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    ((Cross-Faction (bring your own translator if Horde) Open RP to buy, sell, and trade rare goods. ))
  2. Come one, come all, to the ... Cup and Blade Caravan's Traveling Bazaar ... where there's something for everyone! Confused about life? Need advice? Let the Arcana guide your path with one of Tuuroto the Starseer's Tarot Card Readings. New bazaar services include: - Shipments of fresh fruit and vegetables by Farmer Audro - Handcrafted toys by Atticus Scatlocke - Holy Light services and sermons by Prelate Valoree Hopesfall - Potions and beauty creams by Ehren Sache - Runes of enhanced strength, agility, and other everyday purposes by Calavian Ashfang - Authentic Kaldorei cuisine by Chef Aedrial Fernglade - Need a rare good? Let us know! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Who: All upstanding members of the Alliance * What: Faire of high quality goods and services Where: Bradensbrook, Val'Sharah When: Saturday, December 17th, starting at 4pm ((Server)) Why: Business and pleasure among the organizations of the Alliance -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Admission is free. Third-party vendors interested in selling their wares during the evening must contact Tuuroto to rent table space. *Enterprising, non-troublemaking, potential customers of commonly considered hostile factions with or without sanctioned translators may or may not be officially permitted in the bazaar grounds. ((No griefing or ganking please.)) ((A new feature to this bazaar RP is that we will be creating a raid group and posting the event on WoW's Cross-Realm Custom Group Finder, with the hopes of finding more RPers and promoting all that the TNG RP community has to offer!))
  3. ((Thread bump, for this weekly walk-up RP hub will resume operation every week starting this Tuesday at 7 server. If you have an Alliance main/alt looking for RP connections, here's your chance! ))
  4. "My point, comrade, is you are jumping to conclusions too quiiickly," the Draenei quickly snapped. Lifting his hand with a surprising amount of agility for a Draenei as large as himself, he manages to give a light, playful karate-chop boop to Vilmahs forehead, exhibiting the true full capacity of the tarot reader's ability to chastise. "First, you come to me vith hasty letter vithout telling me vhy. You do not have valid proof zhat your claims are true. You assume zhat ze Caravan does front line combat, vhen ve certainly do not. You assume I am honest man whom you can trust valking into dark alleyvay and sewer vith, vhen I am of ze ALLIANCE mind you. And, vhen I show you tarot card, you are quiiick to assume I have no iiinterest in helping you." Tuuroto gives Vilmah a deliberate stare, his eyes meeting hers even if she were to flinch and look away. The Draenei's words were undoubtedly perplexing, giving the impression that he was, to some extent, playing devil's advocate with Vilmah. "You zeem very confused, very volatile. If you vish to be a leader to your comardes, to be in charge of your own emotions, zhen you need to slow down." A loud metal creak echoed through sewers. Some Underbelly troublemaker must have gotten hold of the key that unlocked the crocolisk holding pen again. Besides the skittering pitter-patter of rat feet and the wailing of foolish adventurers breathing their last, the sewer was surprisingly quiet, to the point that the rhythmic shuffling of Tuuro's tarot cards could still be heard admist all the Underbelly chaos. "Ze Alliance may vonder how ze Fel I've been able to lead organizations, albeit small, for so many years. But my secret has been in ze tarot," Tuuro grins with a less ominous aura, "For ze Tarot has taught me zhat meditation and retrospect are key elements vhen it comes to strategically making plans of action." Tuuroto ceases his shuffling. "Now zhen, Miiis Vilmah. Let us assume, for ze sake of giiiggles, zhat zhis demon powered var-machine does exist underneath Stormvind. Vhat do you plan for us to do? Vhat do YOU plan to do?"
  5. Tuuro subtly nods. "Ze Moon is peculiar tiiing, quite ze enigmatic celestial body, I must say," the Draenei continues, his pace hastening and his accenting thickening, "Although ze moon has only vone physical form, its appearance constantly changes. It looks diff'rent depending on ze time, ze circumstances, and ze location of ze viewer." Tuuroto pointed to the image of the moon on the card and then slowly dragged his finger towards the image of the ocean, "Vater is symbol for tiiings of emotional importance in our lives: ze tiiings zhat make our spiiirits content." Tuuroto paused, lifting his finger before Vilmah, "However, zee how ze vater's surface can play triiicks. Zee how it alters ze image of ze moon in ze vater's reflection. This adds yet another layer of distortion and obscured truth." Finally, the tarot-reading Draenei gestured to the worg and Worgen depicted in the card, "Similar tiiing for ze beasts on ze shore. I ask you: Vorg or Vorgen, vhich vone is ze loyal, honorable creature and vhich vone is ze bloodthirsty beast?" Having given his unnecessarily monologue explanation of the tarot card, Tuuroto looked up Vilmah. The Draenei was still smirking as usual. The two must have been standing in the sewers for hours now.
  6. Tuuroto pulled down the crimson-colored cowl obscuring his face. The Draenei Starseer fully knew how harsh his reply to Vilmah was. Had the Orc maiden made her plea two years ago, Tuuro would've answered more humbly and with more virtue. But, it was clear now that Tuuro was not the same Draenei that Vilmah was rescued by at the Spires of Arak. A sort of transformation must have happened since then. Like a professional casino gambler, Tuuro swiped two forefingers over his tarot card deck, swiftly drawing the top card from the deck. Slowly and dramaticaly drawing out his hand gesture, he flipped the card over and released it, letting the card levitate in air in a sparkling mist of arcane energy. On the card was the image of a white, luminescent cescent moon; behind it was a barely visible silhouette of the full moon. Below the moon was the roaring waves of the Great Sea. The moon's reflection was visible on the surface of the water, but the reflection was that of a perfect half-moon. Three different moon phases in one picture. In the distance, there was a white sand beach. Along the beach, there were ferocious, black furred worgs and fancy, Gilnean-clothed Worgen both howling at the moon. "Ze Moon. Ze twentieth card of ze major arcana." Seemingly derailing Vilmah from the conversation, the Draenei beckoned her to gaze upon the card. "Vhat do you zee, Miiis Vilmah? Vhat speaks to you in zhis card, dah?"
  7. "Vith all due respect, Miiis Vilmah, I tiiink you are mistaking me as someone who is actually responsible for ze vell-being of ze human capital city." Tuuro gave a wide, glowing smirk to the orc, the juxtaposition of his friendly demeanor and the cynical words he just uttered creating an uncharacteristically eerie aura from the bare-chested Draenei tarot reader. He began to nonchalantly pace around the sewer room, rhythmically shuffling the cards of his tarot deck with each clop of his hooves. At one point, Tuuro had inadvertently stepped on the decaying head of a slain Kirin Tor guard, but not even the squish of rotten flesh and bone could throw off the beat of the Starseer's card shuffling. He started to talk as he walked. "Do not get me wrong. Ze Legion is terrible force zhat must be dealt vith," the Draenei continued, "However, may I remind you zhat my comrades and I are merely merchants and servicevolks." A pause. "Ve are not ze dogs of ze Alliance, blindly following ze King's vars. If you vant soldiers, ask ze Twilight Empire, ze Dusk Vatch, Invictus Sanctum, ze Eternal Aegis, ze Ninth Legion, ze Red Powder Keg... I'm sure you'll find zome bloodthirsty assassins among zhose ranks who vill happily take on ze job." Tuuro rattled off more organizations until he suddenly stopped pacing, now standing an inch away from Vilmah's person and looking down at her, his eyes meeting hers. "Besides, vhy do YOU care if dangerous demon portal is under Stormvind, ze city of your enemies?"
  8. Tuuroto never explicitly told his caravan comrades how often he frequented the sewers of Dalaran. The reason for his trips varied, whether it was meeting with Horde clients looking to trade, buying rare Mogu artifacts from Madam Goya, a date with a certain female of the Twilight Empire, practicing conjuration spells banned by the Kirin Tor, and other reasons that warranted a place away from curious eyes. The sewer reeked of vomit, blood, and dead rats, but Tuuro was used to that. Growing up in the bogs of the Zangar Coast and the Swamp of Sorrows granted the Draenei tarot reader a relative immunity to pungent odors, including his own. Whatever prejudices Tuuro had towards the unsavory sensations within the foul place known as the Underbelly, the starseer kept to himself. That, he attributed to his years among Madam Stormguarde's privateering crew. Tugging on his cowl to conceal his face, Tuuroto maintained a quick pace as he walked through the sewers, his hoofs not minding the occasional puddle of sewage splatter. Turning the corner in one of the dark, stony corridors, he spotted the orc woman waving at him and calling out his name. "Do I know zhis voman?" Tuuro thought to himself as he rubbed his chin tendril. He didn't personally know many orc women besides his former apprentice and the Shadowmoon Orcs he lived with during the Order of the Redblade's tenure in Shadowmoon Valley. However, he knew this orc looked familiar. Tuuroto stared at the woman for a few seconds, which may have come across as a socially-awkward eternity. Scouring his memories, the Starseer started to recollect images of a tar-filled marshland covered with bones and feathers. Images of Arakkoa then come into view. The Arakkoa started screeching and swinging daggers, aiming towards an orc woman. More images flooded into his brain. A splash of blood. A bright strobe of light. Screaming. Crying. A heavy weight. Darkness. Tuuro snapped back to reality. "Miiis Vilmah. It is good to zee you. You are more beautiful zhan I remembered, dah." With a flick of his wrist, a tarot card deck was conjured in his palm.
  9. "Who ze fel is 'V' again?" The eccentric Draenei tarot reader stared at the parchment letter, scratching his pale forehead scrunched up from utter confusion. With the Caravan recently relocated to the Broken Isles, Tuuroto was already bombarded with numerous new faces and business requests. One would think that a race with such an expansive lifespan would equate to an impressive memory, but Tuuro defies the odds in more ways than one. "Viriichi? Vladamere? Venedict? No, zhose can't be it." Meanwhile, a line of gnomish men angrily tapped their feet and cursed to themselves, disgruntled by the Draenei who was taking too much time in front of the public mailbox. Scowling at them for their impatience, Tuuro hastily scribbled out his response letter. "Consider it done, Miiister V. I shall see you in ze Underbelly tonight." The Draenei tarot reader stashed the letter into the mailbox, tugged together the drawstrings of his cowl, and casually made his way to a deserted alleyway in the Kirin Tor Capital that would lead to the sewers. Smirking naively and not telling his caravan comrades of this foreboding letter, he had no idea what he was getting himself into.
  10. Tuuroto


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  11. ((Timeline on website updated to include Pandaria campaign of 2016. Current Camp: Stormwind City, prepping to head out to the Broken Isle.))
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    A yearly festival at Stormwind Harbor that commemorates the safe return of soldiers from war and to celebrate the importance of camaraderie and inter-guild relations. ((OOC: This is our 3rd Annual RP Celebration, commemorating the 2 year anniversary of the TN-RH merge. This is one of the greatest opportunities to meet all TNG Alliance RPers in one place, especially if you have an Alliance alt looking for RP or a guild. Hope to see you there!))
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    A festival in Stormwind Harbor that is held every year to celebrate the safe return of soldiers from war. Organizations from all walks of life in the Alliance, including the Twilight Empire, the Jade Lion, the Eternal Aegis, the Invictus Sanctum, and the Cup and Blade Caravan, gather to mingle, be merry, and to commemorate the importance of camaraderie and inter-guild relations. ((OOC: This is the our 3rd annual celebration of the Connected Server merge between TwistingNether and Ravenholdt. It's one of the biggest Alliance RPer gatherings in our servers and an excellent opportunity to see and meet all of the Alliance RPers in one place.))
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  15. ((Bump for reminder. 6/14. Open to Alliance and Horde; though Horde members will need to be prepared to use btag chat for cross faction RP. Thanks!))