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  1. If he was, I'd have to snag his voice actor. I've had a crush on the Hamill since I was 5.
  2. It was because Lovely told me to pick on Clys when I made Grisch's birthday present. The Joker smile is just 'cuz... well... I dunno, I always picture Clys with that kind of smile.
  3. They were talking about a guild in UC yesterday called like, No Snitching. It was an anti-reporting guild. WHY ARE YOU ROLLING ON AN RP SERVER?!?!?!?!? ARGGG!!!! *head explodes*
  4. I present to you... Who needs pants? Starring Clys.
  5. Vilmah

    Elf Ages

    Thats because back then, they were more concerned about when a girl could pop out a baby than when it was healthy for her to do so. Just because a girl can get pregnant doesn't mean she should be... blegh.
  6. Vilmah

    Elf Ages

    Plus, no way humans are adults at fifteen. Physically, they may be able to reproduce, but their bodies haven't reached their full adulthood stage yet. Even women continue to grow until they're 17-18, men until around 20-20. Then again, I consider adulthood the time when you stop growing, but that's just me.
  7. Bah, fine. The entire taurahe population that posts regularly. Happy now? Looks like -that- honeymoon phase is over...
  8. Najme seemed slightly lost amongst the two elves. In the back of her mind, she admired them for their physiques and manners... but the first thought that sprung to mind as she saw the druid was, Now -that- is an impressive moustache. She picked up the bowl of grapes, and held it in the direction of Aryn. "Be nice if you could join us. Where you from?"
  9. *embarassed.............*
  10. ((No way, dude! Come on in!!))
  11. Well here's a portrait I've been working on. Not a cartoon, but I'll be doing those soon. ^^
  12. Najme shook her head. "Nah... he died when were were attacked by pirates. Him and half of the crew. Don't know what happened to the other half, and as for me gallivanting with a thief, well..." She raised an eyebrow at him. "How about you gallivanting with a human, hm?"
  13. Najme shrugged. "Truth be told, I don't know. I've never been intimate with a female, before. I'm not sure if I could be romantically involved with one, either. Which is strange, considering how much I hated men for a while..." She picked up another grape, and thought back. "Well, except for maybe my father. I never hated him. He's the one that wanted me to become a Paladin in the first place; so I wouldn't have to spend the rest of my life on a smelly old boat. He taught me about the Light and it's principals and..." Najme looked up at Laron, and studied him for a minute. "You know, maybe thats why I took a liking to you. You sort of remind me of him. In a lavander skinned eight feet tall, sort of way."
  14. The person I RPed with didn't have FlagRSP, so I don't think it was you. Truth be told, I did enjoy the RP! I just thought that the dude's use of emotocons was kinda weird.
  15. Well at least we have SOMETHING that will bring the Alliance and the Horde together! Finally!
  16. Najme surpressed her laughing as best as she could, by drinking water. However at some point or another, she had to pud her glass down to laugh and speak again. "Really, you mean... you all seem to think the same thing. You know, all of my male customers thought the same thing?" She shook her head. "It's really very funny. I'm glad I could teach an old dog like you new tricks." She picked up a grape, and was about to put it in her mouth when she raised an eyebrow at him. "Incedentally... what wouls you have done if she actually was romantically interested in me?"
  17. OMG, same here. I'm still at lvl 12 because questing on the Alliance side is so tedius. I got in some good RP for about five minutes. Me and this one guy discussed ribs. Only problem was, he kept using emotocons. "I love ribs. " WTH??!
  18. Despite my Warboss' feelings, I might take you up on that idea, Brak. I'll definately be adding more TNG people, too. I'm sorry I didn't color it, but I was low on time. I think I'll stick to the B&W for now, just because it's easier. ^^
  19. Najme looked at Laron with disbelief. "You're kidding, right?" She gave a chuckle. "Oh, my goodness! Vilmah was just a lonely little thing. All she wanted was a friend. I can't believe you thought we... oh, wow..." She shook her head, and continued to laugh at the idea. "That girl has enough romantic attention from evryone else. Believe me, that sort of thing is the last thing on her mind... and yes. We've been keeping in touch quite a bit."
  20. Najme laughed a little. "Well, you're a master at evasive manuevers... actually I've never been with anyone willingly, before." She shrugged and shook her head. "There weren't many to pick from, on our boat... just old men--, no offense," she said with a wink. "I was seventeen when I was taken by the goblins and their men, so my only experience has been... well... you know. And with you, of course." She picked a grape from the bowl at their table, and looked it over as she spoke. "As much as I'd like to, I can't really find it within myself to hate the Horde. Not all of them were cruel, just the select few. Some of them were actually pretty nice, but you can imagine how they thought of me." She put the grape in her mouth and chewed.