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  1. I guess? I don't like the arrogance, myself.
  2. That's what he gets for saying "God wants us to be in the finals"! It's such a douchebag thing to say, especially to your team. No wonder he lost. God was probably like, "What?! I never said that!"
  3. How did I betray?! Is this about Argentina?? You should blame Maradona for that, Carmen.. he screwed over your team!!
  4. My mom called me before it was over, she took off early from work to watch. My family in Spain are going nuts with everyone else!!
  5. YEAHHHHH!! FUCK EVERYONE WE WOOOON!!! And yes, it's all because of MY MAN PUYOL!!!!
  6. Nobody is sexier than Puyol! Mmmm.. there's my cave-man!
  7. Burn me all you want, but I'm Catholic and even I think Maradona has been hamming it up (with the rosary beads). I especially love how he liked to brag about how his team has no strategy, and that their skill alone would beat Germany, a team known for strategy. What have we learned today, Maradona?
  8. Seriously, I was going insane during that game. Vincente Del Bosque was the picture of cool and calm during the whole thing. And I'm sorry Carmen, but when Maradona actually told his team that "god wants Argentina to make it to the finals!" I prayed for them to lose. I really hate it when people try to tell you what god apparently wants, especially in sports.
  9. I know how you feel, man. I felt the same way when Spain lost to Switzerland, and if they don't win tomorrow, I'll be on a week's worth of antidepressants.
  10. Yes you can, but it does not grow on trees. :3
  11. I would like to cordially invite you Brazil fans to root for Spain, now. The olive branch has been extended, and it contains delicious olives.
  12. It was super bad in Spain at one point, when Valencia fans were heckling Eto'o, calling him a monkey and black-facing and shit. Which is fucking ridiculous, because we all know they were just jealous that FC Barca had one of the BEST PLAYERS IN THE WORLD, and they didn't. So what do they do? Act like jackasses.
  13. Dude.. f'ing hilarious the way the Netherlands dude, out of nowhere, decided to kick the shit out of another guy.
  14. 2 more dayzzzzzz.................... SPAAAAAAIN..... WIIIIIIN..........................
  15. Hurraaaaay! I need a break, too. My heart can only take so much. Personally, I don't know if Spain can go all the way, BUT I do love seeing them go far. If they make it past the next match, I'll be more than thrilled.
  16. And England IS one of FIFA's poster children. It's not like that's a bad thing.. we all know soccer is huge in England and they give FIFA lots of money by watching. It's like saying that the Dallas Cowboys are the NFL's poster child.
  17. What? I said that England and the US tied. They did. They both lost at the same point in the World Cup. I didn't even mention their playing!
  18. That's what I've heard everywhere from ESPN to CNN, is all. I'm not bitter, I'm just happy that England only went as far as the US did. You could say they TIED. HA!
  19. England is one of their poster children. God forbid anything bad happen to the country that apparently invented the sport (HA).