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  1. I didn't remember the name (I'm sooo bad with them I can;t even remember the name of most of the guilds on the alliance side) but my hubby remembered you guys. He was a gnome warrior. ( yea! Gnomes are fun! )
  2. I was on Dragonmaw, too. Gnome warlock. I left there because there wasn't a lot of PvP going on. You'd think, being a pvp server and all there would be more. *shrugs* My hubby and I floated around trying out a couple of servers until this one came out. By far my favorite, and the one I'm staying on. ^.^
  3. Sorry for the thread stealing, but northface I loooove your signature. ^.^
  4. Thanks a bunch for the info There are a lot of RP-ers over here ally side, but overall the community is fairly weak.
  5. Just wondering what the state of RP was on your side. Hordies, fill me in.
  6. Mesmir

    WoW Lore

    Does anyone know of any good websites dedicated to the lore of WoW? I would much appreciate any suggestions as to where to look.