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  1. Full Name::Satchel Airslice [Date of Birth::St, Patty's Day March 17 Age:: 40 in gnome years. Race:: Gnome Gender::Male Hair:: Dark Blue Skin::Tan Eyes::Hazel Height::3 feet Weight::48lb Place of residence::Goldshire Lion Pride Inn Place of Birth::Gnomeregan Known Relatives:: None Religion/Philosophy:: Lives by the tenants of the gnomes, to have an unbreakable spirit of adventure. Occupation:: Traveling Mage Likes:: Magic, Airships, Ale, and Adventure Favorite Foods:: Salted Pork Favorite Drinks:: The Strongest drink you have. Weapons of Choice:: A battlestaff and his own Magic. Dislikes:: Bears Hobbies:: Studying the magics of the different races. Positive Personality Traits:: His inquisitive mind and curiosity make him who he is. He speaks faster than he thinks but has a kindhearted soul. History:: His Family died in Gnomeregan. They became irradiated but strangely enough, not satchel. When the Dwarves were helping the Gnomes help tend to their wounded, they found Satchel still bundled in Blankets. They took pity on the young infant and brought him to Ironforge. It was there growing up with the other orphaned children of not only the Gnomeregan families but also the Dwarven ones, that he grew an inquisitive mind. He became interested in Engineering and magic but knew he could never afford to study such sciences ands arts. He grew up up poor but still kind hearted prefering the company of the dwarves than his own kind. The dwarves of Ironforge all took him like their own and with it he grew his love for ale and stories. It was at the age of 40 that he finally discovered his affinity for magic. Nearly singing off a guards beard when he was in a druken stupor he realized that this was his time that he could do something great. He decided that Ironforge wasn't where he wanted to spend the rest of his life and with his only savings, bought himself a staff and a cloak and traveled the long journey to Stormwind to learn how to use his Magic. Now an assistant innkeeper at Lion's Pride inn, he was spending his time earning money and saving to enroll himself into the Magi Acadamy. However news reached his ears that another of his family survived the slaughter at Gnomeregan, a sister who is currently working with the Darkmoon Faire, Satchel know that this may be the only family he has left. Starting his long journey ahead of him, who know what comes around the horizon?
  2. Hello! I've heard many things about this server and am glad i have found this gazette as well. Im new to WOW but not MMO in general. I did some Light RP before and want to go into the realm of some in dept RP here. Well i just wanted to Introduce myself!