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  1. I have mixed feelings about the ending personally. All in all, fantastic campaign mode. Yay customization and neat little trinkets and such. WTB auto-refineries ALL THE TIME.
  2. <p>Holy crap someone else on TNG from Iowa!</p>

  3. Oh, no I didn't say -you- told me I couldn't have it. Other officers at the time suggested I shouldn't use it.
  4. I honestly can't remember.. and I did it the old fashioned way without mods.. uphill both ways in the snow. But seriously? A week if you really set your mind to it.
  5. And no, not the US Census.. the WoW Census! I've been wanting to get some numbers about things for a little while now but it appears that the Alliance submissions are way low! Right now I'm seeing a ratio of 1:2.3 Alliance to Horde. I don't think that's entirely accurate, but with the recent Alliance transfers away and the Horde coming on, it might be closer than I think. In any case! I need volunteers to take a few Alliance censuses when they think about it. The CensusPlus hardly seems to be a bother in regards to lag or anything like that, and Warcraft Realms makes the submission method pretty easy. I make sure I take the census on my Alliance alts too, as well as Horde.. I figure they do a good job splitting the results and whatnot. In any case, if anyone here would like to help us get a better picture of the state of our server, I'd greatly appreciate it.
  6. I've got both.. I was going to hang with Loremaster but we had an officer already who already kinda ran with Keeper of the Lore or something so I kinda got elbowed outta that. I picked Seeker instead and for Aquizit being the type of guy who's always researching and exploring and Seeking Truth and Peace it fits for him. RP angle: worth it.
  7. Aquizit just wonders to himself why these posters always end up in Silvermoon, and never in any -other- Horde city, or Dalaran.
  8. WAIT! Hif like.. warlock Hif?! Like.. the one that would run around with Pylith and Kurohane killing every Horde they saw?! (This is Pylith, by the way.) DUDE!! ... I'm Horde now, come play with meeee~
  9. If they didn't limit practice games to 5, I'd never make it out of there.
  10. <p><a href="<___base_url___>/showthread.php?t=18850" rel="">I would appreciate it if you could sticky this</a> I am putting quite a bit of work into this post thread, I'll update it with a post of simmilar length to the first in all the reserved posts when I have time.</p>

    <p>14 pages of work for that first page alone.</p>

  11. Abric gets one because he's got a good rep with Blizzard. They ALWAYS take former beta-testers in their first few invites, and Abric, if I remember right, tested both BC and Wrath.
  12. On the WoW website front page it shows news of a donation made to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It turned out to be $1.1 million. What they say in the article is that the donation was based on 50% of the sales of the Pandaren Monk pet via the pet store made in November and December. Good job everyone who bought one! On this server and all others!
  13. The assaults upon Icecrown Citadel began with scouting missions. Intelligence had been gathered stating that Arthas has his own set of private quarters within the citadel where he housed Frostmourne. The Horde was not informed on who had received this information, and in retrospect it might have been an Alliance spy placed within the Argent Crusade to cause the fall of the Horde’s most respected champions and leaders. To this, we’ll never know. The instructions given to us were to meet with the Dark Lady, or the Banshee Queen, or just Sylvanas, or whatever title she’s giving herself these days. Nothing against the sin’dorei’s most staunch supporter in the days of... “Horde application,” but really, Queen Sylvanas works fine. In any case, a weak point along the north ramparts of the citadel had been discovered, and gates to the inner halls of Icecrown lied within. The first mission had us enter what looked like a large chamber that doubled as a chasm or basement. To each side were a series of beams with meat hooks attached to them, and hung on each hook was one of the flesh giants that we had seen within Naxxramas and other Scourge strongholds. Above was a large domed ceiling causing an echoing of the machines that churned below. Upon looking over the edge of the grated platforms, I spotted two enormous ridged cylinders rotating at the bottom of a funnel leading into them. Around them there seemed to be a haze swirling and roiling around them. It reminded me of certain juicing techniques I’ve seen trolls use upon their favorite jungle fruits, although at the time I could not determine what the haze actually was. Scourge forces within were relatively minimal. There were a series of Cult of the Damned members which were easily dispatched. Some were the typical shadow flingers, although some curiously were bonemancers, crafting sharpened bone to impale our party with. I could not then think of where the bone was coming from, but I would learn later on. We also ran across numerous patrols of two large bone sentinels, who had an ability to reflect magic abilities. To note: cursing one’s self with one’s own afflictions is painful at best, and fatal at worst. I would recommend fellow warlocks to keep their felhunter handy to devour the aftereffects. The metal grating we were traveling upon hovered over the churning machines below, and they surrounded a pair of skull-shaped alcoves. Within the first chamber a set of Cult of the Damned. They were easily taken care of. The second chamber held a different sight. A lone Scourge human stood inside, he had eyes glowing like a Death Knight yet was dressed like a mage. His arm was stretched high into the air, and the same haze that I described swirling about the machines below was spinning above the human’s head, causing me to wonder exactly what this substance was. When we entered the second chamber, the human in the room, who I later learned was named Bronjahm, charged at us with a scythe raised. The haze disappeared which made me wonder if he had to concentrate to control it. Initially, he seemed simple enough to combat: The vanguard kept Bronjahm’s attention as the rest of us pummeled him with blades and spells. However after a moment he turned to me and raised a hand. A ripping pain tore through my chest for a brief moment before I noticed a pale light drift free and begin to head towards the Scourge lieutenant. It was then I realized what the haze around both this human and the machines below were: souls, torn free from their bodies either living or dead. We managed to free my bit of soul drifting in the air, and in a move of desperation Bronjahm threw his hands above his head and the haze began to kick up once again, swirling around the room behind us. He kept flinging spells as us while the soul of storms screamed around the corners of the room, but after the combined effort of our killers he finally dropped. Upon his corpse we found a bag. It looked brand new. Upon traveling further along the platforms we met more Cult of the Damned members as well as loose souls that flew towards our party to explode, showering us in dark energy. At the far wall, off the platforms we met with greater souls, looking like pure spirit energy combined into malevolent forms. They were fairly easy to dispatch as they only threw out volleys of weak shadow energy. At the end of the long hallway lied an open chamber with a strange statue near a large portal. After a bit of examination, the statue held a stark resemblance to the Reliquary of Souls within the Black Temple in Outland. Appropriately, this creature called itself the Devourer of Souls, apparently consuming souls unfit for Scourge golems and creations. It seemed to be ‘asleep’ until we entered the room proper, to which is sprang to life and launched itself upon us, threatening to devour us as well. Our vanguard grabbed the monstrosity’s attention as we spread out around it to attack. It seemed to go well until it fired a beam at one of our killers. We noticed soon after our rogue screaming in pain as our other attacks struck the creature. It appeared the beam linked the being to one of our party members, transferring the injuries from it to our rogue. We slowed our damage when we realized this, though too quickly we found ourselves with another problem. With a shudder a series of hazy projections shot out from all over the beast’s form, landing upon the ground with a glow and causing a released soul to attack our party. They didn’t seem to be affected by any spells or blades, so we simply had to deal with the pain. As we faltered while running from the spirits, the statue turned towards us and shouted something that I unfortunately can’t recall to write to parchment. Its mouth opened and we noticed the haze appear. It rapidly concentrated into a number of white rays, blasting out into the wall. My felhunter ran around in its hunger, trying to devour the energy, but unfortunately it simply – well, it was torn to shreds. Luckily we were then able to not go near it otherwise. Soon after our vanguard swung its shield against the statue’s face. We must have chipped enough away at it as half of its face shattered and crashed to the floor. With a scream of painful fury, it spun about before faltering and drifting motionless to the ground. Upon it, we noticed a glowing blue sword. It pulsed with magic, but I didn’t need it for myself, so our enchanter broke it into its base magical components. After the fall of the Devourer, Sylvanas ran in with a contingent of mages to activate the portal behind the place where we first saw the creature. Upon our report to her, we stepped through and entered the Pit of Saron, which I will describe in my next report.
  14. Per Abric's constant necessity to know all that is going on about everything, I have been tasked with keeping logs of our assaults within Icecrown Citadel. While we have already entered and have beaten many of Arthas' lieutenants, I will try to recall the battles with clarity and offer the Enforcer and future followers of the Mandate with an accurate account of the trials and tribulations within. I will also account for the Frozen Halls and that pit outside the Citadel, which apparently had been unnoticed until recently, even with its vast size and Scourge concentration. To those reading these pages: I present to you the best picture I can with ink and parchment. Please note that some of the experience is lost in the translation from eyes to tongue. Here upon are the records of the Grim's fight against Icecrown Citadel.
  15. I think we might be missing things that happen BEFORE the cinematic happens. Like, why is Arthas suddenly thinking about himself? He hadn't done that the entire expansion, and so on. So I would say half of the info comes during the encounter, half comes in the cinematic.