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  1. haha I have looots of LoL fanart
  2. I haven't drawn WoW art in awhile @.@ well I just haven't been drawing in general >_> Here's a WIP of a League of Legends fanart:
  3. Digitalism - Encore Been listening to this most of today while at work <3
  4. Yes, yes it is! The commissioner specifically asked for that pet to be drawn :3 Haven't had time to draw lately cuz powerleveling my mage >.> here's some pencil doodles
  5. 2 more icons I finished today... hopefully I'll have 2 more done tomorrow too wew
  6. @Nora - ohh! I'll totally help you advertise TN And thanks Duroxos, Akula 8D and yeah it made it on the official comic list a looooong time ago.
  7. I rarely update my DA .. you can find some non-WoW art at my tumblr Here's 2 icon commissions I just finished ^w^ My priesty that I just retransferred over (so now you can contact me on either Voidray or Manacakes)
  8. Moar doodles and some colored work once I install photoshop on my new lappy :1
  9. Haha I am super lazy when it comes to doing dailies and I don't pve much so I never have a steady income of gold DX! And thanks! I have had the WORST luck with my warlock fears in arenas, even my team mates agree argh rofl
  10. Thanks everyone! I've actually been on TN since beginning of wrath ;D Are you part of wow_ladies too, Norastelle? Haha, thats where I advertise most of my WoW commissions.
  11. Hiii, new here. I didn't realize TN had so many artists - thats awesome! Sharing my WoW art~ Most recent: Older work: Flat colors portrait (female BE)* Commissioned icons* Incomplete drawing of my mains Female dwarf spriest* Female BE warrior More sketches of my mains Female NE* Female NE hunter* Female UD warlock* Comic about fear pathing in arenas Comic about fishing and BGing My rogue Female UD priest* Female draenei mage* Comic about hunters back in BC days Super old drawing of Sylvanas * = commissioned art I probably have more hidden somewhere but its old art and I'm