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  1. <p>...I miss my dwarf buddy ;.;</p>

  2. Alot of us (Especially the officers) were getting bored with the game, WoW had lost its appeal. It was time to move on. ...It kinda had to be disbanded, seems like it would be a much easier system to simply centralize leadership and have the Honor Guard convert into a single guild rather than keep a clunky system of guilds-in-name-only with 3-4 active members each. Ebon Banner has simply picked up the torch for the Honor Guard, or so it seems. Many of the members seem to have congealed there, and they are led by one of the former council members. And of course, we all still keep contact with each other, through this new site and the ventrilo server which still sees active use. I believe our time in WoW has passed, but we've left behind a legacy of World PvP, RP, and the grand defense of the alliance...and there is nothing ruling out another rise of the "Honor Guard" in upcoming MMOs.
  3. I logged out before the the battle could reach its conclusion. Were the Grim able to take out Magni? Did the alliance prevail and successfully defend their king?
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    Yes, and joined up in Gra Dilseacht after I learned Leithlen is quitting/Sons and Honor Guard fell apart. Got bored, needed something to do till WAR comes out D=
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    I saw you... No drinking for you! Whats your resilience by the way? edit: Oh. Theres more of you. An attack on Magni? Demli did all in his power to defend his king, and though he made a valiant effort (and scored a few crits, wtf? L2resilience?) he was did in in the end by the arc of a shamans chain lightning. The warning bells have been rung, though. Be prepared, horde.
  6. I'd probably would have been a lot farther ahead without those RPers holding me back. But it wouldn't have been nearly as much fun.
  7. HoTS and Cyclone are nice for a druid. Can't say much about shamans, never really arena'd with one or PvP'd with one for an extended period of time. A bad thing I've noticed in the arenas about druids, though they're more survivable, they can't keep on healing like a shaman can and are EXTREMELY vulnerable if they are trying to get a few hots off before shifting...I've had druids try that and with what my damage and crit was, they'd be in execute range by the time they shifted. Comparatively, a restoshaman with earth shield up can be a nightmare to wear down and yet still able to heal himself and allies. A good thing about druid heals though, is that a lot of them are instant and most of 'em are hots while nearly all shaman heals I've noticed have some cast time, making them interuptable/stunnable and leaving your team mates without any form of healing. A druid doesn't have this quite as bad, as most of their heals are hots. Hots are also good if you have a melee type, incase the person your healing is chasing after someone and goes around a corner, out of LoS. A shaman would have to reposition or wait for the melee to get back in LoS. Druids don't have much in the ways of buffs, but their buffs last through their own deaths, don't require you to stand close to a totem, and have something for the whole team. Shaman buffs are powerful, (I think?) they can't be dispelled, and are very versatile. Druids have a large bag of tricks, cat form stealth, entangling roots, cyclone, etc...Shamans, though they've powerful spells and a plethora of buffs, don't really have the kind of variability that a druid does. I still prefer priests and paladins, mana burn and fortitude are nice against spell casters...lolimmune, 5 second stun, and the odd holyshock/hammer of wrath makes paladins formidable against melee.
  8. If you're looking for PvE Melee DPS, go rogue. Its really the best option, and you won't be prodded or forced into tanking. If you're looking to eventually branch off and PvP...Then I suggest warrior. Don't be afraid of tanking, you can't escape it, if you're not terribly good at it I'm sure you could ask around here for pointers or go read a few of the warrior guides posted on the warrior forums. After you get some gear and experience I've found PvP as a warrior (Arms) to be INSANELY fun and exciting, you're tough to take down (even without a healer) and you dish out great damage too.
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    I thought to increase your suffering by just a touch.
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    Post 41 Page 3 The glory is mine
  11. That would be an elf named Leithlen
  12. Yeah. I think I saw 3-4 different requests when I was an officer, it was a big debate for the first few attempts if I remember correctly, with votes nearly allowing gnomes in, but after awhile it was established that the Regiment will from then on and forever be dwarven. But that was a while ago, things could have changed with new officers.
  13. Well to be honest I was on Nymare along with you the whole time, and may have helped cause a lot of the guard spam, I just took the opportunity when no one was watching me to pin it on you. =D Oh, and like my Signature?
  14. Thurgo

    I Like....

    Leithlen: For doing all the administrative work in the Honor Guard, he may be a complete newb but someones gotta organize shit. Kiraena: A shadow priest that heals, and heals well! Also did an awesome job on the video, I want more Haldren: For being one of the driving forces behind our PvP raids Farewell: Skilled in PvP and DPS, and a good friend