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  1. Dear Journal, There is so much going on it’s harder and harder to find time to write at all. But since I am trying to recover some of my strength right now, writing is what I am going to do to clear my head. The Legion was not just some nonsense some odd cult was spewing. It is very real and quite terrifying, at least more so than the last time. I fear for my family and for all of Azeroth. The Horde headed to the Broken Shore to try and stop Gul’dan. The war chief died, Sylvanas is now in charge. So much so fast it is hard to just believe this isn’t some twisted nightmare. Selash and I w
  2. ((this is Nanori and Selash's response to the event)) Selash The invasion had only just begun in the days that would pass since the Legion made planetfall. And the ensuing battles had begun to take their toll on everyone. Even Quel'thalas, which had seen its own share of demonic taint since Kael'thas's return from Outland was now reeling from the damage of a demonic assault, and standing ready for the next. At their home, the damage would still linger. The world too occupied with defending itself to spare the resources to fix the damage that had been done. Regardless, it did nothin
  3. I MAY be able to swing this. Will let you all know as soon as I know more
  4. I am good at that sort of thing, and I could try to set one up. It may not be based on a d20 system... as WoW stats vary so much, but something a lil more flexible on a d10 system might work.
  5. Everyone here is amazing and welcoming and I wouldn't go anywhere else for my wow playing or roleplay in game. Love you all.
  6. "Oh that guy..." Nanori would respond to the interviewer with a scoff. "Met him once or twice... both times he made me want to stab him in the face." The interviewing goblin would blink a few times his pencil poised over the notepad and Nanori would just smirk. "As long as he keeps outta my way we won't have issues... he and my husband have issues. But if he attacks my family, well... wouldn't want to ruin the surprise now would I." Whistling innocently Nanori would walk away with a smile on her lips.
  7. Nanori Gustblade <The Eversong Elite> Recently married to Selash Gustblade, on her honeymoon in Pandaria till the end of the week. Leader of the Eversong Elite, former head of the Windstalker family having passed the family duties to her sister after helping to restore her soul to her body. Kailei Windstalker <The Eversong Elite> Recently having her soul returned to her, is once more able to connect with the Light as well as still make use of the twisted Shadow magic she had grown accustomed to in her unlife. Her sister having married Kailei is now in charge of their f
  8. Dear Journal, I am no longer Nanori WINDSTALKER! I am now Nanori Gustblade. The wedding went off beautifully. We got married in a small building outside of Silvermoon, and then we had our reception in Eversong. It was all so beautiful. And oh yes! Kailei is alive again! Her soul has been restored... and she is actually HAPPY! I cannot believe all the good that has gone on in my life as of late. I am currently on my honeymoon in Pandaria, Selash rented us a small cabin, we're out on our own island for the entire week. It is so beautiful and quiet out here. We have spent most of our days
  9. Dear Journal, So much has happened, I don’t know where to begin. I suppose I should probably start with the fact that I am engaged! Selash proposed. Right on the balcony of his home. I could not believe it, I thought he wanted to wait longer… but now… now he wants to be married by the end of the month and I just cannot wait. The eternium band he gave me, is so beautiful. It shimmers in the faintest of light and I can’t believe I get to wear it from now until well… forever! And Kahlan… that darling little girl. She wants me to be her mother. I am so glad that she is willing to accept
  10. Dear Journal, So. Well Selash now knows you exist. He caught me writing in this book the other day. He seemed a little confused as to why I would bother writing in this thing. But in all seriousness, I explained to him that writing in this book has helped me to organize my thoughts… and help me see things more clearly. Not everyone is going to understand why I wrote down some of the horrible things that have happened to me, but horrible things are not the only things that have occurred in my life. Especially not now that there is so much good going on. Selash and I have been dis
  11. Dear Journal, So Kailei found out about me and Selash. Needless to say she was not happy that she didn’t find out from me. I just wasn’t ready to tell her because I didn’t want to hurt her by letting her know how happy I am when she is so obviously struggling. I wish there was a way… to make her understand that I am truly happy for one of the first times in my life since mother and father passed away. Kailei just doesn’t get it. Maybe it is because of how she is, or that she has been betrayed and hurt by people she cared about in the past. I’m not sure. But she says that I should alw
  12. Dear Journal, Another day, another decision of mine made. I am picking up a bow again whenever it is necessary. I have taken my father’s bow out of storage and did the maintenance on it the other morning. So I will be training with it once again. Having the versatility of using daggers AND a bow will only benefit me in the long run. Selash will be busy, I at first only requested of him to make me a set of leather to wear into battle, and now I will need something a little bit heavier if I am going to practicing long range combat as well. So I asked for him to design a second set of a