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  1. Hey, I'd love to have you join in if you want!
  2. Vilmah wandered down the streets of Orgrimmar, her long black ponytail bouncing slightly with every step. Her large hands, equipped with brand new chain mail gloves, were folded behind her back as she gave merry smiles to anyone who happened to look her way. The grunts hailed her, and she hailed back as she walked past the huge doorway that led to their capital city. “Don’t be stranger, Vilmah,” said one, who had introduced himself as Krug on Vilmah’s first visit. She smiled at him and waved. “I won’t! I’ll be back soon.” She wasn’t a large orc, as their females come, and yet she carried with her weaponry suitable for a male twice her size. The hot Durotar sun beat down on her bare skull, which caused sweat to trickle down her skin and linger perilously close to her eyes before she wiped it away. Before long, she was taking a drink from a water skin. It’s full contents reassured her that she would survive the perilous walk that came with visiting her friend. Hours passed, and more than one creature tried to force Vilmah to turn back. However, it she kept a pleasant disposition about her, trying to remain as optimistic as the weather in Durotar would allow.Her persistency paid off when she finally came across a sizable domicile, hiding within the crevice of the mountainside. The red stones that built it matched the mountain’s color so perfectly, it took an experienced eye to spot the windows which marked it as the home of someone. When finally she arrived, the small sign which hung outdoors could be easily read. “Welcome to Jezvik’s House!” Chirped a goblin, as Vilmah walked in. She was seated behind a desk, dressed in garish purple robes. “Can I get you anything? Food, drink?” “No thanks,” Vilmah replied, taking a look around the foyer. Large painted portraits of goblins hung in most of the wall space, but here and there, a female orc or troll could be found posing in the nude. Turning back to the goblin who greeted her, Vilmah asked if Najme was available. “Najme? Hm… Najme… Najme…” Repeated the goblin, as she looked through a book in front of her. Using her long crimson painted fingernails, she trailed down a list of names until she came to Najme. “Oh, I’m sorry! She’s with someone, right now. Would you like to meet with someone else? A male, perhaps? We have some lovely things in stock!” Vilmah shook her head. “Oh, no thanks. I’ll just wait until she’s done, if that’s alright.” “Set in your tastes, are you?” Asked the goblin. “I’m not surprised. Every time you come here, you get the same thing.” A few minutes passed, and Vilmah took a seat on the small plush couch which leaned against a wall. The stuffing was soft and slightly uncomfortable. Vilmah fondly remembered the straw furniture that adorned most of the homes in her village. After a sizable amount of time, the light outside began to dim, allowing a draft to flow inside from an open window. “Stupid Durotar evenings…” The goblin female grumbled. “Hot as blazes one day, cold as Arthas’ heart the next…” When a tall and statuesque male orc emerged from the door to Vilmah’s right, her goblin greeter gave a nod. “You can go in, now.” “Thanks, Kixi,” Vilma said to the goblin before placing a stack of gold coins on her desk. She couldn’t help but look over the male who was leaving. He was well muscled, and much older than her. His black hair had streaks of gray, and there were large scars covering most of his unarmored body. She could tell by the dark clothes and daggers he wore, that he must have been a rogue of some sort. Walking through the front door, the young orc could smell what reminded her of Orgrimmar. The stench of accumulated dust, sweat, and blood. It left a stale metallic taste on her tongue, which made her even more eager to reach Najme’s room. The door at the end of the tunnel held promise for a brighter night ahead. “Najme?” Asked Vilmah, as she tapped against a pale wooden door. There was silence. Then, “Come in.” Vilmah opened the door to a tiny room. Inside, the walls were mostly bare except for a faded coat of paint. The floor space was mostly taken up by a large bed, covered in silk blankets and pillows. Sitting at the edge, facing the window, was a muscularly build human female. “Najme! How are you? I came as soon as I was allowed by my superiors,” said Vilmah cheerfully, as she walked up to sit next to the human. “I’ve brought you some roast plain strider meat, some melons, bananas, cheese… how have you been?” Najme turned to face Vilmah. The sight of the orc’s cheerful face reminded her of her kind, if only for a few short moments. This one, at least, she knew would never hurt her in the ways her race had done before. “Oh, you know. The usual. Thanks for the food, you know you don’t have to bring me anything.” “I thought you deserved it. I’m able to stay a little longer, this time. We can stay up talking all night!” “You know that never works out, Vilma. I wish you’d tell me why you don’t want to go to sleep.” Vilmah shook her head, and dismissed the question “Anyway, the general of my division was kind enough to promote me, so I’ve been getting more funds!” Vilma paused to smile. “He’s nice. You’d really like him.” “What’s his name?” Vilmah bit her lip and grinned. “General Gorthok. He’s been nicer to me than anyone ever has, before. Especially after I was finally able to leave Kuruck.” “Your little village can’t have been that bad, Vilmah,” said Najme as she fished through Vilmah’s bag. “How is Galrok? Have you found him, yet?” Vilmah’s smile faded. She remembered the day that her oldest childhood friend entered an inn where she was drinking, only to have forgotten their childhood, and his entire life before joining the military. “I… well, yes. Sort of. ough, I wanted to tell you I’ll be strong enough, soon.” “Strong enough? Vilmah, lets not talk about this again…” Vilmah shook her head. “No, really! I’ll be strong enough to at least be able to get past the goblins. My division is strong too, and I’m sure I could get someone to help me. After all, Death Before Dishonor is just that! We’re all for honor, and nobody would think that this… this is…” “Honorable,” Najme finished for her. The orc paused. “…well, it’s not like it’s your fault. They did this to you, and as a proud member of the Horde it’s my job to weed out the injustices that remain.” Najme sighed, and leaned back into her bed. The tinkling of metal could be heard clearly, as the enchanted ankle brace on her leg rocked against the chain attaching it to the stone wall. “Vilmah, I’m not myself any more. I’m not sure if I’d ever be able to do the things I used to do, if I were to leave. It’s so much easier just to lie back… and,” she noticed that Vilmah didn’t see to be following. “Anyway, Vilmah it’s nice of you to want to help me, but really. I’m doing you a favor. The more soldiers come in her to… spend time with me, the less they’ll hassle you on the battleground. Right?” “I’d rather a hundred of them hassle me than one of them treat you so mean, Najme,” Vilmah said with a sigh. “I’m sorry ‘m not strong enough to get you out of here, yet. Just hold on. I’ll find a way. Then you’ll never have to come back here, or face any of those… those…” “Orcs.” Vilmah nodded. “Remember, Vilmah. I was a solder for the Alliance before I was taken,” Najme said while unpeeling a banana. “If I’m free, I’ll have to go back. I might be fighting against you and your men. How can you let that happen?” Vilmah smiled. “Oh, I trust you! I know you wouldn’t purposely hurt me. Or anyone else, for that matter! You’re a nice person, Najme. You should be free to go home.” Najme nodded. “Right. Home…” The longer Vilmah stayed, the darker it got. Soon, her need for rest for the better of the young orc, and she reluctantly settled down into Najme’s bed. The human tucked her in carefully, making sure not to disturb her sleep. There was a quiet bond between the two, that was more easily understood in sleep than in consciousness. Before Najme blew out her candle, she gave Vilmah a kiss on the forehead. “What do you dream about that you hate sleep so much?” Najme murmured quietly. Vilmah stirred slightly in her sleep, moving close to Najme and holding her close in her sleep. “…d-don‘t…don‘t hurt me…..” “Good night, Vilmah.”