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  1. Dear Journal, There is so much going on it’s harder and harder to find time to write at all. But since I am trying to recover some of my strength right now, writing is what I am going to do to clear my head. The Legion was not just some nonsense some odd cult was spewing. It is very real and quite terrifying, at least more so than the last time. I fear for my family and for all of Azeroth. The Horde headed to the Broken Shore to try and stop Gul’dan. The war chief died, Sylvanas is now in charge. So much so fast it is hard to just believe this isn’t some twisted nightmare. Selash and I went together with others from Borrowed Time and Sanctuary to the Broken Shore. At least we went through that hell side by side. There was so much death, and the demons… the stink of them are still in my nostrils even now. The fight on the Shore went by like a blur, and my only take away from it was that as good as I am with a sword and dagger; they are NOT the best weapons to fight the demons with. At least not for me, I learned that lesson the hard way. My back is covered in fel fire burns. Thankfully there is no fel poisoning, because if it can take down someone as strong as Vol’jin it would’ve ended me for sure. I am extremely lucky. But the pain is brain addling, and without Darynthis I’m dealing with my body healing on its own, and I’m beginning to think I am idiotic for being so stubborn about only wanting my cousin to heal me. There will be some wicked scars and fire-side stories for down the road when all of this has passed. Light, I AM an idiot. At least Selash and I, and Kahlan are all right so far. As is Kailei, thank the Light. But where IS Darynthis? I will have to find her. My guess is she is holed up somewhere healing and tending to the wounded that are no doubt piling up with all the demon invasions going on. At least that is my hope. Oh and I have switched from father’s bow to a rifle. For the first time ever, I prefer bullets to arrows. They just penetrate the demon armor better, and I’ve switched to heavier sets of armor as well. Better to be safe than sorry, but right now I am safely home not wearing it to let my back heal. Maybe Kailei has enough of a grasp on the Light again. She might be able to help. I’ll have to ask her; anyways it is time to get some rest. Who’s to know when the next attack will rise? -Nanori Gustblade
  2. ((this is Nanori and Selash's response to the event)) Selash The invasion had only just begun in the days that would pass since the Legion made planetfall. And the ensuing battles had begun to take their toll on everyone. Even Quel'thalas, which had seen its own share of demonic taint since Kael'thas's return from Outland was now reeling from the damage of a demonic assault, and standing ready for the next. At their home, the damage would still linger. The world too occupied with defending itself to spare the resources to fix the damage that had been done. Regardless, it did nothing to dissuade Selash from his work. Already the new armor he had begun creating was starting to take shape. Nearby, the arcane battery that Kailei had provided to him was hooked up to various cables and clamps, an analysis in progress as the hunters hands continued to work ferverently. But it was obvious by the look of him that even he was being worn down by the battles and constant work on his armor, despite the goggles covering the telltale bags under his eye. He would move from one pile of materials and parts to the armor as he would begin to shape things together. Kahlan watching from her stool in the shop as she clutched her stuffed giraffe. Silent. But obviously worried. Nanori Nanori would make her way down the stairs shakily. Her legs were still weak from leaping through combat just a few hours ago, and it is not like she really slept. She'd lain there in the bed clutching her daggers desperately and praying to the Light that nothing else would plague their home. At least not for awhile. She hadn't even taken off her battered and fel stinking armor. She refused to be without it on her body right now. As she made her way to where the pair was in Selash's workshop she collapsed in her favorite chair down there and leaned back against the back of it. She said not a word just watched her husband work. "Hey... husband... you should rest," She said softly after she sat for a moment. Selash Selash would speak as he continued to work, trying to stay focused, "I should...But I think we both know that we can't." His goggles moving a darker lens over his good eye as he grabbed a welding torch and lit it before proceeding to weld some parts together. The room growing brighter as sparks would fly from the end of the white hot torch. "Why aren't you resting, sugar?" Kahlan continuing to watch the two. Her ears twitching as she chose to just listen for now. Nanori "Like I could sleep," She chuckles softly and shrugs a little. "I sat there in bed hugging my daggers wishing this was all a dream. Plus I just ache all over." She patted the space beside her for Kahlan if she wanted to come and join her. Selash Kahlan would look at her mother before slowly walking over and plopping herself next to Nanori and burying her face against her in a hug. She was clearly scared. The hunter watching their daughter with concern, but continuing his work after a moment. "So do I." He says with a sigh before setting the torch down and lifting his goggles. By the bags under his eyes and the droop on his good eye's eyelid, he was indeed exhausted. He reaches for his cigarettes, taking his time to draw one and screw it between his lips. Nanori As Kahlan came closer Nanori wrapped her up in her arms and hugged her tightly letting her hand rub along the little girl's back. "It's okay sweetheart you're safe here..." She said with a soft nod. And she glanced to Selash. Nanori didn't look too good herself. She just was pale, as if she'd lost a lot of blood. If she was bleeding she didn't know it as she hadn't removed her armor since this all started. She wasn't going to check now. "Yeah... I wish the Doomsayers had just been crazy." Selash "Hindsight's always perfect..." He mumbles before lighting up and taking a drag. Coughing as he'd exhale. He'd then frown with concern noticing how pale she was. "Did you get hurt? You look like you lost a few pints..." Kahlan would whimper with some concern as she too would look up at Nanori, clearly worried. Nanori "I don't know," She responded. "I haven't checked. It's alright Kahlan honey... I'm okay." She said softly as the little girl whimpered. Nano was just worn out, that's what she told herself at this point. But it was possible. There were some slight rips and tears in her armor... nothing major anyways... Selash Selash frowns and sighs, "You're not doing anyone favors by ignoring injuries, sugar." He pauses to reach for a radio, clicking it on, "Al, bring the first aid kit to the shop please, along with a new change of clothes for Nanori." "Right away, sir." Alfonze's voice would echo through the radio as Selash would set it down before moving over to her to her and Kahlan. Nanori Nanori grumbles as he mentions her ignoring injuries. "It is not that I am ignoring them. I don't want to remove my armor. What if we are attacked? Hm?" She mused as he approached where her and Kahlan sat and she sat up a bit more in the chair. "Are you going to be stubborn and make me do this?" Selash "I am. Now stand up and let me look you over." He says as his demeanor shifts, clearly concerned for her. "And if we are attacked, I'll deal with them." Kahlan letting Nanori go so she could stand up. Her arms immediately wrapping around her giraffe again tightly. Nanori She sighed heavily. "Fine fine," She muttered as she stood up and started unbuckling the straps of her chestguard. "But your armor isn't done... so you better check me over quick..." She chuckled as she let the leather fall off her body standing there in her shirt that was underneath. Beneath the black and red armor, it was hard to tell that there was singes at all, but the white shirt beneath it... was all singed up and down her back from fel fire. The shirt had burned away in spots and her back beneath was raw... several spots were worse than others... but her back was warm to the touch. Selash Kahlan gasps in horror, "Minn'da!" She says quietly. Her arms tightening around the stuffed animal. Selash's own eye widening. "Looks like they got you pretty damn good. Your back is nicely cooked." Alfonze's footsteps could be heard coming down the stairs. "As you requested, sir." His eyes catching a glimpse of Nanori's back, "Oh my." Nanori "I was surrounded by demons at one point." She said with a slight shrug of her shoulders, followed by a wince as now the fabric could move across the burns. "I didn't even notice..." Obviously her adrenaline had been non stop pumping since then, cause she should've noticed this sooner but had not. From the reactions of her family now she knew it was bad. Selash "I'm surprised you were able to lay down at all with this." Selash comments, "I won't be able to take care of all of it but I can at least get this bound and cleaned." He says before starting to dab at the blood and carefully apply pressure to one of the places on her back that was bleeding after removing what was left of the shirt. Nanori "I laid on my side..." She said with a sigh as he removed the horrible cloth from the raw burns. "Do what you gotta do... I need to be able to fight." She said as he started dabbing at the blood. She sucked in a sharp breath and shivered. It was like a really bad sunburn... skin hot to the touch but feeling cold all over to her. Selash "I'll try, but this is serious, Nano. I don't think you'll be doing much until Darynthis or another cleric can look at you." He'd start to run the bottle of numbing agent down her back. It'd burn at first but would cool to make the pain bearable so he could do his work. Nanori "Darynthis is probably elbow deep in injured after the assault on the isles..." She mused as she shuddered again not letting out a peep at the pain as he applied the numbing agent. She swallowed hard. "I'm able to move... I'll be fine... just need more of that numbing stuff." She said with a sigh. She knew with the amount of pain she felt now, that it was serious... but she wouldn't sit on the sidelines and let her family fight for her. "I'm sure Dary will come check on us soon enough. She wouldn't rest till she knew me and Kailei were alright." Selash "It doesn't last forever, Nanori." He says as he'd continue to clean her wounds, running clean water to flush and cool the burns. Moving to whisper in her ear, concerned, "What if you're with child?" Clearly not wanting Kahlan to hear. No need to get her more stressed out than she was. Nanori "Then I'll just need more Selash," She responded as her back finally felt numb and she could breathe again without wincing in pain. She listened to his whisper and she frowned slightly. "Then I need to protect my unborn child," She whispered back. "I can't let demons run free over Azeroth love. Nor can I let you go into battle alone," She said and she managed a smile for Kahlan's benefit. Selash He lets out a sigh before continuing. "I guess there is no convincing you on that..." He murmurs quietly as he continues. Kahlan would look down the whole time, lost in her thoughts before she'd finally speak after a long pause. "Is...is the warchief...really dead?" She asks quietly, clutching the giraffe tighter. Selash looking over to her after stopping a moment before slowly nodding. "He is, pumpkin. Minn'da and I were there." A pause, "But he died fighting for us. For all of us." "He gave us perhaps the gift in this fight we could ask for; A chance to win." Nanori Nanori nodded. "And Sylvanas made sure we all got home..." She said with a sigh as she finally after several hours felt some relief from the burns upon her back. "Although... to what kind of home that is yet to be seen. Hopefully the Horde and the Alliance can work through our differences to meet this threat." Selash "They won't." Selash's tone rife with doubt, coughing a few times after taking a long drag before beginning to wrap Nanori's wounds under a bandage. "So long as humans continue to be the self-righteous pigs that they are, there will never be peace." Kahlan would shiver, afraid and trying to be brave like her mother and father, but her insecurities were getting the better of her, falling silent again. Nanori "Well then the Horde will face this threat alone," She said as she held still and Selash wrapped her back in bandages. All she needed was more scars... but already it seemed that she was going to have more. Burns that bad didn't leave no marks. "And we will do what we have to to protect each other and our family... it is the only option," She said and she smiled to Kahlan again. "It will be okay Kahlan... I promise you." Selash "Minn'da's right, pumpkin. We're going to win this." He says as he finishes binding the bandages in place. "Ann'da always wins. Right?" Cracking more of a smile at his daughter. She seems hesitant but finally nods. Smiling behind the head of her giraffe. Nanori Nanori chuckled softly, sucking in a sharp breath as the bandages shifted slightly, but she grit her teeth and then bit back the pain. "We will win," She said. "And the Horde will always survive... as will our family." She said as she continued to let Selash tend her wounds. They had demons to fight... and she would take a moment after they were done with wound tending, and then she would have to get back out there. She really hoped that Darynthis was okay. She needed to see a cleric at some point.
  3. I MAY be able to swing this. Will let you all know as soon as I know more
  4. I am good at that sort of thing, and I could try to set one up. It may not be based on a d20 system... as WoW stats vary so much, but something a lil more flexible on a d10 system might work.
  5. Everyone here is amazing and welcoming and I wouldn't go anywhere else for my wow playing or roleplay in game. Love you all.
  6. Nanori


    "Oh that guy..." Nanori would respond to the interviewer with a scoff. "Met him once or twice... both times he made me want to stab him in the face." The interviewing goblin would blink a few times his pencil poised over the notepad and Nanori would just smirk. "As long as he keeps outta my way we won't have issues... he and my husband have issues. But if he attacks my family, well... wouldn't want to ruin the surprise now would I." Whistling innocently Nanori would walk away with a smile on her lips.
  7. Nanori Gustblade <The Eversong Elite> Recently married to Selash Gustblade, on her honeymoon in Pandaria till the end of the week. Leader of the Eversong Elite, former head of the Windstalker family having passed the family duties to her sister after helping to restore her soul to her body. Kailei Windstalker <The Eversong Elite> Recently having her soul returned to her, is once more able to connect with the Light as well as still make use of the twisted Shadow magic she had grown accustomed to in her unlife. Her sister having married Kailei is now in charge of their family matters and has also joined the efforts of the Eversong Elite. Darynthis Bloodsworn <The Eversong Elite> Having given up her heavy armor for much lighter protection, Darynthis has become a Priestess in the Sin'dorei worship of the Light. She plans to become a traveling medic, aiding those who have been wounded on the battlefield as long as they are loyal to the Horde. Her use of the Light magic she felt with the heavy armor in the way was hindered and now believes herself to have a deeper connection with the Light. She plans to post flyers in most major cities offering her aid. She too has joined in the efforts of the Eversong Elite alongside her cousins.
  8. Dear Journal, I am no longer Nanori WINDSTALKER! I am now Nanori Gustblade. The wedding went off beautifully. We got married in a small building outside of Silvermoon, and then we had our reception in Eversong. It was all so beautiful. And oh yes! Kailei is alive again! Her soul has been restored... and she is actually HAPPY! I cannot believe all the good that has gone on in my life as of late. I am currently on my honeymoon in Pandaria, Selash rented us a small cabin, we're out on our own island for the entire week. It is so beautiful and quiet out here. We have spent most of our days out on the beach in the sand, fishing or just being with one another, and as much as I love the time alone with him. I miss my daughter. Yes Kahlan will officially be my daughter upon our return to Eversong. I am officially adopting her. How weird is that. I... Nanori... have a daughter. Still seems odd to me, but I am happy with the decision and the accepting little girl who has welcomed me into her life. And then there is the new organization that we have formed. Kailei, Darynthis, Selash and I have decided we need to focus on our family, and OUR people. So we started the Eversong Elite. In hopes that we will better be able to protect one another, and defend the glory of the Sin'dorei people. I must get back to my honeymoon now, I will write more upon our return. -Ranger Nanori Wi- GUSTBLADE
  9. Dear Journal, So much has happened, I don’t know where to begin. I suppose I should probably start with the fact that I am engaged! Selash proposed. Right on the balcony of his home. I could not believe it, I thought he wanted to wait longer… but now… now he wants to be married by the end of the month and I just cannot wait. The eternium band he gave me, is so beautiful. It shimmers in the faintest of light and I can’t believe I get to wear it from now until well… forever! And Kahlan… that darling little girl. She wants me to be her mother. I am so glad that she is willing to accept me and wants me to be a part of her family. Look at me. I am a happy, lovesick, emotional wreck. Who would’ve thought… not me, not in a million years. But here I am. The happiest I’ve been in a very long time. And lastly… I found a warlock willing to at least look into the mess that I made with Kailei. A warlock of the Grim, Ul’rezaj was very kind to at least see if there was anything that he could do. I really hope that the mess can be fixed… if Kailei could get her own soul back… I am not sure yet what it would mean for her, but I am sure it would be better than the state she is in currently. Wedding planning, working the paperwork with the nobles of Silvermoon so that our families can be merged in the LEGAL manner when me and Selash marry. There is just so much to do… but I will do it all, and be extremely happy for it… I couldn’t ask for more than what I have right now. -Ranger Nanori Windstalker
  10. Dear Journal, So. Well Selash now knows you exist. He caught me writing in this book the other day. He seemed a little confused as to why I would bother writing in this thing. But in all seriousness, I explained to him that writing in this book has helped me to organize my thoughts… and help me see things more clearly. Not everyone is going to understand why I wrote down some of the horrible things that have happened to me, but horrible things are not the only things that have occurred in my life. Especially not now that there is so much good going on. Selash and I have been discussing our futures together. And to be honest, I am still the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. The fight against the Alliance rages on, but having a family to come home to at the end of the day makes it all worth it. Even Kailei and Darynthis have returned to the Manor, and surrounded both my family and Selash’s family have made me stronger than I have ever been. A reason to fight, makes everything so much easier to bear. There has been a mess with fel infected individuals that have us all on high alert, but I feel bad for anyone that dares to come after me or my family. We’re more united than we have ever been, and that makes us stronger. Talk of marriage, talk of children… am I really becoming the head of the Windstalker family? I still think I am likely the worst noblewoman ever, but all the support from Kailei and Darynthis, and Selash telling me not to worry what the other nobles think, makes me think I can actually do this. I can honor my mother and father’s line, and make a place for the Windstalkers in the world again. For so many years I ran from my responsibilities… but now? Now I’m thinking I can actually manage all of this. Maybe I have recovered, from the loss of my eye, and my torture at the hands of the Dusk Watch. Am I whole again? -Ranger Nanori Windstalker
  11. Dear Journal, So Kailei found out about me and Selash. Needless to say she was not happy that she didn’t find out from me. I just wasn’t ready to tell her because I didn’t want to hurt her by letting her know how happy I am when she is so obviously struggling. I wish there was a way… to make her understand that I am truly happy for one of the first times in my life since mother and father passed away. Kailei just doesn’t get it. Maybe it is because of how she is, or that she has been betrayed and hurt by people she cared about in the past. I’m not sure. But she says that I should always be on my guard, and letting people in like I have with Selash is a risk to my very life. I told her of course I am being careful, and she just doesn’t think that is enough. And… she told me that Selash approached her about meeting Kahlan. I was surprised that she agreed. Kailei is normally so busy that she barely sleeps. I don’t even know if her body actually requires sleep. But either way, she’s going to meet little Kahlan and I am truly worried. Kahlan thinks that Kailei is so strong, and all of that… Kailei can be cold-hearted and a bitch and I am worried that Kahlan is going to be disappointed. But again, we will have to wait and see which Kailei puts in an appearance. Selash is also teaching me how to be a bounty hunter. It is so strange trying not to kill the person I am shooting at. And daggers? How do you threaten someone with a weapon if there is not a threat of death behind it? I mean sure we chased down another blood elf, and I don’t necessarily relish in the idea of killing one of my own people… but the man was shooting fireballs at our heads. That REALLY made me want to kill him. Anyways, I need to get some rest. I will write again soon. -Ranger Nanori Windstalker
  12. Dear Journal, Another day, another decision of mine made. I am picking up a bow again whenever it is necessary. I have taken my father’s bow out of storage and did the maintenance on it the other morning. So I will be training with it once again. Having the versatility of using daggers AND a bow will only benefit me in the long run. Selash will be busy, I at first only requested of him to make me a set of leather to wear into battle, and now I will need something a little bit heavier if I am going to practicing long range combat as well. So I asked for him to design a second set of armor for me, one much like his own. Both will be tailored to my frame obviously, with all sorts of hidden little tricks and such. I am really excited for the change. Then there is the gift that I have been working on for Kahlan, I really hope that she likes it. I am putting a lot of effort into it, and since she so enjoys being a little Lady and all, I think she will appreciate the gift for many years to come. We will see either way. I will write some more later, I need to sharpen my daggers and oil my bow. -Ranger Nanori Windstalker