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  1. BOOM!!! BOOM!! BOOM! BOOM!!! BOOM!! BOOM! BOOM!!! BOOM!! BOOM! BOOM!!! BOOM!! BOOM! BOOM!!! BOOM!! BOOM! BOOM!!! BOOM!! BOOM! BOOM!!! BOOM!! BOOM! Twenty-one guns roared in honour of the ex-Captain as she traversed the frozen trail of ice to the jungle. Powering down the crackling arc of fel-assisted ignition Grimforge nodded to himself and made his way up to the deck, gesturing for Zornar stow the guns as he ascended past the middle deck. He'd aligned himself poorly, it seemed; it was no secret either. Better to eat the drop of influence with a display of loyalty than a whimpering defection to the new guard. Still, Herod braced himself for consequences, in case the new Captain didn't appreciate an unauthorised broadside in honour of his predecessor (on his first day, no less).
  2. Not if he eats LIMES. Just don't get them from limewire; those limes are full of SCURVY!
  3. Grimforge leant on a funny angle as if about to speak. Drawing nothing but air, he shifted his weight to the other foot and adjusted his beard as the ex-Captain gathered her possessions. Nodding at last with an audible grunt, the Dark Iron turned and left the cabin. Stopping short at the door, he faced back at Evellin and regarded her as she stuffed her swag. The feeling of wanting to do something for someone was a rare an uncomfortable one, and it showed on the Dwarf's face. He had nothing to offer, and she nothing to ask; moreover Grimforge was pertinently aware of what it was like to discard a position of authority (albeit under entirely different circumstances). Satisfied, as if his internal struggle had in-fact been a parting farewell with Stormguarde, he departed with one last pensive nod and made his way back down to his study.
  4. Well Disney bought it as a package deal, including ILM- so I'd guess that's a pretty safe bet. This is the main thing. I'd consider myself a pretty huge Star Wars fan; but I cherry pick EU stuff. Most of it isn't my cup of tea, but plenty is too. That said... Strong agreement. I'm sure a half decent job could bring me around on some EU lore I'm not too fond of; and that's finally possible now that Lucas is stepping aside. Not guaranteed; but possible, and it has all the money, talent, experience, and momentum it needs. Likely, even- I'd say it's more likely than not that the upcoming Star Wars films will be good. Possibly great if they get a guy like Whedon on it. Certainly better than the PT, in any case.
  5. Eight whole years? /golfclap. Taking a pangalactic bureaucracy, centralising all authority therin, then wiping out the entire command structure is fall-of-the-roman-empire/centuries-of-aftershock material.Also, Palpatine and his multiple deaths/clones is another lame thing I hate about the post OT EU. Yeah I'm familiar. Please tell me more. What you're describing is what directors used to be: co-ordinators. Roughly since the sixties (after the appearance of a number of 'hero' directors before then) the role of Director became less of a management/craftsman role, and more of an artist- both in the way they do things, and in the consciousness of themselves and society. The staples of their responsibilities are much the same, but a lot of the creativity once held by multiple different roles (screenwriter, editor, cinematographer, etc) has been subsumed by the director; who has become something of the keeper-of-the-big-idea. The direct result of this is that films on the whole have drastically improved in quality, coherence, stylistic cohesiveness, and variety (despite how much people complain). Though the producer does exert enormous control on the end product via the purse stings; the Director stands undiminished in the face of this as 'he who wields the stylus' to ultimate realisation of the summary experience the film will offer. In context, I was saying that Kathleen Kennedy doing stuff like the Avatar movie doesn't necessarily bode ill for Star Wars at all- as from a production standpoint the film was great. It's weakness was that Shyamalan had his head up his ass.
  6. Duro speaks the truth; between Gimp and Inkscape you've got 90% of the functionality of Photoshop and Illustrator. Bamboos are fine too; a tablet is a tablet and Wacoms are good (though I like Intuous because it's big enough to just lay over the laptop keyboard, and it has a bunch of nifty command buttons/wheels- also not sure if Bamboo has pressure and angular sensitivity or not).
  7. Grimforge kneeled and ran his fingers over where his circle was. "Hmh. The more you know..." Regarding the scene that he unfolded Grimforge looked to the key pensively for a moment. "Oh it'd be no good; were I ta get it in any case I'd only flog and execute the Stormrunner out of a crew," a pointed eye shot to Mera, "frankly I'm surprised nobody's paying the blood price." Stroking his beard, Grimforge nodded once more to himself; the last thing he needed was the prominence of captaincy over a ship like the Stormrunner. It was still too soon; it'd only be a matter of time before someone recognised him. Looking over the rather sorry looking collection of misfits gathered on the ruins of the deck, Grimforge waved his hands "Bah, I abstain- no cantidate loses or gains a vote on my account so long as I get to keep my study in the hold." The Dark Iron shuffled after the former Captain, "You shoulda bled her while ye had the right. So where'll ye go?" Grimforge interrupted himself with an almost involuntary bellowing roar "ZORNAR. THE DECK. NOW!"
  8. Welp I've got a Wacom Intuos 4 and it's great, so I'm sure the latest model would be similarly super. As for software to try other than adobe... tough one. There are plenty of good programs out there (gimp and inkscape jump to mind), but nothing that I'd say is better or more complete than a full adobe suite. Then again, I'm just a hobbyist, I'm sure there's a load of specific applications for which non-adobe software is more appropriate. Why not try to make art using different approaches with adobe- vector art is a fun and challenging thing to learn, for example.
  9. Therean Avielus Blackhelm Dorinthar Alliance, I... Cadavera H̡̅̿ͩ͗ͤ̋̏̌͂̒̀ͧ̔͑͒ͩ̓̕͟͢҉̦̬͇͍̭̲̰̞̩͓͈̼̲̯̳͇̫̰ͅe͂͂̂͂҉̛̛̗̻͙̰̦͖͈̺̙̖̕ͅͅͅ ̴̹͕̥̯̞̣̜͖̩̿̎̓̂́͒̋̉̄ͥ̌́̚͜͞ͅcͩͮ̽́͊͆̋͐͏̴̬̹̖̬͕͕̜̰͍͖̼̦͢ơ͍̪̘̻͔̖̲͂ͩͭ̄̈́̉͋̑̕͠ͅm̴̴̨̨̘͍̺̲̻̫̗̙̫͆͋̒̿̈ͤͭ̂̾ͤ̈́̍̇̂̏̒e̸͙̪͓̘̘͇̾̒́̊͛͠s̶̝͎͙̻͍̺̣̤͔͓̟̝̪̖͓ͫͩ̾̋ͯ̔͛ͫ̄ͦ̓͟͡ Greaso Grimforge Slagworth And a bonus suggestion from me for OOC Altherion:
  10. WhedonwhedonwhedonwhedonwhedonwhedonwhedonwhedonwhedonFILLIONSOLOFILLIONSOLOwhedonwhedonwhedonwhedonwhedonwhedonwhedonFILLIONFILLIONFILLION.
  11. Oh god o_o it's obvious. Whedon is the obvious choice. Whedon could do star wars. He did it better than the PT with Firefly. Whedon for Star Wars and Fillion for Solo! Han solo is even (sneakily) placed all through Firefly: Because FILLION IS A FAN! Make it happen TNG; you're my only hope.
  12. Welp I am pumped. I think is wonderful that (a) there will be a new Star wars film, and (b) Lucas is stepping down. Surely he will linger to a certain extent, but the fatal thing with the PT was his total control, and limitless source of yes-men and monies. That'd screw most creators. I must say I'm a little disappointed that it'll be a sequel; RotJ was a good point to leave it (I would have preferred the interbellum period between III and IV). Still, Disney has a habit of buying and backing quality shit without getting their hands too dirty on the 'how'. They haven't cramped Marvel or Pixar's different styles, just empowered them to do what they do, better. Now, I have to say it; NATHAN FILLION FOR HAN SOLO! Any other casting suggestions?
  13. Well to be fair, she's the producer not the director. All of those movies made a buttload of cash, so she's doing her bit. Also Lucas wasn't fooling anyone with his "it's over" thing; just like his beard isn't fooling anyone about the prominence of his jawline.
  14. I've never gotten into the post episode 6 stuff; all the stupid solo/skywalker dynasty shit put me off, as did the Yuuzhan Vong. That said, I have heard Thrawn was great. Still it bothers me that the galaxy didn't disintegrate into an orgy of war after the idiotic rebellion cut the head off the dragon after constitutional, burueacratic governance had been suspended and all power handed to regional governors (read: warlords). There should have been hundreds of others like Thrawn, and no serious successor republic. The rebel alliance might be remembered as terrorists that plunged the galaxy into a new dark age- the jedi as shortsighted fundamentalist templars. Those truly dedicated to the light side would have to keep their tutelage to themselves; subtly applying their skills to alleviate a broken world. I'd be stoked if they did something between episodes 3-4. There a good 20 years there- fuck the books/EU, retcon it and do it better. Or focus elsewhere. I just love that timeframe- pretty much every Star Wars game I GMed and played in sat snugly in the rise of the empire and birth of the rebellion period. The empire hasn't solidified control over the galaxy yet, so a lot of the outer rim is very 'freeportish'; plenty of straggler fugitive jedis running about not knowing what to do, and pretty much all the iconic tech, locations, older characters and formative plot developments from the OT. The one exception to this was a phenomenal campaign where we were high-minded, noble-intentioned separatists in the Clone Wars; in a similar vein to the browncoats of Firefly. Mmm, rise of Lord vader and hunting down of the Jedi who escaped the purges; the search for Obi wan and Yoda; how the Hutts and the Black Sun (and other major non-state actors) adjust to the huge reorganisation of power in the core.
  15. >_> Am I crazy for thinking this is good news? I think Disney could deliver a decent Star Wars experience. The main thing is that George gets sidelined. This could be a new golden age of quality Star Wars lore.