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  1. ((I posted too much. I actually have to recruit people to join her on her pilgramage to Fenris... durp))
  2. Part One: The Calling "I now confer you to the rank of Priestess within the Church of the Holy Light. With your oath, the Church anoints and confers you with all of the powers and privileges befitting your rank. Rise Avana, and join your brothers and sisters in serving the faith." Bishop Neheri removed his hands from atop of Avana's head. She opened her eyes at the end of the prayer and did as the bishop bid her. Priests and abbots who had also bowed their heads to join the prayer in silence lifted and gave her courteous acknowledgements with head nods or faint smiles. A few members moved forward to offer her congratulations, which she politely and graciously accepted as the Bishop washed his hands of the ordaining oils left on his hands Once an alter boy presented him a cloth and he had dried his hands, the bishop cleared his throat. "The Church's first assignment for you, priestess Avana, has been debated by some of the other bishops. We have considered sending you on a pilgrimage through the Redridge Mountains to heal and preach the Light to the flock in Lakeshore, but I have considered the notion that your calling may lay in Silverpine," the bishop said as silent gasps and mumbles rose like a wave from the onlookers. Silverpine was Forsaken territory; everyone knew that after Ambermill had been overrun. Sending a newly ordained priest was usually avoided to err on the side of caution. Bishop Neheri continued seemingly oblivious to the murmurs that echoed within the cathedral. "There are many refugees within Fenris keep that feel the Church and the Light has ignored their prayers. They are in need of the Light’s touch and guidance. This is a task you have volunteered for before the monastery had even considered you for ordination. I would like to know why before we confer our decision. You have no family or personal connections that we are aware of with the people on Fenris. Is there some reason for your persistence?" Avana's face appeared utterly serene as her eyes found the Bishop's. She did not flinch from his vibrant gaze. Her calling would be decided by what she said. What would she say? She could not be honest and say that she had manipulated the Church up to this moment to assure her chances at getting the calling she wanted. While her dreams and visions had motivated and even instructed her to become a priestess of the Holy Light, she knew in her heart that simply being sponsored for ordination would not be enough. She had made sure that her ordination had been by the hands of the young Bishop Neheri to get what she had wanted. Avana had studied the views of all three Bishops and Neheri was the voice of action for the Church. The fact that he alone had presided over her ordination had shown that her request had reached him. Avana knew her calling; she had known that the Light had chosen her for this task and the next words she spoke would either solidify her calling, or would cause it to slip through her fingers like fine sand. "By the Light we all have a connection to the members of the Church. We have an obligation and a duty to serve them, despite the dangers. While I understand the Church's reluctance to appoint servants to people and land that have been written off and lost to the enemy, in my heart I cannot abandon their needs." Her words were meek in humility to the power of his position, but it was also strong with implied conviction. Her eyes conveyed her concern and care. She bit her lip slightly and continued. Here is where she would scratch the surface of truth. If people knew she was receiving divine visions as a lowly priestess, they would shun her, call her a liar, or likely both. "The Light has guided me to this moment. I feel it guides us all to become instruments for its purpose. It has brought me to this moment to this calling, but I am a humble servant of the Church; I will go where the Church wills, for the Church is the instrument of Light." With that, the little control she had over her fate had fled her hands like a sparrow. She lowered her gaze to accept the decision of Bishop Nehiri. After a long pause, he finally spoke. "The Light guides us along our journey, illuminating the path that it would have us take. At times, this path can conflict with other paths. The church knows this and our organization is set in place to direct the Light’s servants on paths that serve the most need. Your path however, does not conflict with the interests of the Church and so we shall grant you this calling, Avana." More whispers rose from amongst the priests. Avana's heart leapt and she suppressed a smile. "BUT-," Nehiri interjected, dashing her hope against the rocks of despair, "- we will assign you some protection to accompany you. While your faith is not in question and neither is the power of the Light, we cannot in good conscience send you to fend for yourself with just these two weapons." The bishop turned and moved a book from the pew behind him. A sealed parchment appeared in his hand. He handed it to her. Avana's heart soared once more. Could it be that her presumption had been correct? "This bears the seal of the Archbishop. It gives you leave to select and hire protectors of the Light to aid you in your journey. Once there, they will help protect the citizens in a defensive capacity only. They are not to incite bloodshed," he said and Avana nodded in humility. She had been right! "Remember priestess; the Church is not rich. Any sum that exceeds the amount within the parchment will have to be cleared by the archbishop himself, who is already hesitant about sending a novice priest to such a calling. It will only confirm his reluctance. Is this understood?" "Absolutely Bishop, thank you," Avana said placing the orders into the folds of her robes and placing her palms together to bow. "May the Light guide you, Priestess," Nehiri said with a small smile. "May it protect us all," she finished. After the ordination had been concluded, Avana stood outside, parchment in hand. With her eyes closed, she inhaled the moment slowly. She praised the Light for guiding her to this moment. Now she had to find soldiers willing to defend the Light. When she opened her eyes, she saw the Light was indeed guiding her. She felt its warm hand on the small of her back, pressing her forward. She did not resist.