it seems to breed resentment. I guess I can't stay here long either... I've seen the Zepplins leaving for the Orc City of Orgrimmar. Maybe there I'll find... something...
  11. Turns out that the humans are calling themselves the "Scarlet Crusade". It's amazing what strange ideas humans can get into their heads, after all that's happened with their prince, they're attacking the victims! The local militia here have given me a horse, or at least, what remains of one. I'm heading out with them tomorrow morning, so I imagine I won't have time to write for a while, but I'm really looking forward to taking out some of these insane humans. It's nice to be a part of something again, to feel like I'm doing something. It doesn't hurt that the Forsaken are paying me quite well either.
  12. I arrived in Brill a few days ago. The Forsaken certainly take some getting used to. I met a man (and I use the term loosely in this case) whose face had rotted to the point of exposing this teeth in a constant sneer. Thankfully, I was able to look into his one remaining eye and ask him for work, and he set me to eradicating some nearby pests. While I was doing that, I managed to skin a few of the more-intact creatures to start repairing my armour, as it's starting to wear thin. With practice, I may be able to fashion myself a new set. There's also an Apothecary here who's asked me to help him gather some supplies while I'm out culling the undead creatures that roam this area. I've started to earn a small amount of money and thanks to the work I've been doing, more and more people here have been coming up with things that need doing. It seems everyone here is so busy, there's plenty of work to go around. I've been hearing around town that they're having issues with some human religious zealots around these parts... After all that's happened, I think it would be cathartic to kill some human scum. I'll have to ask around.
  13. [The handwriting on this page is markedly different] I can't believe I've found this book. It's been almost seventy years and father kept it for me all this time? I can't believe how much has changed, and that he's gone... After the scourge destroyed everything, and moved on, we managed to lead several small scouting parties into the ruins. Most people have been searching for magical artefacts or family fortunes, but the looters have taken everything of value from our family estate. Luckily, my aunt was one of the few who managed to escape with her valuables, and their estate was far enough from the city to avoid too much damage or looting. She's offered to adopt me, which I'm considering, but my cousins might view that as a threat to their inheritance. Perhaps it's best just to remain as I am, she's been more than generous as it is. The only things left in our estate were a few personal items of father's and some of my mothers dresses. My aunt is keeping mother's dresses for me, I offered to give them to her as they belonged to her sister after all, but she declined, she wants me to keep them. I can't remember the last time I wore a dress... When mother left, I thought my world had ended. I was so young... little did I know how much more I had to lose. How much we would all lose. I can't stay here with my aunt for too much longer. Reconstruction has already begun on Silvermoon City, and the Farstriders are supposed to be assisting. I left the scouting party after finding this book, nobody stopped me. I suppose they understand that being there is too painful right now. I'll hardly be missed after all that's happened, everyone is too busy. I've heard that Lady Sylvanis is accepting us into Undercity, maybe I'll find my fortune there. - Tirandra
  14. **** Property of Tirandra Sunshard if found, please return to Magister Sunshard **** [Childish writing fills the page] Dear Diary, I've never had a diary before, but cook has given me this journal because she says I might be going away soon and she wants me to have someone to talk to. I love cook, but she is a bit silly sometimes. Writing isn't the same as talking. Father says that today is the most important day of my life so far. I'm so very nervous, I just want him to be proud of me. He says mother would be so proud of me if she was here, and I hope she would be too... Today, I have to go and be tested to decide if I'll be taken on as a student by one of the great Magisters. I asked Father why he couldn't just train me, and he said it wasn't allowed. It's silly! Because he's the greatest mage in the world and I want him to teach me! I know he would want to if he could. I've been told by the cook that Father has another surprise for me tonight, but I'm not to tell that I know, or I might not get it. I think cook was cheeky to tell me that, but I'm really looking forward to it! Wish me luck. Love, Tir **** [The page is stained with tears and the ink has run in places] STUPID STUPID STUPID MAGISTERS! I HATE them all so MUCH with their stupid test! They told Father I have hardly any magic at ALL and one of them even said something about Mother and a servant which made Father go all quiet and angry. I HATE them. Who says they should be able to tell me I have hardly any magic! Father's been teaching me turn the lights on and off and he even says one day he'll teach me how to make the pictures in the fire! I'll show those STUPID MAGES! **** Dear Diary, Father is the greatest is the world! I don't even care about the stupid Magisters now. He gave me two fox kits, a white one and a red one! They're so beautiful and cute. He says I'm to call them whatever I want. They're called Luna (the white one, like the moon) and Sol (the red one, like the sun). He says that Luna is a very special fox, and if I have to go away from the Sunwell for a while, she has a little bit of magic inside her. I have to be VERY careful, but I'm allowed to take a little bit out and it doesn't hurt her! I don't know why I'd ever have to leave Silvermoon, Father promises he wont send me away just because the Magisters won't train me. He says that they're wrong and I'm just too young yet. I have to go now, because Father wants to teach me how to use Luna's magic gently. He says that his experiment didn't work on Sol, but he's a lovely pet for me and is friends with Luna so he let me have both! Love, Tir **** Dear Diary, Today I get to start training at archery! Father said it's not proper for the daughter of a Magister, but cook says that there's nothing wrong with me knowing how to protect myself. Cook told me later that she thinks if I don't want to be a stupid mage, that one day, if I practice really hard, I could join the rangers. I think I would like to be a ranger. Maybe one day I'll be just like Sylvanis Windrunner, she's so awesome. Well, I'll be late if I don't get ready. Love, Tir [The book continues in this manner for many pages] **** Dear Journal, I've been spending so much time training that by the time I get home, cook demands that I bathe right away so I can be presentable for dinner. It's strange, I'm getting so sick of wearing silly dresses! I much prefer the leather armour that I train in. Father keeps inviting people to our house for dinner and they're so boring. I had to spend hours last night listening to this silly girl telling me about her personal dress-maker. I don't see what's so impressive about needing so many different dresses... Maybe she should learn to wash them and wear them again? At least that girl was better than the two boys who came with their father the night before. I had to sit between them and they just spent all night talking about who was better at sword fighting. I know I must be so disappointing to Father. I'm almost twenty and I still haven't shown any sign of particular magic talents. I'm pretty sure my tiny fire tricks are they best I'm ever going to get. It doesn't help that all the other girls my age are starting to wear dresses and look beautiful. I've seen portraits of my mother and I know I look nothing like her. I could dress nicely and look pretty, but what's the point? I'll never be a beautiful "flower of the court". Still, things are looking up. Tomorrow I get to go and meet with some of the rangers. I'd love to join them right away, but I'm still learning with my bow and Luna and Sol need to learn to behave better! Better get some rest. -Tir **** They want me! They want me to start right away! I've gotta go pack! ****