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  1. I was pvping with Nox and Cavanaugh a couple of months ago, but I haven't seen them since. Granted I only have Cav on my Skype.
  2. Fort Walton Beach area. My husband is stationed at Hurlburt
  3. Lol If only I was actively subbed and more immersed in the community than I had been prior. Since I just moved to Florida a month and a half ago. Lol
  4. No, the list certainly needs to be updated since The Sword of the Morning (A) is no longer active in any shape or form.
  5. The Light shines down upon all sentient beings, calling them to rise up above the demands of the mundane world to allow them to be ennobled by espousing a cause greater than themselves. The Sword of the Morning embraces this philosophy whole heartedly, throwing off the grudges of old, denouncing the evils of this land, and standing tall at the forefront of the Alliance's military, leading the charge into the dark places of this world without fear or hesitation. We bend knee to none, our service and loyalty to the lands and peoples of the Alliance, never to be swayed by petty politics, or the opinions of the greedy and self serving. Our ideals carry us above this pettiness, leading us to better serve and protect as is our true purpose. Let our cries ring far and wide, Huzzah! Glory to the Sword of the Morning! ---------- We are the Sword of the Morning! The Sword is a band of allied warriors from across Azeroth committed to upholding the ideals of right and honor. We believe that the Light shines down upon all sentient beings, calling them to rise up above the demands of the mundane world to allow them to be ennobled by espousing a cause greater than themselves. In this respect, we have much in common with the Argent Dawn, but whereas that august body is focused upon combating the menace of the Scourge, the Sword of the Morning seeks to face other foes as well. As the focus of civilization and the Light upon Azeroth, we are committed to the cause of the Alliance as well. In addition to aiding these two allies against the Scourge and the Horde, respectively, we also believe in seeking out the hidden nests of lurking evil scattered across our world, and ensuring that they do not threaten the free people of Azeroth. Other virtues espoused by the Sword include: Respect, for each other as well as our allies and even our enemies. Loyalty, to one another, to our allies, and to the guild as a whole. We will respect the chain of command that we have adopted, and trust our officers as well. Orders may be questioned, but at an appropriate time and place. Dependability - we stand as the light against the advance of darkness, and every heart and hand is needed. When the Alliance is under attack, it is our duty to defend it to the best of our ability. When the guild designates a target for assault, and a Sword has committed to aiding that assault, they will be there promptly and see the action through to the best of their ability. Altogether, these ideals are embodied in the Three Oaths that a recruit must swear before being accepted as a full member of the Sword of the Morning. --------- OOC Info: The Sword of the Morning is a guild that does a little bit of everything from World PvP to to 10 man raiding (and most stuff in-between). There is no level requirement. Guild chat is technically IC, though this has been temporarily suspended to accommodate the limits of the remote chat phone app. We also have a public OOC channel /SotM that is shared by a good number of other RP'ers and RP-friendly folks. Contacts: Serian (GM), Blackhorn (there's a special character, but can't remember which letter), Demetrix ((Work in progress, will work on it later. Sleep is in ordeR))
  6. I am unable to actually update the first post of the Sword thread on the TNG. Those who could don't play anymore. This is the Sword website though: http://kuroyama.us/sotm/index.php It'll be updated within the next week or two. I'm on the last week of my training so I've been pretty stressed. It's my first call center.
  7. Wow. There are guilds on that list that haven't been seen in years! Even if mine is dead, it's still mentioned in RP. Which link are you wanting? Sword has it's own webpage as well as the recruitment thread on TNG that's outdated as well.
  8. Oh I know they are. Lol. I've been lurking. And I think some of us will be out for the pvp. I know I will.
  9. Should totally put in some Horde-side (side, not size. Damn keyboard) input to the links I have above. So far I only vaguely know what's going on Alliance side and both factions I think have been popping into the threads.
  10. Yeah, That's what I'm doing as well. Sword is pretty much dead. The old GM and I'm pretty sure most of everyone aren't ever coming back. A few might be here and there, but there's no real hope for that. That's why I'm very much putting my nose into the merge right now.
  11. Then I'm glad I pounced you when I did. And good. I needed at least one other TNer who knew the Rp community helping with the discussions. I've already mentioned you and your guild a couple of times. I even mentioned The Grim, but I'm not sure how many of them are active Rpers now. I know they raid a lot. I've also spoken to one or two people ingame on RH. One named Flamebrew was telling me a little bout their guild. So apparently the guild Knights ......I need to go find that guild name again. Lol
  12. So I've been lurking and speaking with a few people from RH on the bnet forums. I need more input from some of the remaining guilds that RP. Most of them are just curious what we have going, where we have things, and what groups have taken what areas as their Locales. I can only remember some bits here and there. I can't be the only one who wants to talk to the RH RPers and even PvPers! Here's the links that I've been checking: These first two are in -our- forum on Bnet: Asking about our server Canon: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/13506770979?page=1#5 Just want to know more about our server: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/13509280905 A RH forum thread just discussing things: I stepped in and commented a little: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/13348545143?page=4 Hopefully more of us will present banners yes please?
  13. Oh a name that I have not seen in forever! I still even have some old screen shots of you and your peeps in Dalaran on robochickens.