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  1. <p>DAMMMMMMMMMMMMN YO! Why you so sexy, Sir?</p>

  2. Full Name: Vladimir Lenoir Nicknames: Vlad, Nue Date of Birth: Unknown. Age: Unknown. Race: Kal'dorei. Gender: Male. Hair: Gunmetal blue. Skin: Pale purple. Eyes: Blue. Height: 7'6". Place of residence: A secluded area in Deadwind Pass. Place of Birth: Unknown. Known Relatives: None. Religion/Philosophy: Unknown. Occupation: Demon Hunter as well as mercenary under the employment of the Praetorian Guard. Group/Guild affiliation: Praetorian Guard. Guild Rank: High Council. Enemies: Burning Legion. Likes: Combat, alone time with Niktika. Favorite Foods: Clefthoof jerky. Favorite Drinks: Anything with alcohol. Favorite Colors: Black and silver. Weapons of Choice: Gar'mak, his sword. Though he also returns to his bow or glaives occasionally. Dislikes: Narcissistic death knights named Axelik. Hobbies: Perfecting his combat techniques, sitting in the Blue Recluse. Physical Features: Tall and muscular by Kal'dorei standards. His chest, back and shoulders are decorated by one very detailed tattoo given to him by his previous master during his trials as an apprentice Demon Hunter. Special Abilities: Unknown to most, he prefers not to make a showcase of himself. Positive Personality Traits: Difficult to read. Negative Personality Traits: His silence tends to quickly bother some. Misc. Quirks: Quiet. Very, very quiet. Theme Songs: WOODKID - Iron History: Vladimir spent his earlier years working as a Dead Shot in the military under the name Doumoon Wraithewind. On one of his assignments, his unit was overtaken by members of the Burning Legion and taken to Shadowmoon for execution. He was later able escape thanks to the help of a Demon Hunter and his soon to be master. He was later taken in and trained in the ways of demon hunting. His master was very artistic and precise down to the last detail, carving his masterpiece as a tattoo into Vladimir's torso and shoulders with the ritualistic blade during a stage in the First Binding Ritual. Upon completion of his training years later, he was given the title of Master and the right to taken in an apprentice of his own. He later began instructing at the Ruins of Karabor in Shadowmoon. During one of his purging hunts he stumbled upon the Ghosts of Karabor, a group of the first, original death knights and Disciples of Teron Gorefiend. He was caught and converted by what at the time was the time were the current means of transforming a person into a death knight by having the soul of a necrolyte of the Shadow Council merged with a new body. His was the soul of an orc named "Dae'mon", a Warlock serving under Gul'dan. Now as a "chimera" of sorts, he's three souls bound to one body. Kal'dorei, demon from his First Binding Ritual and lastly, the soul of the orc from his conversion into a death knight. Upon discovery he was banished to Alcaz Island to be permanently locked away. Upon the shattering, everything was in dismay. He took advantage of this and made his escape. Now free, he made his way to Stormwind. Rumors of a Demon Hunter spread around the city quickly and he was sought out by Niktika, a draenai priest and leader of the Praetorian Guard and a paladin named Settana and was offered him work, seeking one of his specialties upon accepting, he now spends his days doing work and fighting under her command. Though he still on occasion uses his glaives or bow, his weapon of choice is the massive sword known as Gar'mak. "Anguish" in Orcish. The blade infused with powerful runes transmuted from the hearts of necrolytes. When in contact with Gar'mak he seems to have a different aura about him. Taking on more of the aspect of Dae'mon, the orc soul. Where when using his other weapons, he's more of his typical Kal'dorei self (Doumoon).